Gnomes and Mushrooms oh my!

Never fear, I’m still hard at work hand stitching my little quilt for Spiced Coffee, but a girl’s gotta take a break from that every once in a while. So I decided to work on the gnome and mushroom blocks for Ashley for Bee Modern Too. I’ve been itching to get started ever since she told us her theme!

I’m sure that a lot of you have seen the pattern around, but she directed us towards a paper piecing pattern that is generously free. * here’s the pattern link * I used the pattern for the first part of the first block, but I wasn’t in love with the way the pattern worked and ended up using a piece as a template here or there for the rest of the blocks or just free hand winging it!

My gnome and Mushroom Blocks for Ashley - Bee Modern Too

I’m happy with how these fellows turned out and happy to try a pattern that I’ve been eying for a long time. I’m inspired to make my own version of gnomes and mushrooms now….like I don’t have enough to do…but that’s an idea now brewing in the back of my head! LOL.

Block #1 for Ashley - Bee Modern Too

A wonky mushroom and a tall gnome under some tall mushrooms. I added some extra details with the eyes and the stitching on the collar.

Block #1 for Ashley - Detail - Bee Modern Too

The second block was more free hand and I used almost all my own scraps (she had the fabulous red and white polka print that just needed to be used on a huge mushroom!).

Block #2 for Ashley - Bee Modern Too

I love this little gnome the best. I winged it with him and I love how he turned out. The fabric for his clothing was a bold choice I thought, but I love how it creates detail for the outfit! And his jaunty little legs give this gnome some (snap!) attitude. He might be “fierce” in the words of Christian Siriano.

detail of Block #2 for Ashley Bee Modern Too

All in all, a lot of fun to make even if I was being ridiculous in my attempts to put them together from all my tiny scraps! LOL.

Both gnome and mushroom blocks for Ashley for Bee Modern Too

Okay…one bee done for the month of September….well make that two because I already made my block for myself for RIR. How many left? Who knows… I can’t keep track. You send me fabric and I make something with it. LOL.

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7 thoughts on “Gnomes and Mushrooms oh my!

  1. precious!!! i love the second gnome best too. i imagine that if he had arms, one of them would be pointed straight up in the air like Saturday Night Fever (because his one little leg looks like it's kicked out to the side disco-style)

  2. Gill I posted the pattern…sorry I was just being lazy earlier to not post it. 😉 But you've always got to give credit back to the designer! Shame on me!

    And Kaelin my gnome is totally rocking a young John Travolta feel! LOL.

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