12 Days of Christmas

No, I’m not going to sing the song for you…although I do a mean Miss Piggie version of “5 Golden Rings! Ba dum dum dum!”. I’ve been working on another project for the Savvy Seasons Swap over at Flickr. I also made the Christmas Apron for my partner and now I’ve pulled out another Christmas fabric that I had from last year and am working with it. At our first quilting retreat, Cherie generously shared a bunch of Kate Spain’s 12 days of Christmas fabrics with us and I can’t remember who I had to fight off…whether it was Karen or Mandi, but I was determined to get the panel from the line. I’m not quite sure why either. I must have REALLY been in the Christmas mood. lol

The panel is darling but I didn’t have a plan for it…but I do now. 😉 I’ll share the final product idea when I’m further along, but so far I’ve cut up the panel and have turned each block into a scrappy wonky star with the panel piece in the center. So that gives me 12 blocks. And I happily have reached into my scraps for the whole thing!! Woohoo!

12 Days of Christmas
A partridge in a pear tree
Two Turtle Doves
Three French Hens
Four Calling Birds
Five Golden Rings
Six Geese a Laying
Seven Swans a Swimming
Eight Maids a Milking
Nine Ladies Dancing
Ten Lords a Leaping
Eleven Pipers piping
Twelve Drummers Drumming

Phew! That was a lot of work! Enjoyable and relaxing…but even wonky quilting I do precisely. 😉 I’m just not a speedy quilter.

Do you have a favorite block? I change my mind all the time… I sort of love how the fabric in #9 looks like ruffles on a tutu for the dancing lady. And how the AH fabric in #11 has a mod sound feel to it for the piping. But they’re all fun to me!

25 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas”

  1. Ca-ute! Those wonky stars really capture the whimsical spirit of the panel quite nicely! I have a couple of these panels as well. I'll add this setting to my idea file.

  2. I've never seen that 12 Days of Christmas fabric, and I love it. I have a granddaughter for whom that song is particularly special. Last year I gave her a charm necklace with all those characters on it. It would be wonderful to make a quilt with the same theme. Thanks for sharing so I can look for the material!

  3. I like all the blocks, wish I had thought of something like this for my block of month on my blog. 🙂

    Have a great week!

    God bless and keep you,

  4. I am LOVING this! I'm also loving that you stuck to your stash! I can never seem to do that… I need some more solids, I think.

  5. I had to google for the panel and found it in its entirety. You sure did make good use of it. I like how you preserved a wee bit of the stripes before cutting out the squares. And star points all from scraps–extra brownie points for that!

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