Introducing Gift Box – My First Moda Bake Shop Quilt!

Gift Box Quilt
Yes, I know that it’s summer around here, but what can I say?  It’s Christmas in July!  So let me introduce you to my Gift Box quilt made with Kate Spain’s newest Christmas line Flurry.  The instructions for this quilt are located over at the Moda Bake Shop site, so be sure to check it out!  Even if you are not into Christmas fabrics, take a little peek…I have a lot of other fabric suggestions as well for this pattern.
I hope that you all enjoy the quilt pattern.  I’ve been snuggling with my new quilt ever since I finished it a few weeks back.  Just one of my many crazy projects that needed to be completed during my move across the country.  Sometimes I don’t think all of these things through. 😉

126 thoughts on “Introducing Gift Box – My First Moda Bake Shop Quilt!”

  1. Congratulations, Angela! It's a great pattern! My favourite gift to give (besides quilts) is books, especially for children's gifts. One can never have too many books.

  2. I usually give some knitted gifts (mittens, hats, scarves). This year there will be more sewing. And, it's not Christmas til I've watched "A Christmas Story" at least 3 times.

  3. What a great pattern! And I really like the idea of the snuggly backing fabric. I am the official "Book Auntie" in the family – all the kids always get books from me for Christmas and birthdays. I try to find unusual books that will spark their interest. Plus I make quilts, and knit stocking caps.

  4. WOW! Your quilt is amazing! My favourite Christmas story is my own- I meet my future husband at Carols by Candlelight, a Melbourne event, many years ago! This year we celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary!

  5. I tried leaving a comment, so forgive me if this is a duplicate. I love your quilt! My favorite Christmas tradition is taking a day off work and baking cookies for family/friends.

    Jane (quittersnvrwin @ gmail dot com)

  6. I always like to watch "A Christmas Carol" at Christmas, I don't care which one it is, (and there are a few!) Congratulations on your new pattern, and thank you for providing it to us all for free. Linda

  7. Gift boxes is lovely and original. I love Christmas carols. We used to go caroling and I would love to do that again someday. Thanks for a chance at the giveaway.

  8. My brothers and I have a list of Christmas movies that we watch every year: White Christmas, Holiday Inn, It's a Wonderful Life … you get the idea. And now my children follow this tradition as well.

    Your pattern is very striking! Thanks so much for the chance to win Flurry — my new favorite Christmas item!

  9. Beautiful quilt! I always love the preparations right before Christmas like baking goodies and making ornaments and gifts. My family's Christmas Eve tradition is to roast chestnuts while listening to Christmas music or watching a holiday movie, especially the old stop-motion shows (love the abominable snowman!). Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  10. I love this pattern and look forward to trying it out soon! Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love to give handmade gifts and am usually working until the last minute to get all the gifts completed. But I love doing it and seeing how excited everyone gets over the item!!! That used to be the best part of Christmas to me….before I had grandchildren!! 🙂

  11. The pattern is really great – and the fabrics are pretty lush too.

    Last Christmas we were snowed in, all were full of flu and then on Xmas morning our 6 year old daughter took it upon herself to open every single one of her presents at @4am whilst we were asleep. Let's just say there wasn't much Yo, Ho, Ho that day!

  12. Congratulations – great pattern!

    I do love Christmas – I'm originally from Australia, so love the hot Christmas we get there, but now living in the northern hemisphere, I love that I can experience the cold Christmases I always watched in movies 🙂

  13. What a great quilt, love it 🙂 My favorite Christmas movie is It's a Wonderful Life, song is Holly Jolly Christmas by Burl Ives, and I've been nicely naughty this year 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  14. Love your quilt! My favorite Christmas song is Silent Night – the Stevie Nicks version and my favorite holiday activity is baking. It's not often that I get the opportunity to do it.

  15. Uli at creationsbyuli at gmail dot com

    I love the quilt. I love the Flurry line of fabrics. I live getting tools for Christmas… Knitting tools, spinning tools, quilting tools and jewelry making tools. I've been known to be happier with a pair of pliers or quilting rulers etc. than a spa gift certificate!!! You get the drift. LOL. and what did I get last Christmas? A spa gift certificate. Still haven't used it yet.

