I got my doll quilt!!!

It already feels like forever ago that I sent off my own doll quilt and I’ve been patiently waiting for mine ever since. Patiently…I promise…really… Well at least I wasn’t obsessing over it. LOL.

And then today I got a package that gave me a sneaking suspicion just from the packaging that it was both my doll quilt and one that I really wanted!

The left of this picture shows the envelope my quit came in. I was already excited and jumping up and down! (Which is hard to do when you are hold all of the mail and a 9 month old).

DQS9 Received!!!

My quilt was made by PioneerValleyGirl and she had me totally pegged! And look at all the sweet goodies that she sent along with the fabulous quilt!

DQS9 Received!!!

The quilt itself is made of Cathedral windows in different sizes and techniques with one of my favorite prints!

DQS9 Received!!!


DQS9 Received!!! - detail


DQS9 Received!!! - detail 2

DQS9 Received!!! - detail 3

The label!

DQS9 Received!!! - Label

I had sparted the quilt early on (doll quilt lingo for “I like that and would like to have it) and then when she posted these cards I sparted them too! I hardly sparted anything, so that is saying quite a bit!

DQS9 Received!!! - extra cards

And she also sent this adorable two sided pin cushion made with selvages from the fabric. I absolutely love it!

DQS9 Received!!! - pincushion side 2

DQS9 Received!!! - pincushion side 1

And she generously sent more of the pink fabric as seen in the pictures above!

It was such a delightful gift and I feel like she really figured me out. I had no idea what to expect…I just knew that I really loved this one. And then I got it!!

Lucky me!!!

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8 thoughts on “I got my doll quilt!!!

  1. Whooowee! I'd be jumping up & down too! The quilt is gorgeous and the goodies are awesome. I bought a book on cathedral windows but I haven't been brave enough to try them. What a great ending to your swap!

  2. What a beautiful quilt! But even better is knowing that your partner REALLY looked at who you are and tried to make something especially for you. I'd say she was spot on! And I'm really impressed with her cathedral window making skills.

  3. What a beautiful quilt, I love the design and the pretty, gentle colours. And the goodies are amazing! Well done – your quilt was one of my favs, so I am pleased you got a nice one in return!

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