Shelves and Dungeons

Well we are definitely still working hard at settling in.  Someone tell me when that will actually happen!  It’s almost the end of July and I don’t know where the last two months of my life went.  I love how I always underestimate how difficult things like this will be.  Just the prospect of finding all new doctors for everyone is overwhelming, let alone trying to make our lives work in a space a 1/3 of the size we had before.  But we’re getting there.  Every day gets a little bit better…a little more organized….a little more tidy…a little more NORMAL.

I’m pretty happy with at least this part of the sewing area now.  I still have shoo away Caitlyn but I think I will be doing that for a long time. 😉

Finally organized!

The condo was crazy today because we were having some windows replaced.  It’s so interesting to realize that I’ve never been around when windows have been replaced.  It was a big, little job because there weren’t very many windows, but they were all in hard to reach places.  Let’s think 4 stories high!  On the other end, there is a small half bath in the “basement” of this condo off of the laundry space.  I like to refer to this room as the dungeon.  I wouldn’t even go in it when we first saw this place.

It’s much happier now with a new vinyl floor, fresh paint, a new toilet and…. $5 in wall stickers!  I put up too many at first and it looked a little too “attack of the butterflies” (there’s a reason these were only $5 on clearance!).  But with a little editing, I think it helps the dungeon feel not so neglected.

trying to help out a dungeon basement bathroom
Bathroom adorned with some stickers

The kitchen is looking more pulled together with a new microwave shelf built by my talented husband, a new shelf for the baskets filled with chips, and a new spice rack!

None of this was in the kitchen before

Wine glasses have even found a new home with an under counter storage rack.  Trust me, we need those handy!

wine glass rack!  I love it!

A little bit of decor has quickly been thrown on the walls to help feel like we are living in a home.  My favorite calendar is hanging in an attempt to help me remember what day of the week it is.

my favorite calendar ever!

And this sweet poster I received has words that I should really try to live by.  It’s in my main view most of the day, so maybe the message will kick in!

words to live by...I should read this more often

I have actually been doing some sewing as well!  Yay!  But this post is already too long, so I’ll share that tomorrow.  Just a bit of this and a bit of that.  But’s it good to break the ice with the sewing machine in the new place.

Signing off from the land of slightly controlled chaos.  Off to unpack more boxes!

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11 thoughts on “Shelves and Dungeons

  1. Wow, you say that it seems like it's taking a long time to settle in, but I'm seriously impressed with how much you've done! I've lived in my house for 4 years and I STILL have a couple of boxes I've never even opened (hm, maybe it's time for a yard sale…). Your place is looking really homey 🙂

  2. Why did you end up moving to a smaller place? I love what you've done as far as storage and decoration – we've been living in our 1 bedroom apt. for 2 years now, just signed a lease for year 3 and half the walls are still bare…. mostly the bathroom and bedroom, living an dining room have the bare minimum up. One day I'll decorate, we just keep hoping to leave!

    Good luck unpacking boxes and organizing! If you need anyone to lighten up that lovely stash of yours… 😉

  3. Love your little sewing space. You're so organized and your condo looks like it's really coming together nicely. Looking forward to your sewing too!

  4. Great job on the bathroom!! I always think finding new doctors/dentists/repairmen is the hardest part of every move. Good luck on your search!

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