Neapolitan Dreams Complete!

I’m so excited to show you another quilt that I’ve finally completed. Neapolitan Dreams aka The Pink Quilt is finished and ready to go to its new 6 year old owner. I started this quilt with the help of my bee, Pretty in Pink. Each member made a quarter log cabin block for me and I put them all together with sashing and on point.

Neapolitan Dreams

The outer border of brown with colored polka dots helps keep this quilt from being just a little TOO pink. 😉 After all, I do want her to love this when she is older too. I tried to pick fabrics that were not innately juvenile…so it really can grow with her.

Neapolitan Dreams - Complete!

One of the things that I am most proud of with this quilt is the sheer amount of fabric I used from my stash. I proudly decimated a good portion of my pink stash with this quilt. I found that I was not using my pink fabrics because people tend to shy away from the color. So I went all out and made a REALLY pink quilt. But strangely not too pink.

Neapolitan Dreams - detail

The sashing I fussy cut from a random running floral fabric that I bought on clearance from Joann’s years ago. I felt very good the day that I finally found a home for that fabric! And I really love it in this quilt. I knew it had the ability to be something special, but it took a few years before it became part of this quilt.

Neapolitan Dreams - close up

The backing is the only fabric that I purchased in the making of this quilt (well at least for THIS quilt!). I did not have enough fabric for the back of this twin sized quilt, even with piecing things together. I tend to like a simple back to a quilt anyway, so I went with a full 5 yards of a lovely older Joel Dewberry Print. It turned out to be a great scale print for a quilt back of this size. And it has a different but complimentary look to the front.

Neapolitan Dreams - backing

I even made the binding with left over scraps from the strips used to make the quilt blocks. I pieced together strip upon strip and had enough to make the whole binding. But I’ll admit, I think I’ll be happy to see the end of some of that fabric. 😉 Despite my random quilting attempt on the long arm machine, the quilt turned out okay. The busyness of the prints helps to hide the quilting in this case. 😉

Neapolitan Dreams - blocks and sashing

So yay! A completed quilt. It’s been a long time coming. I’ve had the fabrics for a long time, the blocks were made a bit ago, the top was pieced, the quilt was quilted…and now years after the fabric purchase, a story has been told.

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21 thoughts on “Neapolitan Dreams Complete!

  1. I am SO excited for you! This is a big finish and it turned out wonderfully. My favorite part is that running floral you used for the sashing. I can imagine how great it felt to realize that would work well. Yeah!

  2. That sashing fabric was made for this quilt – it was hiding on the shelf in your stash just waiting for this quilty opportunity. I love a scrappy binding – have done it several times. Very pretty quilt – not bubble gum smacking, in your face pink, and not a cartoon character to be seen! N

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