I’ve been a Busy Bee

Well, I completed my last blocks for my Bee, Busy Bees.  It’s been a long wonderful year filled with some of my very favorite people and very favorite blocks.

The last month up was Jo who asked us to create star burst blocks using Ashley’s tutorial HERE.  I had a kind of difficult time with these for some reason.  Well probably just because my brain is on overload!  But my first attempt was less than stellar (get it?!  haha!).  This block definitely did not have pointy tips meeting together.  More like blunt edges.

I still like the fabric arrangement at least.

But I really liked the fabrics and honestly it will probably blend in pretty well with all of the other blocks, so I went ahead and sent it to her anyway.  But then I got my brain a little more in the game and produced a moderately better version of this pattern.  I think with a third block I would have really had the method down, but I was not feeling the need to be that much of an over achiever. 😉

starburst points

Much better points, right?

So, two cheerful star burst blocks are winging their way back around the world to Jo…who incidentally sent us the fabric in envelopes with the most fabulous Kate and William stamps!  Love it!

Starburst Blocks for Jo

But seeing as those were the last blocks for this particular bee, I felt the need to do a little review of the year.  I LOVE to see the variety of blocks that you make over a year for different quilters doing interesting projects.  And some of these blocks really did become my favorites!  I love that about bees.  You are stretched to create something new and sometimes it is so much better than you would have ever thought to do alone.

So here is my year in Busy Bees.  It’s been a delight to work with these ladies and get to know them better.  I consider myself quite lucky to have this group.

Busy Bees - A Reflection on the Year
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