A Wedding Arrangement

Well today was the big day for my friend!  She’s now officially a Mrs.  And though I still need to go back in few days to the reception building, for the most part the decorations are complete!  And I think the fish were definitely a hit!


The wedding colors were cobalt blue and orange, so the fish definitely worked right into the color scheme perfectly.  Goldfish with some variations of blue stones and few crystals were the talk of the reception.  There were 30 fish and I think we only had one casualty.  Not bad!

small fish arrangement

I ended up putting the fish where I thought small children would have the least access to them. 😉  I think that helped with the lack of casualties.  So there were fish in the main bar room, along two bar areas and on the head bridal table.  Don’t worry, the kids saw the fish quite a lot…they were just more supervised in those areas.

fish, drink and floral arrangements

I made these larger floral arrangements as centerpieces for the food tables.

large centerpieces

With black table cloths, they are simple and effective decorations for a room filled with total beige.

Food tables ready to go

I found these blue and white ceramic vases at Hobby Lobby on clearance for 80% off.  Woohoo!  Bargain shopping!  And then I made all the arrangements with silk flowers in the pots.  I didn’t even know I could do that.  I’ve never been particularly good with floral arrangements before.   But I studied up on it a lot and bought the right supplies I think.

Wedding Arrangements for a friend

Flower Arrangement - small

Flower Arrangements

The arrangements looked beautiful behind the bar with some more fish bowls and tulle!

florals and fish

florals behind the bar

I continued the blue theme throughout the hall with simple decorations of multi colored blue water.

bar glasses with shades of blue water

blue water and lights

blue water centerpieces

A few clever folks picked up on the fact that I am a quilter, because they realized that the orange fabric I used on some guest tables and the bridal table is a lovely quilting fabric actually from Joann’s.  The bride loved it!  I was originally going to do a Joel Dewberry fabric, but it was simpler for me to get the Joann’s fabric….and here it is!

quilting fabric making an appearance

some centerpieces, lights and mobiles

And then there were the large mobiles I made for over the dance floor.  I’ll share my inspiration and instructions later, but for now…here’s the finished product!

lights and mobiles

See why I am tired? 😉

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20 thoughts on “A Wedding Arrangement

  1. Well done, it looks fantastic…I have just "been through" my sisters wedding, which she did on a budget…I didn't know I could make 140 origami love hearts (name places) and make bouquets for 5 bridesmaids, 2 flower girls, and the bride, and the lapel flowers for the groom, 4 groomsmen, two fathers and two mothers! Thank goodness for youtube, and that I love my sister! That was a month ago…I get tired just remembering it!!!

  2. Oh honey I understand your tiredness. Up until just recently this is what I did every weekend (and occasionally during the week) for two years. It is exhausting, both mentally and physically. You did an amazing job. Thanks for sharing although I am glad I won't have to use any of your ideas since I am out of that business now. hehehe *giggling*

  3. You did an amazing job adding color to such a huge, beige space! The jars of water were terrific. Love, love the mobiles! I'm less sure about the fish-did they at least go to good homes after their ordeal?

  4. It looks great! The fish are such a fun idea! I also love that print from Joann. I just made a friend a maternity skirt out of it.

  5. Wow! You did a wonderful job!! Everything is beautiful and I really like her unique theme. I'm sure the happy couple loved it. What happy memories. ;o)

  6. Yes, I see why you're tired! Then dance floor mobiles look incredible. It'll be fun to take a closer look. I also really like the blue vases of water. Simple, but good.

  7. You did such a great job on this – your friend must have been thrilled!!! Congratulations, I really wasn't sure how a cobalt blue and orange wedding would turn out but I'd say you totally rocked it for her.

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