A Quilt with no Name but a lot of Character

I’ve had this quilt in my head for a long time and this was my first attempt to create it.  I really like it and I’m already planning my next version of it!  It all started with a “simple” hexagon block that I made for Lynne months ago…

November Hexagon Block for Lynne

I knew almost immediately that I wanted to translate this into multiple quilts.  And the first one I wanted to do was create a one block quilt in the same design.  And so I set to designing again and did some math and finally came up with this…

Hexagon Quilt

I was playing with the scale of the pattern and types of fabrics to use for this design.  I ended up making this with three different fabrics as opposed to the original six of the inspiration block because I was trying to create the least amount of waste with the fabric cuts.

Hexagon Quilt

I made the center a hexagon like the original block, but I’m interested in trying a variation with the swirls meeting together in the center.  That’s on my back burner for this quilt.

Hexagon Quilt

I made it the size I did partially to be able to use a 56″ decorator weight fabric for the backing.  I was happy to find a good match for the front with some county fair posies by Denyse Schmidt.  No project goes as you would like it…especially not a trial run on a pattern…so of course I did some miscalculating when I cut the fabric for the back.  Well, really I measured once and then cut.  I know better.  Measure TWICE and cut once.  But I was able to patch it in and the fabric was very forgiving (this is why I love patterned fabrics for the back of a quilt!).

Hexagon Quilt

I also did some experimenting with the quilting.  I started out quilting in one direction and quickly became frustrated with the way it was looking.  I’m far too lazy to rip out quilting that is already complete, so I just shifted gears and started quilting in another direction.  I liked the second way MUCH better and played with the width of quilting lines until I finally settled into a pattern.  I also ended up machine quilting the binding and I’m usually a die hard hand binder.  But you see, this quilt was going to someone who loves machine binding for its durability especially.  So I wanted to make this quilt as useful as possible.

Hexagon Quilt

This quilt is perfect for a picnic or for a baby’s play mat…it’s been both cat approved and baby approved at my house.  But it’s already with its new owner, Kaelin, who is buying her very first home with her husband tomorrow and then moving in!  She needed a house warming gift…and I’m sure that the quilt is now puppy approved by her sweet Scottie Dog.

I’m already planning a second version of this quilt and will probably use 6 fabrics again like the original block. But I’m having trouble deciding on a name for this quilt!  I have the name of another quilt stuck in my head and I can’t figure out what to call this.  Help a gal out!  Suggestions please!

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43 thoughts on “A Quilt with no Name but a lot of Character

  1. Great shape, I am not normally a hexie fan, not the little ones but a big one like this with the swirl effect is great, lovely gift for Kaelin too

  2. My brain thought "vortex" … but I can't think of how to turn that into a cool name. I haven't had my coffee yet, let's blame it on that. It looks like some kind of mechanical swirly thing, like the window of a high tech 'something' opening or closing.
    Whatever the name, I love it! One giant swirl was not what I was thinking it would be from looking at your block 🙂

  3. Woo woo! What a great quilt! I love when ideas work out and turn into something beautiful. I am not nearly creative enough to suggest a name, but I liked "Summer Swirl" that Debra suggested.

  4. I love it! Would it be possible to keep going smaller and smaller – like have your small block you made for Lynne in the center? I remember reading about that block months ago and it is still a winner!

  5. very pretty and unique. I'm amazed at people who can create like this. I love it. I do like the down the rabbit hole name. I don't have one.

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