A new look…!

Well I have been sewing this weekend, but one of the bigger things that I did was get a new haircut. Now I don’t normally post about getting my hair cut, but I changed things up a bit. I was feeling a little too “mom-ish” with my hair. I was simply pulling it back in a pony tail every day. Which is okay if you do a good ponytail. But I wasn’t. lol. Nope. It was getting worse and worse. I really needed to perk myself up.

So I’ve taken (or rather had my husband take) some pictures that show the before and after. I saw the pictures and my first comment was “makes you wonder why it took me so long to do this.” But my husband was very sweet and said that I’m normally more pulled together; it’s just that I was about to get hair cut so I didn’t “spruce up”. However, I’m quite aware that it takes a lot these days for me to be pulled together. Hence the need for the change. 😉

So here are a couple of before shots. No makeup either, just to make things more dramatic. lol… Really…see what I told you about lazy?

Haircut - Before

Haircut - Before

and then….

really…. I was a little scared to do this….

but I trust my hair stylist….


Here’s what I looked like this morning!

New Haircut

Amazing what a little makeup does as well. I’m hopeful that this haircut will look effortless and actually BE effortless. That’s what this quilting mom needs!

We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled discussions on all things quilting tomorrow. But I wanted to make sure you could recognize me. 😉

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61 thoughts on “A new look…!

  1. Very cute either way. Thank goodness you saved yourself before you did what i did – take a pair of (dull) kitchen sissors and hack :^( Believe it is not "only your hairdresser who knows for sure"

  2. such a fun haircut!

    ps- loved your sneak peak shot of that moda fq stack the other day…. i think we are both working on a secret project (though mine is using different fabrics). fun!

  3. Oh WOW Angela- you look absolutely marvelous!!! I wanna be brave and chop my hair someday! So excited for you! LOVE it!!

  4. I love the new do. It is almost like mine. So cute on you. It is very easy to take care of I love mine so much.

  5. oh WOW! Super cute! the new cut looks FANTASTIC! it really suits you 🙂 kudos also for being brave enough to cut that much off! 🙂

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