  16. Loved the tutorial at MBS. Of course I love giving quilts but I also like oddball gifts that surprise the recipients. Like last year I gave each of the men in my extended family a Gorillatorch (love the name!). They are flashlights that are on magnetic, bendable tripods. All the guys seemed a little confused but all have found them to be very handy. I'm glad I got one for my husband so I have one to use too!

  17. I love your Gift Box quilt! It's amazing! Every July we watch Christmas movies and I get my Christmas music organized and start playing it in my sewing room! Thanks for a great giveaway and a chance to win!

  18. My favorite christmas movie is the nightmare before christmas 🙂 Weird, I know. This is an interesting pattern – not sure that I would make it but I like the way yours turned out. A lot different than the other things that come up on Moda Bakeshop lately which is a VERY good thing.

  19. Angela, that is a beautiful quilt. Thank you so much for sharing it on Moda Bake Shop. It has shot to the top of my to do list. I'd decided to make a quilt for my (adult) DS who has moved 263 miles away from Perth a couple of weeks ago for work, but have been stuck about what pattern to use….It has to be the RIGHT one. Yours is it! I'll be off to my LQS sometime this week for some fabric….sooner than later I think! I had a little cry as I was writing this, as I miss him very much and I'm sure I will when I'm making the quilt, too, but I want him to have something special made by his mum! Again, thank you so much for sharing your pattern.

  20. Really love the quilt! Something I can imagine snuggling under next to the fire 😉 Hmm..normally at christmas we all go to an aunts house (about 20 of us?), have dinner, friendly g'gambling' and card games..bit of monopoly etc. And not to forget opening the presents at the tree! Its always lovely and brings the family together

  21. Congratulations Angela! I adore all the Christmas preparation…making gifts, sewing Christmas dresses for the girls, sending cards, baking cookies.

  22. I love love love your quilt!! So pretty….. And my favorite Christmas tradition is one we started when our daughter (now 27) was little. Every year we'd get her one of those automated stuffed animals, the ones that sing a song when you squeeze their paw, and put it on her bedside table while she was sleeping on Christmas Eve, with a note from Santa. (Santa always signs his name with stars instead of A's.) She'd wake up and play with it, so we'd always know when she was ready to get up and start Christmas!! As she got older, we tried to find more and more annoying ones, too – all part of the fun!

  23. Congrats!! It is beautiful. You are right, this pattern would be fun in all kinds of fabrics.

    One of the things I do at Christmas is wrap the presents to my kids and husband in fabric from my stash. It saves on paper and looks pretty cool too.

  24. Oh no, if we're pretending it's nearly Christmas, then I'm in panic mode as I have hardly got any gifts made!!

    Love the quilt, it's beautiful

  25. Congrats on your 1st project at Moda Bake Shop. I love the contrast.
    My favorite gift to five is always something I've made…it can be anything from a knitted pair of socks or mittens, to a quilt or a set of napkins and placemats. A true gift of love. My favorite gift to receive is a a book of photos from someplace like snapfish. My daughter has been giving me a book each year and oh what a joy to hold in my hands and look at. The time she spends going through all her pics and selecting just the right ones, formal or goofy…this is also a gift of love and means soooooo much to me.
    I'd love to win Kate's layer cake so that I can get started on a new Christmas gift…thanks for the chance to win.
    Again, Congrats to you!!
    Cheryl, MA

  26. Congrats on the pattern! My father in law and his wife always give me a large amount gift card to a fabric store like Hobby Lobby or Joann's. It helps a lot with extraneous stuff for quilting, as well as for picking up some fabrics.

  27. Hi Angela, I found your blog through the link on MBS. Love your pattern…it does look perfect for the males in my life. Christmas tradition…if Mom is wrapping it goes in a box. Empty food boxes, delivery boxes, shirt boxes all are fair game. And if it can be disguised, it will be.

  28. My girlfriend just sent me this pattern bc she knows how much i LOVE flurry but have had a tough time finding a pattern I like to use it with. Well, here it is and it's your first Moda Bake Shop project- congrats! That's huge success. I haven't bought any Flurry yet, so I'd love a chance to win.
    I love to make various things for people for Christmas. Last year was my son's first Christmas so I put together some photobooks for family of his first year of life. Much of my family live in Poland, so it was fun to translate the captions and send them some books, they loved them.
    Thanks for the chance to win- I just bought a bunch of Kona white so I'd love to make your quilt with the flurry on a white background.
    Congrats again,

  29. Great tutorial. I love all of the variations.

    For Christmas, I'm hoping for an Accuquilt cutter.

    orders at youmansfamily dot com

  30. Nice job on the new quilt! My favorite thing about Christmas is ornaments. I have a wonderful, and growing, collection. I've already bought four new ones this year. I leave my tree up for 3-4 months because I love my ornament collection so much!! Just a little obsessed!!

