Modern Swappers Complete!

Modern Swappers - Rainbow Wall Organizer

Well I just read my mailing deadline on this swap and I can’t mail my package until August 25th…but I am soooo happy to have this swap complete. For some reason this was a really long one. Which is a great idea in theory because of all the extra time you get to work on it, but it also hangs over your head too. I don’t like to have unfinished projects hanging around and I have FAR too many of them right now! LOL.

So I mentioned that I had one more piece to complete for this project. If you look way back, you can see that I have made a fabric necklace:

Fabric Covered Necklace

But I’ve been waiting to work on my final project for quite a while now. I had the pattern (that I of course needed to modify because I like to make everything harder than it needs to be) and the fabric and the extras for it, but I hadn’t put it all together.

So I’ve spent the last couple of days doing just that. And what is my final project? Well it is something for my secret partner’s sewing room: a wall organizer!

I started out with a little tease of a fun applique word piece that I was including but didn’t say what this was going in.  It may look relatively simple, but it still took quite a bit to make. It’s only 3.5″ x 9.5″.

Modern Swappers Sneak Peak

I loved it already! But it is raw edge applique and needed to be stitched down. So I went ahead and used the same sketchy like technique that I used on the girl on a swing quilt to emphasize the word and keep all that fabric in place! Oh and I added some sparkle…because everything is better with sparkle! 😉 And you can see clearly here that it is going to be part of something larger…tease, tease.

Create with sparkle

But I didn’t have too much patience to tease any longer and wanted to finish off this piece, so last night I worked and worked and my sweet husband helped me use a grommet maker for the first time, so this will really hang well. I love how it turned out and I hope that she does as well.

Modern Swappers - Wall Organizer

a detail of the top. Don’t you just love that crisp white binding on the green pockets! That might be my favorite part!

Modern Swappers - Wall Organizer - Upper detail

Then I grabbed some of my own pieces to show how this organizer could be put to good use in its future home.

Modern Swappers - Wall Organizer "in use"

a detail shot.

Wall Organizer - Detail

So want to see everything all together that I’m sending for the swap? I did! LOL.

Modern Swappers - my pieces are ready to go!

Modern Swappers - everything I hope she likes!

I have to say…when you look at your work and you think “I’d be happy if I got that.” then you know that you have a successful project. Overall, I’m pretty pleased and I think I did alright for my very first official swap like this.

So now the real questions are…who is this for? wink. wink. And what am I going to get in return?! I’ve been trying not to think about that second question because I don’t want to get my hopes up too high and then be disappointed for some reason. But heck, even with just the fabric people are teasing us with, I think that I could be a very happy camper indeed!

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  1. Hi Angela,

    I'm new to your blog and was wondering if you could add this to your tutorial section. I would love to know how you assembled the pockets! I'm in the process of making a fabric organizer for my daughter's first baby!

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