Nautical Pillow

Today I want to share with you a pillow that I made this summer that has recently been published in International Quilt Scene Magazine by Interweave Press. I’m a sucker for anything Nautical and I hope you are too.

Nautical Pillow 2

Oh I just love this one! If you’ve followed me for even a little bit, you’ll know that my favorite projects tend to be ones that combine whimsy with precision. And I think you get both with this pillow.

I just got the pillow back in the mail last week along with some copies of the magazine, and I was thrilled to discover that I’m a mini cover girl! (The main cover girl there is Elizabeth, lucky gal!) But I’m stealing a little of her cover time down there in the corner. 😉


Nautical Pillow Mosaic

It’s always fun to see how they photograph your items as well. I love that they let the pillow be center stage here. You never know what they will do! 😉

And I was delighted when they told me that my pattern was selected as the free downloadable pattern from the magazine. That’s definitely a new one for me! Of course you’ll want to buy the magazine anyways just for all the other patterns and fab pictures of quilts from the International Quilt Festival…but just in case you need MY pattern right away, you can download it HERE for free!


Sailboat Pillow

Now I don’t know that I could bare to part with mine, but if you could I think that this would be a perfect addition to any Nautical themed nursery or children’s room. Heck, toughen up those fabrics a bit and add it to your fella’s man cave. The beauty of nautical design…it’s timeless and truly suits everyone.

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18 thoughts on “Nautical Pillow

  1. Congratulations – this is a wonderful accomplishment! I love you pillow – I am married to a retired sailor – we have a constant nautical theme running through our house. I am going to have to make one of these.

  2. I need to make this pillow! Congratulations on being a cover girl. I bought the mag a week or so ago. There are some awesome festival quilts in it, and a bunch of great patterns!

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