A couple of little items

I’ve been trying to keep up with my sewing and other craftiness while caring for the baby girl. So I have just a few things to share with you all. At first I was reluctant to make her anything pink because I thought we would be over run with it anyways. Now I’m embracing it and wanted to make something pinky pink! I found this birdie fabric that I fell in love with and combined it with a soft minky fabric to produce this sweet blanket.

Pink Baby Girl blanket

And then one night my little girl was fussing and a friend was over and telling me about oatmeal packs that you can buy to heat up and lay on the baby’s tummy to try to settle it. Buy it! Why I can make that! So ten minutes later I had this little oatmeal pillow created to help soothe my girl. It seems to work…at the very least the heat helps her relax and the weight of the oats is supposed to be helpful for putting some pressure on baby’s tummy.

Oatmeal Heat Pack for Baby

I also took a few days to make a little hat for my baby. I hadn’t knit in a year, so I needed to relearn, but it didn’t take long. She needed a cute pink hat and something help keep her head warm! She’s all dressed up for Mardi Gras here. Now of course there are other things that I want to knit, but there are so many quilts calling my name….decisions, decisions!

Knit Baby Hat

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2 thoughts on “A couple of little items

  1. Well done!
    That oatmeal pack is just great for their little baby tummies, I have used it with great success with my little guy (now 4 months). Another advice is to heat a burp cloth a little in the micro wave oven (just put it in there about ½-1 minute – depending on oven and fabric).

  2. thanks for the tip! I've used the oatmeal pack quite a few times now. My husband never thinks to use it, but I know that it is made of cute fabric, so I always remember it! 🙂

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