New Fabrics and New Patterns

I’ve been busy busy busy lately!  Not just with quilting but also with decorations for my friend’s wedding reception.  In fact those decorations have been taking the majority of my time.  So I’ll have to share some of that with you all soon.  I did mention earlier that the colors are cobalt blue and orange…and someone suggested using goldfish.  And I will be doing that!  That’s just a part of the design though.

In the meantime, today I managed to sneak over to Hobby Lobby and pick up the Simplicity Lisette patterns that I’ve been dying to get for months.  And I think I found a couple of new ones too!

All of my Lisette patterns

 However, I couldn’t browse too long because my lovely 20 month old daughter insisted on shrieking at the top of her voice at will.  Ugh!  I saw some poor woman flinch a few feet away because Caitlyn’s shriek is truly ear piercing.  Sigh.  I’m not sure what to do about this lovely stage of rebellion.

Finally bought the patterns

New Patterns?

Are these new?

So in all of my free time, I’ll start some of those.  lol.  I got them for 99 cents (thanks Bethie for the tip!) and finally picked them up guilt free.

I’ve also been working with this luscious pile of fabrics!!

Latest Project

I’m so in love with these!  Sweetwater is one of my favorite design teams!

Look! There’s my city!  South Bend.

South Bend!

This quilt top is already finished but I haven’t made the back or put the quilt together yet.  But I love these fabrics so much.  You know you love a line when you have made a whole quilt with them and still can’t get enough.  lol

Yummy project

I’m going to get some pics of my bottled rainbow quilt today, so I’ll have those to share soon and some great interviews for the Quilting Around the World series!  Lots to look forward to.

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11 thoughts on “New Fabrics and New Patterns

  1. Lots of eye candy today for us. Those patterns look lovely – wonder if we can get them in the UK? As for the fabric – absolutely gorgeous!

  2. So what was the tip to get the patterns for 99 cents at Hobby Lobby? I might be going to one tomorrow…it is 2 hours from here. I can't wait to work with HOMETOWN!
    cjnid AT imaxmail DOT net

  3. Oh ouch Alex had great fun in that stage, he's just now getting out of it. I have no suggestions about it I'm afraid, I just spent a lot of boring time at home and tried to avoid taking him shopping 🙁
    Love that fabric combo, so soothing.

  4. Love Hometown and Sweetwater. Im so excited you decided to use the goldfish, love to see pics of all the decorations when they are done!

  5. I love that Hometown fabric, but only have a charm pack so far! Now I feel the need for more…thanks to you!

  6. my 21 month old is loving the shrieking too.

    its lovely when you are in the checkout line when the person behind you leaves to join another line.

    I love it though when the next person in line loves it and gives you the sympathetic look and the lady in front tells me he is "just precious- enjoy him"

    oh- and he also has been shrieking followed by rounding his shoulders and ducking his head and saying "shhh"

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