  31. Very nice, it is the first time I have seen Flurry used with black. Makes a dramatic quilt.
    So, something Christmas. Next week I'm traveling to my sister in law's house and we are spending a few days making Christmas tree skirts. We bought the pattern last year and have been collecting fabric for many months now, and are finally ready to cut and stitch! Love homemade holiday things.

  32. I love the pattern!
    I am really excited about a few quilts I am working on for Christmas gifts this year! I have never given anything crafty as gifts, so I hope the recipients love those quilts as much as I do!

  33. my favorite Christmas tradition is opening the presents. even though we're all so big now, my parents still make a scavenger hunt and have clues for us to find to hunt down our presents.

  34. Congratulations!! I love that the colours pop out of the black – awesome! After too many years of saying that we need a new tree skirt I am finally going to quilt one!!

  35. Yay! Congratulations! I love everything about Christmas, but what I most look forward to is getting and decorating the Christmas tree with family.

  36. Oh my goodness Angela, it's LOVELY!!! How cool to be a part of the Bake Shop too!! You are FAMOUS 🙂 I probably *need* a Christmas quilt, don't I?! hehe! So a Christmas comment- I decorate on Nov.1!! Really and truly! My tree takes 3 or 4 days to put up, and I'm not going to all that trouble if I can't enjoy it for more than a few weeks 😉 I LOVE Christmas 🙂

  37. I love this quilt! I will definitely be making it soon. My favorite thing about Christmas is getting together with my mom's side of the family. We have a HUGE family and we all have a love of music. After the meal is over, we gather together where my aunt plays the piano and my uncle plays the guitar and sing Christmas carols. My favorite is O Holy Night. When my grandpa was a live, he would play the violin. So many, many happy memories….

  38. I saw your Gift Box quilt over at Moda early this morning – congratulations – it is sooo unique – Great Job! My favorite Christmas tradition is baking cookies. I only make 1 kind – frosted cutout sugar cookies. But I make lots & lots & lots as everyone wants some – kids, neighbors, friends & some for charity too. I play xmas music while baking & frosting – so peaceful.

  39. Congrats on your Moda bakeshop project. I love to give friends and neighbors home made cookies at Christmas time. I usually get together with three girl friends, we exchange baked cookies and spend time together decorating cookies.

  40. Love the quilt! My favorite Christmas tradition is homemade apple cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning before heading to church for our pastor's annual one man play.

  41. Congratulations on your first Moda Bake shop recipe! I really love the dark background, nice change from all the white that is usually on Christmas quilts. I love making Christmas quilts, my daughter-in-law's birthday is Christmas day; I always make her a holiday/birthday quilt.

  42. Congrats! That's so exciting! 🙂 My favorite Christmas tradition is eating coffee cake that morning after opening presents, and buying Hallmark ornaments the day after Christmas with my family.

  43. One thing I LOVE about Christmas is the quiet in the community. As we drive to church, we are practically the only people outside – everyone else is inside snuggled in their beds or gleefully opening gifts. There is such a feeling of tranquility and peace (a rare thing in our world)!

  44. Congratulations n the MBS post. This will be a perfect pattern to make for my brothers.
    For Christmas my daughters and I exchagne gifts we have made. At our family gathering we have the Christmas log dvd on and every time anyone sees the hand stoking the logs, the family goes nuts cheering. It's kinda funny.


    uschbear at gmail dot com

  45. I love handmade gifts. I usually knit Christmas gifts, this will be my first year gifting quilts and sewing projects. My new tradition, now that I have kids, is reading How the Grinch Stole Christmas to the boys.

  46. I love snow! Last year we received way too much of it, but I didn't care. But sometimes I have to pretend to hate it when I am in big groups of people who are complaining!!! They wouldn't understand 😉 Love your tutorial!!!

