Cupid Embroidery

Thank you everyone for all of your lovely suggestions about what to do with the reindeer embroidery I’ve been working on. You certainly have my brain churning. I have to admit that at this point I’m pretty reluctant to turn them into anything that people touch. lol

I’ve been working more and more…I’ve finished Cupid!

Cupid - complete

I love those floating hearts above his? head! They are so fun.

And I’ve also started, really almost finished now, with another reindeer… Comet! Comet required me to really figure out how to make a french knot. I fiddled with winging it for a while with pretty disastrous results. lol. I should have taken a picture of my muddled knots that I later cut out. I finally found some online videos on youtube which showed me how to make a french knot. And I was pretty successful. Not full proof yet, but getting there. 😉

Comet - partial

Still a number of reindeer to go after these…boy do they take some time. And my little girlie is fascinated with them. Which is sweet but not particularly helpful.

comet and cupid

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  1. I've had to relearn french knots a couple times!! I'm left handed, so each time I look at one of those videos, I have to reverse it. but they're fun once you get the hang of it! I just love your reindeers… where's the patterns from?

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