Something Blue

Well last night was the big push to decorate the building being used for my friend’s wedding reception.  I’ve been super busy working on that and frankly I can’t wait until it is all finished and I can focus on all of my own many projects again.  It has been fun, but a lot more work than I originally anticipated.  Big shock, but I don’t know how to do anything super simple…so I’ve put a lot of energy into making this work.  The building is huge and there are 3 main rooms, an entry way, bathrooms, etc that all need to be decorated.  And I’m worn out.  The wedding is Saturday and I hope I have the energy to enjoy it after all of this.  lol.

I keep trying to get some good pictures of the decorations but every  time I take little miss with me I end up chasing her instead of getting out my camera.  So I’m going to try again tomorrow.  And then I can hopefully share pictures after the wedding.  I do have a few up over on flickr…but none with the fish yet. 😉

And because I had so much extra time, I wanted to make a little something for my friend who’s getting married. 😉  And then another good friend of mine, Kaelin, asked me to test out her new Wristlet pattern and I was thrilled to do two things for two friends with one project!  Kaelin will have the pattern available soon in her Etsy shop!

Grab n Go Wristlet

Kaelin calls this the Grab n Go Wristlet, but I’m calling it “Something Blue”.  My friend Liz did not, at my last check earlier this week, have a something blue.  And I wanted to give her something that she could enjoy after the wedding as well.  That’s more fun, right?

Grab n Go Wristlet

I love the pleated part of this pattern and the extra detail it provides.  Kaelin’s pattern also has a little button holder and button that go over the pleated part of the bag, but I know my friend Liz and with her, less is more.  I used some fairly busy fabrics, so I didn’t want to add more to the bag.  I did switch things up a bit and added a third fabric for the handle…one of my faves from Joel Dewberry’s Modern Meadow line.  And can I just say that bag hardware makes me feel so professional?!


This bag is lined with fabric that matches the pleating and has a zipper closure.  Now zippers and I don’t always get along, but thankfully this one went in fairly easily.  I must be getting better…or working on projects with little to no sleep is actually working for me. 😉   My friend Liz is not too much into sparkles for decorations, but I LOVE them…so I had to sneak some in somewhere.  And this way she’ll always remember what this little bag was for but she can use it long into the future.

every bride needs to sparkle!

I’m handing the bag over to the bride tonight at a little bowling bachelorette party for her.  I hope that she likes it!  I think that it will be perfect for toting around wedding day makeup and little extras.  And I’m sure it will make her bowl better.  It’s all in the wrist, right?

Grab n Go Wristlet

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  1. Might have to make one of these for my DGD who isw getting married in Sept. And her colors are blue and white. Just right! Thanks. have a great time Saturday!

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