  47. Lovely pattern, and I've made plans to print it and see what I can make. And I told my parents years ago that the best present I ever got from them was one year when they gave me Seasons Passes for me and my then 5-year old twin daughters for the local theater plays. I was divorced, and money was very scarce. Those nights we went to the plays felt like a fairy tale to me – we'd get all gussied up, go eat at McDonalds, and go live our fairy tale lives at the play. Since we had Seasons Passes, this fairy tale get-away occurred many times during the year, and if I was lucky, they could give them to me the next year also. It must have made an impact on me because those 5-year old twin daughters are now 34 years old.

  48. Such a great pattern! I can see this in so many different fabrics.

    I bake year-round, but love making cookies and pies around the holidays to share with family and friends.

  49. Congratulations Angela!!! It is a super fun pattern! My fav thing about Christmas morning is stockings. I've loved opening them since I was kid and my husband loves them just as much so we have a lot of fun coming up with unique and fun fillers. We have a great technique of rolling a few magazines into the top to extend our stockings even higher for maximum stuffing room!

  50. My favorite to both give and get is pretty much any hand made item. I know the person took the time and effort to make something just for me 🙂

  51. Hubby has an entire Christmas movie ritual! We can only watch certain movies on certain days! A Christmas Story is saved for Christmas Eve–though I always argue we can watch it earlier and still watch it on Christmas Eve. He's a real stickler for watching them all though (I think we have about 7 or so). Luckily, I got Love Actually added to the rotation a few years ago so it's not all bad!

  52. Congrats on your first Moda Bakeshop project – I love, love, love it!!
    I'm a big fan of books for Christmas presents (to give and receive) and I've started buying a special Christmas picture book for my daughter each year to read together on Christmas Eve 🙂
    Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  53. One of the highlights of the Christmas season for my family is the big family party we have the fourth sunday in advent. We have a big brunch/luncheon that is capped off with what we cal The Game. It's often called a Chinese gift exchange by others. All gifts go in the middle of the room, everyone picks and number and we choose gifts in number order. The fun is that you can choose a new gift or 'steal' one that has already been opened. The strategizing is INSANE and there are some bizarre items that return year after year. I love your quilt, I'm going right over to check the recipe!

  54. How fun! I love your quilt. Clever and really cute! Congrats!

    My favorite Christmas tradition is baking cookies…all the ones my grandma made. It is the only time that I make cookies and they always remind me of my childhood!! Hugs!

  55. I love how snuggly this quilt looks, makes me excited for long winter nights snuggled under warm blankets. My favorite Christmas tradition/memory is every year we eat out as a family on Christmas Eve before returning home to hang our stockings and leave Santa one last note next to them before retiring to bed. I have many fond memories of this particular meal spent with family, such a special time of year.

  56. Very Cute! Thanks for sharing the other color options. It is neat to see how a pattern can look in other fabrics. I think my favorite thing about Christmas is putting up the tree. I love to see all of the ornaments we have collected through the years. Ornaments the kids made or were given. So fun!

  57. Fun quilt!
    I loved buying new ornaments for my kiddo's as they were growing up…now that they have families of their own I keep up the fun by buying myself one! 🙂

  58. What a beautiful quilt! My Christmas secret: I'm making a quilt for my sister in law using fabrics from her favorite college – She's going to love it, and it's so fun planning it out. Our favorite Christmas tradition – cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning – yummy!

  59. Hi Angela, I got here from Moda Bake Shop. I love the quilt, and have saved the "recipe." The Christmas tradition I have is that all the kids and grandkids get a bottle of bubbles from me. Most years, they get a Pez dispenser, too. When one of my sons was in Panama at Christmas while in the Army. He got his bottle of bubbles, and when I asked him if the other guys teased him, he said no, they all took turns blowing bubbles in front of the fan in his room. It made me feel good to bring a little Christmas joy to him and his friends.

  60. Great quilt, Angela! I see so many colour and/or style possibilities for this pattern. Love it!

    Okay…Christmas (wow – hard to get in Christmas mode right now)…every year since my daughter was born, I have made her an ornament for the tree. All except two are cross-stitched – one is made of clay and another is a tiny log-cabin quilt made the year I got my awesome new machine as an early Christmas present. My daughter will be 19 soon and now has a whole set of ornaments to decorate her own tree when (if) she ever moves out. It's fun to discuss them as we decorate the tree each year, as they usually represent something she was interested in that particular year.

