Doll Quilt Received!

I got my oh so sweet doll quilt in the mail today all the way from New Zealand! How freakin’ awesome is it that someone on the other side of the world was thinking about me and making something special just for me?! Viv, from SewVivd had me as her partner. I think that she did a fab job.

My doll quilt from SewVivid

If you’ve been around for a while, then you know that for some reason I have embraced all things Alice. Even my etsy shop and old flicker name, Tweedledee Designs, is influenced. I’m not exactly sure what appeals to me so much. Honestly I think that I really want her dress. It’s so darn sweet!

look at that amazing floor

Viv did such a fabulous job on that tile floor. It really is stunning. It does draw you in and you feel a need open all the little doors! And there are special items with special meanings she gave them behind 4 of those doors.

Behind Door #1

Behind Door #2

Not only did she send me a gorgeous quilt, but she also sent delightful little extras along with it! Just the icing on the cake.

My extra goodies from SewVivid

Look at those goodies! How did she know that I’ve been drooling over that Alice fabric forever!? I may have squealed… but I’m not admitting to it. lol. And then there are all the darling buttons and the ribbon. And oh yeah! All of that was inside a handmade enclosure of two pages from an alice book. So fun!!

My whole wonderful package from SewVivid!

Yay for all of my fab loot! Thank you thank you thank you Viv! I am so appreciative of all our thoughtfulness and hard work. You did a lovely job!

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8 thoughts on “Doll Quilt Received!

  1. Wow! I love it…and you are right it just makes you want to take a closer look!!! So clever and very generous! What a lucky girl.

  2. I had a feeling that this one was for you.. the Alice thing and all.. however I must admit I am a bit green… it is so perfect in it's perspective.. that table and floor are amazing

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