Nola Modern Quilt Guild Retreat on the Gulf

This past weekend was a fabulously fun filled time of lots of sewing, laughter, yummy food and shopping. The New Orleans Modern Quilt Guild assembled for our second sewing retreat. And our accommodations have definitely improved since last time! Kaelin’s aunt and uncle generously allowed us to use their gorgeous condo on the Gulf. Let’s just say that I didn’t need to buy any allergy medication this time to breathe through the mustiness. Nor did we run out of toilet paper.

Here’s the master suite of the condo. It’s a tough life but someone has live like this. 😉

master suite

Kaelin, Karen and I stayed in the room designated for the grandkids. The bunk beds were so much fun! And the three of us giggled ourselves to sleep like school girls each night.

Our sleeping room

The view from the condo was so beautiful! Unfortunately I never actually made it down to the beach but this was a busy weekend for me and not exactly a vacation (as much as I would have liked it to be!)

the view from the condo

It didn’t take very long before every surface was covered with fabric!

NOLA quilt guild has arrived

Gulf Port also has a fun outlet mall, so Kaelin, Karen and I took off to do some quality shopping. While browsing through JCREW we finally got to meet Kelly who drove over from Florida to join us for the weekend! I knew that we would get along well when she was wearing a top almost the twin of one that I was holding in my hand at the time. 😉 Not that I had any doubts. But she proved herself sassy enough to fit in with our crazy crowd! She has some great photos of the weekend and a lovely video of me dancing (what can I say? I’ve watched too many episodes of Glee!). You can find all of that fun on her BLOG.

Here she is!  So beautiful!

sassy Kelly!

I don’t have any photos of that evening because no one warned me to bring my camera.  But we met up with sweet Cherie (who comes in for our retreats from Hattisburg!) at a local BBQ joint.  I would have said the highlight was getting picked up at the bar by creepy men, but the gals all surprised me with an early birthday cake and gift card to Hawthorne Threads!!  Sweeties!  I think that it was just a good excuse to buy some super yummy cake from Whole Foods. 😉

Sadly Cherie could only stay for the evening this time because she had to dash off to her grandmother’s 81st(?) birthday party the next day.  But she stayed late into the night sewing with us!  Also on the retreat was Lana (Kaelin’s mother in law) who is so sweet and so funny.  One of the best people that I have ever met. Seriously.

sweet Lana

Darling Karen who spent much of the weekend working on a Christmas quilt for ME!  She’s so darling for making it for me.  She’s the one that I just made the Christmas blocks for, so I will love having a Christmas quilt by her that is just so her!  She just posted some pictures of it on her BLOG.

precious Karen

Of course, Kaelin was there working away on numerous projects.  One of them was a pouch for Kelly that she worked on while Kelly was there.  But she tricked Kelly into thinking it was for someone else and later surprised her with it!

Kaelin looking all cute

And then there was me…working away on a project that I’ll show you later. 😉  I worked the whole weekend on just the one project though I foolishly brought many more with me.

Me at the quilting retreat

So many good times, jokes, tv shows, fabric adoring and laughter.  I’m definitely going to miss these gals!

NOLA quilt guild sewing retreat
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11 thoughts on “Nola Modern Quilt Guild Retreat on the Gulf

  1. Yay for the Better Homes & Garden pageant face picture, lol! It could only be better if I had a 1950's bouffant and a string of pearls 🙂

    Wanna hear something funny? When I saw the picture of all the fabric and read your comment "soon every surface was covered in fabric"…I immediately thought "soon every surface was covered in fabric and Cherry Coke"…lol! I think you can see at least two cans in that picture. What can I say? We live life on the edge!

  2. Yeah! Love quilt retreats. The Austin Modern Quilt Guild is having our second one this weekend.

    Of course… our's isn't on the BEACH! How awesome is that view! I cannot wait to get to the beach this July.

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