A little dress for a little cuteness

So I have been telling you all, but have not yet shown you the dress that I made for my girly over Thanksgiving. My husband helped me put on the snaps when we got home and today I finally got her into it. LOL.

Dress for Caitlyn!

It’s a super cute little dress with snaps on the shoulders and is fully lined in yellow gingham. It’s amazing how little fabric a dress for 12 month old takes. What a difference! Maybe 3/4 of a yard for each fabric…and that’s being very generous.

Dress for Caitlyn!

The dress has the sweetest little pockets on each side as well. They are lined as well, but you can’t see that here.

Dress for Caitlyn!

Here is her sweetness in the dress! It’s a little large on her now, but that is great because she can continue to use it for a while. And I can make it again in some other fabrics.

She’s of course trying to pull her bow out here, but at least you can see the dress.

Cuteness in her new dress

And she’s being extremely helpful with the trash here and getting out the trash bags for the trash can.

Little one in her new dress

This is the first garment that I’ve made for her, so it’s a little momentous for me. I enjoyed being able to work on something for my daughter and see her in it. Hopefully it will be the first of many dresses that I make. So many darling fabrics out there just begging to be made into a little girl’s dress. (Shhh…I actually just bought some for another dress! But I promise…it was on sale!)

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11 thoughts on “A little dress for a little cuteness

  1. Those colors look fabulous on Caitlin! She is getting really big, too. 🙂 (All of us say that about our kids, but we are all still shocked at how fast they grow, right?)

    Great job on the dress!

  2. adorable!! You should totally make her one that is a skirt (gathered at the waist with elastic) sewn onto a onesie – pretty easy and totally cute! Add a little ruffle at the bottom. It totally takes only about 1/2 a yard at most! Do a google search there are many tutorials to take away the guesswork!

  3. I think you have the petal dress pattern. I have made three of them – two for my granddaughter Olivia and one for my great great niece. It is really cute on and is best for summer.

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