So I’m liking this layout

I looked through hundreds of different blog designs and finally decided on this one. It’s sweet, creative and still a bit edgy. Kind of like me 😉 The only thing that I want to change that I haven’t been able to figure out is the color of the title of the blog “Cut to Pieces”. I’m not in love with the red and I think that it gets a little lost. But I’m struggling with the HTML code and finding the exact point to change it. Any techies out there with some advice for me? I think that I’d like to change it to a blue or green…

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6 thoughts on “So I’m liking this layout

  1. LOL! For a minute I thought I'd clicked on my own blog. I just took this layout down from my blog for the same reason! I couldn't figure it out so I just changed it. 🙂 I really like it, just not the title color/style. HTML codes are horrible. I wish there was an easier way!

  2. hmmm…it let me comment…try again people! I changed some settings so hopefully that will help…no hoops to jump through and updated things.

  3. This is the blog speaking….I promise to try to behave in the future and let everyone comment who wants to. I know how much my crazy writer loves to read them. I just like messing with her sometimes.

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