Sunday Musings

So I’ve accomplished a bit of sewing, although it has mainly been cleaning and tidying. Those are necessities because I think I was avoiding my sewing room because I would get overwhelmed when I walked in there. So many projects going at one time! But now that the doll quilt is done and sent and received, I can get back to my usual assortment of projects. There are of course too many, but there are bee blocks to make and quilts to work on and a hand bag to make for another swap. I already shared my bee block for Penny, but I’ve also made my bee block for Corey for VIBees!

VIBees - April Block for Corey

Corey very sweetly sent us all the petals precut for this block, so it went together fairly quickly. I think that this block took a couple of hours? Hmm…late night sewing. I never remember how long things really take. She asked us to top stitch this all with a straight stitch in white thread, so you’ll see that is the way it is constructed.

VIBees - April Block for Corey - Detail

I LOVE that she is not afraid of color and pattern. This is a bold block! And she is getting at least 12 of them for a quilt!! I bet she is making more. That is going to be a fantastically scrappy quilt.

VIBees - April Block for Corey

Oh and I wanted to let you know that I was poking around on the Interweave Website looking for info on the magazine with my projects and I saw that you can not only order it directly from then as a hard copy, but they also have a digital copy available as a PDF download! So all you international folks can do that if you are so inclined!

Okay.  Wish us luck with the open house!
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17 thoughts on “Sunday Musings

  1. Very cute block! Good luck with your open house. They're a lot of work to get ready for but then you're glad your house is so clean. I'm looking forward to seeing pics of your sewing room.

  2. I had no idea you were selling your house. I'm about to buy one, so I can somewhat relate. I can't imagine keeping my home superneat for an open house or for any buyer to see it! I saw a few houses with handmade (i. e. not factory made) quilts on display, and I liked those homes just a little bit more! Good luck!

  3. Good luck with the open house! Very pretty dresden! And the Patchwork 101 mag was at the Australasian Quilt Convention the other day..what a great publication! Will check it out on your link!

  4. Cute block. Good luck on the open house also. I found the magazine at Borders in my town in the magazine area. I love it and have many projects I want to make out of it.

  5. Good luck on the open house!!! We went with renting ours out since we will be back in 3 years. I love the block!! Congrats on the magazine!

  6. Hope you had a fun afternoon today with friends! I made Corey's block yesterday, too. It is so sweet, I just love all the fabrics she chose. It's going to be such a fun, fresh quilt.

  7. In a word…Flickr!

    There are lots of swaps and bees running over there and more start every day. I couldn't participate in them all if I wanted to. lol. There are swaps for every level of sewer/quilter!

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