The (clean) Sewing Room!

As promised, here are the pics of my sewing room.  This is as tidy as it is going to get I think.  I’m totally an organized person by nature and you’ll definitely see some of that here…which is why it has been driving me crazy that is has been so disorganized lately.  But there’s nothing like trying to sell your house to make you clean up!

The view from the doorway!  It makes a big difference that there is nothing on the floor!  That’s my biggest problem…leaving projects on the floor.

View from the doorway

As you walk into the room, you are greeted first with my ironing board complete with a certain zig zag quilt in progress.  I promise that quilt is never far from my mind and there are great plans ahead.

You’ve all seen the design wall.  It’s in a pretty constant state of flux.  Some things you will recognize and others are newer additions.  There’s even another thing on there now that wasn’t there for these pics!

Design Wall

Next comes my bookcase which is storage for all my sewing and quilting books and patterns.  It also houses the tv and dvd player which help with some distraction when sewing for hours at a time.


I have a little pull out couch for extremely last minute guests and in the window is my color book.  It’s looking all cute for potential buyers. 😉


Alrighty…here we come to the fabric.  No judging.  lol.  I know that there is a bit there.  I also know that I’m not even going to show you all it.  All of this fabric I have stored using the comic book backer board which I have a tutorial for. (although really it’s just folding fabric around a piece of sturdy something – not rocket science)

Fabric Storage

The lower half just makes me smile!  It’ a rainbow of beautiful fabrics.  And yes, you may notice that I have a penchant for a couple of colors.

The lower shelves

The upper half stores home dec fabrics on the tippy top.  I have to get my husband to put them up there.  lol.  I’m short. Then it’s mainly neutrals stored on the shelves.  Do you notice a color that I am lacking the most of?

Fabric Storage
The upper shelves

Those cabinets in the middle store my precious fabrics…some of these may move to my lovely Henna Garden Boxes though.  It’s getting a little crazy in there!

Precious Fabrics

Next, I have a little wall space where I have hung all of my mini quilts and mug rugs that I’m too afraid to use. lol.  Thanks to PioneerValleyGirl, Cilvee, FlossieBlossoms, and SewVivid for these!  The ones you don’t see here that I have received are scattered throughout my house.

Wall of Quilts

Then comes the area that is definitely the hardest to keep tidy (other than the floor!).  This table houses all the things that come into the sewing room that don’t really have a home.  It’s okay for now but there will be some revamping in my next sewing room.  And under the table, the white drawers are storage for my scraps.  Yes…I have a lot and yes, I use them every day!

Window Wall

Next you see a bookcase all filled with storage.  This currently houses things like fat quarters and sewing notions.  And above it you will see thread and quilts ready to be quilted!

thread and completed tops

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little trip through my sewing space.  It’s so nice to work in when it is cleaned up and a little overwhelming when it is not. Suggestions? Tips?  I’m always looking for ways to improve this room or the concept of this room.

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28 thoughts on “The (clean) Sewing Room!

  1. I love seeing other peoples work spaces (Perhaps I am just nosey lol!)
    It looks very clean and tidy! Mine is tidy ish at the moment but I need to clear out my wardrobe of fabic, everything gets thrown in there!

  2. Great looking room! I so want a little couch like yours in my sewing room, but I can't figure out how to squeeze it in. Maybe a little less fabric? Nah ….

  3. Oh my, that's great!! I too, am very organized by nature but my sewing room can get a bit out of control now and then. I love it when I get it all cleaned up. It's a great feeling, huh! (And btw, your sewing machine looks very familiar!)

  4. I'm loitering around blog land instead of cleaning my sewing room and … I see how great yours look, maybe just maybe I'll get down there and get at it. Looks great.

  5. I want to see your closet! 🙂 It's a great space! I always enjoy seeing sewing spaces. I've been resisting putting my thread on the wall but yours looks so bright and tidy.

  6. WOW- this is wonderful!!! How nice to have your very own room!! I dream of that ;). It's so neat to see your projects and things you are working on- the room really feels warm and cozy that way!! Love it!

  7. I think this looks great! I'm in the process now of changing sewing rooms. Our youngest son is now off to college, and beings his room was larger than my sewing space, we swapped. I repainted everything and am in the process of moving in. What a chore! So I very much appreciate everything you wrote about in your blog…I'm right there with you! :o)

  8. I used your tutorial to organize my material and I love it now that I have it all in one spot. I however do not have as much as you:) But Hey one day maybe I will. Have a great day. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Delightful! I'm starting my planning for my own sewing space.. I just can't wait! I am a new sewer, so I don't have nearly as much stuff.. YET.. but maybe someday! It will be nice to start off with the space and then fill it up though 🙂

  10. I'm currently cleaning up/organizing my sewing space too! We list our condo in 4 days! eeek!
    I don't have near the space as you (and those WINDOWS! to die for!) as I'm in the basement and I have to share the room with the office, blah. Maybe I"ll take some pics too…. for old times sake.
    This place better sell! I need a bigger sewing space! haha
    Well done my dear!

  11. Lookin' good! I hope my sewing room, when it is finished, looks half as organized. Though, I do have a tip for keeping projects off of the floor…works great for me…DOGS. LOL…can't leave anything on the floor. I have a puppy that likes nothing better than rolling around in things. The way he runs for a dropped towel, I'm sure he'd love to get his paws on my fabric piles!

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