  61. Congrats Angela!!! That is so exciting for you!! I love the pattern and it looks so stunning with the black background!! Something Christmas – I am excited for my Christmas in July tutorial to follow yours 🙂

  62. Great quilt! Congratulations on your first bake shop recipe! I am a big fan of giving books. This last Christmas, however, everyone got a… quilt! Something tells me there may be a repeat of that this Christmas!

  63. I love giving homemade gifts. 🙂 It just means more to me to give something I've made. I've given layered cookie mixes in canning jars as teacher gifts – they love them!

  64. That is a wonderful MBS tutorial, and very easy to follow – thank you! I've put it on my Must-Do list! And maybe in holiday fabrics – I hope to spend Christmas this year in our cabin for the first time ever!

  65. I am a teacher so I use the summer to get my quilting 'fix'. This past June I made my first Christmas quilt. My girls were very confused as to why I was blaring the Christmas music while I was sewing, but it was so much fun getting into the Christmas (and quilting) spirit. Thank you for the give away, the pattern looks beautiful.

  66. Awesome quilt! I love your pattern and instructions, and the Flurry! I love baking Christmas cookies, but often don't bake as many kinds as I'd like. We always make an old family recipe decorated cookie and sit around the table painting them with Christmas music and laughter.

  67. My favorite gifts to get are knit things. Yarn and I are just not friends so getting something knit is super awesome.

  68. Angela, your quilt is really awesome–I love the modern spin and the way you paired prints with solids! For Christmas this year, I hope to go on vacation and escape the Indiana snow!

  69. My Mama still makes stockings for us every year — and we loooove them! The best thing: About a decade ago they started outgrowing their actual stocking. So, now the stocking is tossed in a tote bag and all of the crap is piled on top. The best-er thing: she now fills my stocking with sewing & quilting notions!

    CONGRATS on your first bake shop tute! I'm downright puffed up with pride at calling you one of my peeps!

  70. My favorite Christmas tradition is for the entire family to come for our holiday meal, then open presents. I live with my mother, so this means both siblings, their kids/spouses, down to the great grands. This would make a fabulous Christmas quilt – and I know just the pattern for it (yours of course).

  71. Congratulations on your first Moda Bakeshop recipe, Angela, the dark background is stunning! I luv to give hand made Christmas gifts. There are so many beautiful Christmas fabrics this year…..Flurry is one of my favorites as is Nature's Gift and Ready Set Snow… congratulations again and thanks for the chance to win some Flurry…(o:

    Come visit my blog I have a giveaway too!!

  72. A dark backgroung and not a white one: I love your quilt!
    Anything Kate Spain is GREAT.
    Our favourtie Christmas 'thing' is kissing underneath the mistletoe …

  73. Love the quilt and the options that you give with other colours and fabric lines! Regarding Christmas I wish I can finish an UFO quilt for my mother and finally give it to her this year… I procastinate too much…

  74. I loved this pattern the minute I saw it!
    My favorite thing to give…well this year it will be my favorite. I am giving my first ever handmade quilts this year. I am pretty excited

  75. Congratulations! I love Christmas and love to give handmade gifts. I had in mind to make a quilt with Flurry for my sister ever since she said she'd love a Christmas quilt so I'd be so excited to win!

  76. Congratulations Angela! My favorite Christmas tradition is baking and making candy and fixing lots of little of baskets of goodies for my friends and family. I love having something homemade with love to give to people.

  77. Congrats on the pattern, it's really cute. My favorite gift, some would consider boring, would be a gift certificate to about any place, especially Starbucks or a fabric store…that way I can purchase whatever is my fancy at the time!

  78. Good on ya with the sweet pattern! I always enjoy making something for the girls at work for Christmas – one year pillows, another was little bags – this year, hmmm maybe mug rugs or wine bottle covers.

  79. I just finished looking at the tut on Moda. Love it! Favorite Christmas treat is Ribbon Candy! No one else in my family liked it but me which meant that I got it all.

  80. Great giveaway! Great pattern, too. When my kids were tiny we started the tradition of having Santa drop off a "magic elf" (not elf on a shelf) and that has been so fun each year.

  81. Great pattern, congratulations! I just inherited two very vintage shelf elves (one is cute and one is super scary) so I can't wait to use them with my son this year! It is going to be so fun!

