Mug Rug Swap Round Two complete!

Happily the mug rug swap 2 has been successfully completed for me. I gave my Alice mugrug to my super secret partner Krista aka Lolablueocean. When I was asking if my partner wanted a practical mug rug or a story mug rug, Krista popped into the conversation with this sweet reply: “I would love a story rug. But, like most here I think that I would probably faint at the sight of anything you sent…including the envelope that revealed your identity to me…so please get creative and have fun. You are amazing and if I am your partner I would love a little story!

How sweet is that? So I was pretty sure that she would be happy with what I made, but I really wanted to make something that she would swoon over. LOL. I’m not happy if my partner isn’t thrilled to receive their items. No indifference here! If you catch Krista’s avatar on Flickr, it’s a picture of her Blythe doll and I did a little research and found that she likes Tim Burton’s style as well. So that is what prompted my mug rug. And with her permission, I’m going to share her photos of the mug rug in it’s new home!

Here is her doll with her new mug rug…or blanket…whatever!

Perfect fit

And now it is hanging on her wall of mini quilts!

New mug rug from the awesome tweedledee takes her place

I’m so happy that she likes it!

And I’m happy to report that I received the MOST delightful mug rug from Susan aka FlossieBlossoms. Some of you might recall that she was the person that I had in the previous mug rug swap. So now we have both made fun mug rugs for each other.

Sooz went for the Sentimental and with the knowledge that my baby girl is my greatest Christmas present ever, made this sweet mug rug:

Mug Rug Received!

The letters on each package spell out Caitlyn’s name!

Mug Rug Received! - detail

What’s that? You can’t see the “i”? Well it’s hidden here!

Mug Rug Received! - Sweet little tag

And the end of her name…

Mug Rug Received! - detail

And that would have been sweet enough, but clever sooz loves hidden pieces in her work, so one of those packages opens up to reveal:

Mug Rug Received! - hidden picture of my baby

my baby, all dressed up for halloween!

The back of the mug rug was super adorable as well. She did an unintentional but delightfully wonky lettering strips!

IMug Rug Received! - Back

It just makes me laugh. And of course she had a sweet label!

Mug Rug Received! - label

As if all that darling work on the mug rug were not enough, she also sent me some super fun goodies! Yummy hot chocolate, a beautiful ornament that she correctly deduced I would like, fun winter tree stickers, and a copy of her pattern to help organize! Maybe I’ll make one for my husband. LOL.

Mug Rug Received! - The whole package

so a lovely time was had by all. Oh wait….did I mention that Sooz is soooo generous that just today I got another package with two more adorable mug rugs? Why yes, she sent another set that she had made because she was trying to get a reaction from me. Unfortunately I was out of town and unable to play on flickr like I get to do sometimes…so I didn’t see them until after I had already received the one from her. I thought that they were adorable and said so…but certainly not with the expectation of receiving them. But I got these two cuties (her pictures, because I didn’t get a chance to take my own today):

Decorating Their Tree

Myrtle and Myron are at my home to stay. I feel like cinderella with a fairy godmother sending me mice to help decorate for Christmas! They are so cute and like everything Susan makes, they are impeccable.

So thank you to Susan and I’m so happy that Alice is in her own happy home.
No more mug rugs for me for a while…I don’t drink that much! LOL. They are happily scattered around the house!

But I’ll leave you with a picture of that darling girl who really is the best gift, christmas or not.

caitlyn at mansion
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6 thoughts on “Mug Rug Swap Round Two complete!

  1. Oh my gosh, you guys are unbelievable. All of those mug rugs are so awesome, I'm just stuttering. If I didn't have to go to work, I would drop everything and make my first mug rugs today. I have a new friend with a Blythe doll, I'm going to email her this link right away. Thanks for the fabulous eye candy!

  2. I love that mug rug with Caitlyns name on it! That is so sweet! And the pic of her is great too! I need to figure out what lens people use to get that sharp of an image. I cant seem to get it! Or maybe its just time for a new camera.

  3. Yay, I'm so glad I made you happy, I was really feeling the pressure after you made me that outstanding beach scene mug rug, I knew I couldn't hold a candle to that and I'm not really sure what tickles you more than anything, fun-wise, other than the little darlin', so I went with that!

    I'm happy you're happy and thanks for the glowing words, you make me sound so good! lol Enjoy everything and have the best Christmas so far, buddy!

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