Fabric Diet Check In – Week 6

Week 6!!!  We’re almost there!

It’s that time again!  Fabric Diet Check in time…tell us your struggles or your triumphs.

And if you haven’t done so, don’t forget to sign up for the giveaway that started yesterday.

Oh, and if you want to read a post by me today, you can find me as a guest blogger over at 13 Woodhouse Road talking about my system for scrap storage.  It might be helpful for those you of you who are organizing your stash while you’re dieting…or just like to be organized!  Oh and you can sign up for a fat quarter giveaway while you are there!  Fabric giveaways everywhere!

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57 thoughts on “Fabric Diet Check In – Week 6”

  1. Hanging in!!! Can't believe I have not caved yet. However gearing up for graduate school seems to be taking up all of my free time leaving very little time for online fabric indulgence!

  2. I'm proud to say I went to my LQS this morning to pick up my Featherweight after its tune-up and didn't buy any fabric! Admittedly, I drooled over some fat quarters and charm packs, but that doesn't count!! So I'm still hanging in there……..

  3. I was good AGAIN this week! I can't believe it. But, I actually didn't even have the urge to browse online shops this week so I think that's a huge improvement!

  4. I picked up one yard of fabric this week for the binding on my current quilt project but I'm struggling. I am so darn tempted to buy something bright and spring….

  5. Well, I didn't have as many struggles this week. I kept sewing from my own stash. I stayed out of fabric stores. I also started an online class, so I'm busy enough. Still, I can't wait to get my hands on some of the new lines!!!

  6. I wasn't very good this week. Can I blame it on Jeni and her organizing the stash posts?? Seeing her fabric has made me want to fill in my stash!

  7. Crumbled with 2 metres of solid greys that I need for my 'me' quilt. I never buy yardage unless it's for a particular project, so the fall from the wagon was not that painful!

    Looking forward to a week of abstinence 🙂

  8. I made it through another week. Although this afternoon I was driving past a town which I know has a quilt shop and I almost detoured. But I told myself it would be a pain finding parking on a Friday afternoon – what I really meant was if I went there I'd never leave without some fabric.

    I feel even more virtuous because I just made a skirt which has used up nearly a metre of fabric. If I continue like this I will 'need' to buy fabric after the diet ends…well sort of lol

  9. Struggles all around these parts. I've been buying more fabric than ever! I'm inspired and I figure I should just go with it. Resistance is futile!

  10. still on diet. have discovered some fabric that i had forgotten of :).
    still can't decide what to put in the shopping carts in various online shops i frequently visit (lol…maybe it helps that my bank account doesn't allow me huge spendings this month…maybe because i'm an 'all or nothing' kind of girl…heehee).
    wishing you a wonderful weekend,
    …who's off to read your guest post!

  11. I made it another week, and even went to JoAnn's twice this week. Almost bought some the second time I went, but I put it back and went straight to the register. My projects needing some fabric are piling up on me. Don't know if I will make it to the end of the month, well i know I won't make it till the end of the month. But I am planning on only getting what I need in a 1 day trip. Because having projects on hold, doesn't work in my system, it messes it all up.

  12. Another week down! I am slowly plugging away at my WIPs as well. The secret really is not looking. I started looking at Hawthorned Threads and the need, need urge started coming over me!

  13. This week was quite easy actually. We are over the hump now and the end is in sight!
    But really I haven't seen aything I must have, and I am so busy working on things I already have fabric for that there is no time to look at fabric.

  14. I'm still in it! It really helps that my birthday is tomorrow and all I asked for was fabric. I'll be shopping tomorrow! I have been entering every fabric giveaway I can find to help me get through this and I haven't won once. Rats!

  15. I have made it through another week without purchasing … but I hurt my back and couldn't really get out to shop or haven't felt like online shopping so that helped! Haven't done any sewing either…. I hate that. But, I'm feeling better to I will get back. Has strengthened my resolve to use up what I have and be creative. So glad this diet happened. Only caved a couple of times and am feeling great about it! Thanks so much for all the encouragement!!! I'm going to try to keep it up longer … although, I know I will be purchasing when I visit my son in London in two weeks … will HAVE to have something from there!!!

  16. Sadly, i have broken under the pressure. One our local shops is closing their doors. I bought… well my hunny bought. He said it was a Valentines day gift. *-*

  17. Sadly I didn't make it either. Have signed up for a machine quilting workshop which required the purchase of a kit to make a pram quilt ($50). Then on my way out the door of my LQS I spotted the most amazing Parisian print fabric that I instantly fell in love with! FAIL! But I love my new purchase so that's ok, right!

  18. All I got over the past week was batting… and 2.1m of that is already sandwiched and the quilting has started… .4m is now in my stash… but I don't track batting purchases 😉

  19. I've been so busy this week that I've barely had time to sew, let alone buy any fabric! Seriously…I would get home from work, eat dinner, sew for an hour-ish, and then go to bed, get up at 5:30 am again and start all over. Gotta love being busy! No temptation!

  20. Congrats to everyone who hasn't fallen off the wagon! I fell apart last week with a big trip to the city….yikes. But I made a list before I went and only purchased 2 things that weren't on the list (including some yummy KJR that was 50% off). So even though I haven't quit cold turkey, I'm definitely thinking more about my fabric purchases. Thanks for the support!

  21. Another successful week. I am, however, getting close to finishing an all-handwork piece that I've been working on non-stop for 16 months. There may be a binding purchase in my near future as only the absolute best will do for that quilt.

  22. Made it even though I had to drop a finished quilt off for display at a local quilt shop and they had Lecien Flower Sugar in… Bought batting to finish another quilt instead. It helps that I three weeks Hubby and I will be debt free except for the house!!!! It has made it easier to keep on track with that goal in mind!



  23. I caved – again! I knew I would as I realized after my last shopping trip that I had missed picking up some of the supplies for an upcoming class. That has now been rectified, and hopefully I can remain strong for at least a week!

  24. I enjoyed your guest post on woodhouse road. You've got lots of pretty fabric! 🙂
    I've not kept up with checking in but I've been really good and haven't bought any fabric at all! Your diets working for me, its just as simple as thinking actually no I don't need that I've got loads to use already! I've no where near as much fabric as you but it stresses me out having lots of fabric I'm not using so I like not buying more as odd as that sounds! And my bank acct is definately happier!

  25. 5 solid weeks and I finally cracked! From week 1, I've really wanted a Weekends FQ bundle. Throughout the diet I've noticed them becoming harder and harder to come by, so I took the plunge. I was finally able to track down 1/2 yards at Quilt Home and then found a fab Flickr friend to split a bundle with. I'm really happy with what I got, and the diet has still prevented me from "stocking up" on unnecessary fabrics.

  26. It was a good week! I swapped a bit, and am sorting through my stash, reorganizing and getting ready to donate some of the things I know I won't use to the local guild for charity quilts. I've done my best to stay off of Etsy, and I don't even open the sale emails I've been getting!

  27. I have been good! Althought I have been finding myself looking at more and more new fabrics lines online and fabric sales! But I realzied something, new fabric collection come out faster than I can sew to keep up wihh them! We are moving soon, so I have been really pushing myself even more to sew with it all! I am glad there is this great push to stay on the diet!

  28. I didn't buy anything, even though I tortured myself by going to a fabric store with my sister. I have found 85 new fabrics that I "need" though. Is there a support group?

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