Modern Swappers Received!

Alrighty…well the gods have smiled on me lately and I’ve been getting the absolute best partners out there! Woohoo! For some strange reason they are all intimidated to hear that they have me! I don’t understand ladies… you are all fabulously fabulous! Anyway, the delicious swap that I want to show you today is what I received from my Modern Swappers secret partner who turned out to be….Kelly (silly me did not link you all back to her blog…she’s fabulous, so check her out)! She had me totally and completely convinced that she was not my partner. I loved everything she was making, but I think right off she threw me off the scent. I can’t even remember what she said, but I know that I was told I was not her partner. LOL. Oh that sneaky minx! I was giving advice and input just to be helpful and it turns out that I was planning some of my own projects! LOL.

enough chatter…let’s see the goods!

First off, I was shaking my head in disbelief when this large package arrived my way and I saw Kelly’s name on it. Then I started hopping up and down because I knew just a few of the things that she had made. Honestly at the same time I was so surprised by each and every object! I pulled the many packages out of the box and this is what was on my kitchen counter:

Modern Swappers 2 Package received from Kelly- Arrived!

So awesome and overwhelming…I hardly knew where to begin! But I was told by an envelope that I was supposed to open the card last…so I knew where NOT to begin. LOL. I began unwrapping packages and just loved everything that came!

The first thing that I opened where these gorgeous coasters and their little case! I ADORE them! Munki Munki prints, orange and aqua! Oh my! LOVE LOVE LOVE. I especially love the little kitty from the Pinocchio print!

Modern Swappers 2 Package received from Kelly- Coasters

I think that I would have been content with just that honestly, but there was so much more to come! Next I opened this gorgeous linen bag decorated with scraps of FMF! Again…ADORE!

Modern Swappers 2 Package received from Kelly- Linen Bag

And the sides have the cutest pockets with green trim! I can’t wait to use this!

Modern Swappers 2 Package received from Kelly- Linen Bag side

Next, I think I opened the package containing the fabric…oh yum. Every piece is delicious! I could eat them all! Kelly enabled my Munki Munki Obsession by providing me with some pieces of many prints that I did not have yet! Woohoo! I love the sewing one on the far right especially.

Modern Swappers 2 Package received from Kelly-munki munki

But don’t think that’s all there was! There were many other luscious fabrics there. There were some Jennifer Pagenelli stripes that I had asked for and adore!! Some anthology prints and a fabulous piece of FFA2! So many different loves in one place!

Modern Swappers 2 Package received from Kelly- fabrics!

But crazy generous Kelly did not stop there…oh no…much more! She made this absolutely adorable diapers and wipes case for the girlie and sent me the sweetest pair of little scissor snips!

Modern Swappers 2 Package received from Kelly- Diaper and Wipes Case and Scissors

But I still had more to open! I was saving that large package for the end, so next I opened a fabulous gift that I finally remembered as one of Kelly’s first projects that she shared. A sherbet pips and AMH dual sided tissue box cover. Trust me….this was immediately thrown on a box to cheer up a room. Ironically just that morning I was thinking that I should make one of these for a particular room…and I remembered that Kelly had made one and that I should ask her what pattern she used. But by that afternoon, I had one in hand!!!

So perfect for the winter!

Modern Swappers 2 Package received from Kelly- Tissue Box Cover

And perfectly wonderful for the rest of the year!

Modern Swappers 2 Package received from Kelly- Tissue Box Cover 2

Kelly had been teasing us the whole time with these gorgeous FFA hexies she had made. But she couldn’t decide what to use them for. Confident that she was not my partner I suggested that she make a lavender heat therapy bag and use them on that. And guess what?!? She did! LOL. I told her what to make for me!

Modern Swappers 2 Package received from Kelly- Lavender Therapy Bag

She cleverly used flannel for the back so it is super snuggly and cozy! And it’s not just any flannel…it’s AMH flannel! Yum!!!

Modern Swappers 2 Package received from Kelly- Lavender Therapy Bag back

Amazing right?! Here is all the wonderfulness in one place!!

Modern Swappers 2 Package received from Kelly- The whole wonderful package

Of course, the reality is that this is what was really going on during my little photo shoot. Someone just had to be in the picture. She really liked what I received as well. 😉

Modern Swappers 2 Package received from Kelly- Baby in the way!

I had to resort to placing things high out of her range…but that still didn’t stop her from trying to go after them!

Modern Swappers 2 Package received from Kelly- my little helper

No, she’s not in jail, but she may have been if she got to any of my precious items! LOL.

So thank you thank you thank you thank you Kelly! Such a wonderful gift! And I truly feel like it was Christmas morning when I was able to open up all that fabulousness. You are so talented and generous! And I will be on the receiving end of any swap with you anytime. 😉

PS Don’t forget to enter the fat quarter bundle giveaway from yesterday if you haven’t already!

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  1. That is a wonderful set of gifts! I hope you don't mind me saying,your daughter also has the most fabulous hair- happy birthday to her for yesterday!

  2. Lucky you! That is one terrific package. I really love that linen bag and the sherbert pips material is perfect for a winter tissue box cover.

  3. Wow, that is too funny how you sort of "planned" your own gifts, and what a lucky girl to have such a creative and thoughtful (and generous!) partner!

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