Sprucing up the Condo

We can’t live anywhere without making it more beautiful and more of a home.  It doesn’t  matter that this condo we are living in is not ours…we’re living here now and so it must become more functional and beautiful.  In fact, we even have a family mission statement about that.

So we’ve been sprucing up here and there.  We desperately needed more privacy in the family room.  There are large sliding doors that look out to the joint “backyard” of all the condos…the pool especially.  We needed more than the random piece of fabric we threw up there one night in an attempt to cover at least part of the door.  Over a month later and I’ve completed some drapes!

County Fair Drapes Complete

I’ve made a lot of curtains in my day, but these were definitely a project.  These drapes use 9 yards of fabric all seamed into one piece and are fully lined.  Plus for the first time, I used a header tape.  It was just slightly trickier to use than I planned, but I LOVE how it turned out!  The directions were particularly non helpful. 😉

Header Tape!

The header tape helps give you the great “rolls” to the drapes.  They are always there!

Drapes made from County Fair Fabric

Then we finally bought a piece of molding long enough and some cup hooks to create a little yet LONG curtain rod for the kitchen.  94″!  So I was finally able to put up my little curtains in the kitchen to help make it look like we care.  I think that it is sweet and looks sort of a like a skirt for the window.

Kitchen Window "skirt"

We even did a little sprucing up outdoors near the entrance to the condo.  The grounds crew is supposed to do all that, but sometimes you need to take things into your own hands. 😉  So we got 10 bags of river rocks, some mums and a new hydrangea to add to the rocks already there.  I meant to take a before picture of the lovely perfectly trimmed DEAD bush, but alas forgot.  So you just get the after shots.  They’re the pretty ones anyway.

Garden sprucing

Trust me when I say that it looks a 1000 times better!

new mums!

Maybe someone will actually want to buy this place from my brother after we move out!

Garden Edge

And I bought a play kitchen for Caitlyn from the consignment store and I feel it needs some curtains. 😉  Because everything is better when you throw some fabric on it! lol.  So that is in my eye line for the future.  No rush…but I thankfully found the MOST perfect fabric color wise for the curtains…it’s an Anna Maria Horner fabric from Innocent Crush.  It’s not even a fabric that I like all that much, but here’s a clear case of using the right fabric for the right project…and that fabric turns out to be perfect.  So yay for swapping for that fabric at some point in my life. 😉  

So much more to share, but I’ll save some for later!  I’ve been working hard on my projects.  Project Zig Zag is the next on the list!!

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5 thoughts on “Sprucing up the Condo

  1. Wow, great job! That header tape is just the kind of thing that makes me put of a project… indefinitely. I have promised my husband that I'll make us living room curtains this September. So, curtains on the brain for sure.

  2. oooh don't you love making a house a home!? We've been in our new place since March and just got a rug and floor lamp the other day – makes such a huge difference

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