  82. I came over here from MBS to say Congratulations on your first recipe there. I really love the quilt pattern and the colors. Great job.

    And how lucky too there's a giveaway today. I did just click to follow your blog so I can keep an eye out on other stuff you are doing since I love the quilt so much. My favorite Christmas song is "Oh Holy Night"; have loved that song since I was very young.

  83. Congratulations on your new quilt Angela! 🙂
    My Xmas tradition is to watch Carols by Candlelight on Xmas Eve, it is a lovely time to wind down and relax after the hectic weeks of shopping for gifts and food, wrapping gifts, sending cards, etc. I just love it! Then there is the expectation of a lovely day to come. I have just noticed another of your followers mention their Favourite Xmas song- "O Holy Night" it is also mine. 🙂

  84. Love your quilt design. My favorite christmas thing is making candies with my MIL. nothing like homemade mounds balls!
    SpunkyDiva at

  85. oh- and growing up our santa would leave a small present in our stockings each day about 5 days before christmas.

    Apparently this helped keep us kids out of the presents under the tree. Santa knows all the tricks!

  86. Any homeade gift or food item is a fav of mine. Enjoy making Christmas goodies and love to snuggle in with the family and enjoy Christmas music.

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    Any homeade gift or food item is a fav of mine. Enjoy making Christmas goodies and love to snuggle in with the family and enjoy Christmas music.

  88. We love Christmas around here since our kids are 4, 2, and 1. My favorite thing about Christmas is the baking – we love tasty Christmas treats!

  89. One of my fave Christmas stories is this one:
    There is a game called Pig Mania, where the "dice" are actually little pigs that you roll. My sister loved to play this game, so I decided to give her one for Christmas. But….being the 'evil little sister' that I am, I opened the box up & took out all the game stuff, and put a nice sweater in it instead. A friend re-shrink wrapped it for me, so it looked totally unopened! lol Then I wrapped the game stuff up in a separate giftie, and then made sure that she opened the sweater/Pig Mania box first. She was SO excited when she saw what it was!! I had to prompt her to open the box all the way up…the look on her face was priceless – struggling to look happy with a sweater! (It was a very nice one) If I remember right, she probably smacked me when she opened the actually game pieces later! (All this was to get back at her for making me follows clues all over the house for like 45 minutes, to find my gift of the game "Clue" when I was a kid, 15 years prior! 😀

  90. It is a lovely quilt, I especially enjoy quilts with a black background. Christmas is the time when the whole family gets together, so each year we schedule a family portrait at an inexpensive studio nearby. We bring our own funny & unusual props and have a wonderful time. I love looking at the pictures during the year. Thanks for the chance to remember and maybe win some fabric.

  91. Beautiful quilt. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas fabrics. I have a whole drawer of just Christmas fabrics. So looking forward to Christmas this year when our two sons, wives and children will be "home" for Christmas. We get them every other year in our home, and at Thanksgiving the other years. We share. This year we'll have four grandkids under the age of four running around the place! I make very special Christmas stockings for each family member…one new one to make this year. I invite the mom & dad to help design it from my copious Christmas Stash. It would be awesome to win this fabric and add it into the mix! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  92. I love Christmas. I actually love decorations more than any gift probably, so those are always appreciated, but I recently got a KitchenAid mixer as a Christmas present and that was by far the best present I've ever received. Hopefully this year I get and give lots of fabric 🙂

  93. What an amazing quilt! Great job!! Not to be too mushy, but the best Christmas present I got was back in 1996, when my then boyfriend (now hubby) returned from a six-month Navy cruise…with a diamond for me. 🙂

  94. Congratulations! Favorite tradition: A new one for our family is new stockings every year. It's been fun picking out the fabrics, finding or drafting patterns and sewing them up!

  95. Thank you for your great Gift Box pattern. I've already downloaded it from the Moda Bake Shop! Your instructions are wonderfully clear. I agree with you about backing it with flannel for folks in colder climes.
    My favorite thing to do around Christmas is to bake, bake, bake cookies which I then wrap and deliver to our neighbors. My husband & I wear Santa hats and tell the neighbors that we're Santa's elves… We have a lot of fun with this.
    Thanks again for the great pattern AND the opportunity to win some pretty Flurry fabric!

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