Modern Blocks part one – alternate colorways

I mentioned that I had made each of my blocks in another colorway to coordinate with each other. The color scheme was actually based off of the colors I used for the stargazing block, so I didn’t remake that one. But you’ll be able to see the versatility of the blocks with different fabrics.

All or Nothing:

All or nothing - alternate colorway

I was still fiddling with the construction method when I made this, but I love the colorways. I wanted to see a non rainbow option. I may love this one more than the first, but it’s a tough call.

All or Nothing - Alternate Colorway

Best Friend:

Best Friend - Alternate colorway

I used another focus fabric here, the tufted tweets. It’s such a strong pattern, I wanted to keep the rest of the block simple. So no fussy cut center block and simple green fabrics for the inner strips.

Best Friend - Alternate colorway

It was still important to me to keep the pattern of focus fabrics running in one direction…so I specially cut the tweets again for that. And look here at how this block would be on point! So much movement!

Best Friend - Alternate colorway


Doublemint - alternate colorway

Still a mix of solids and prints, but I love the large grey polka dot in the background. And the running stripe from Nicey Jane looks so Matrixy in the background.

Doublemint - alternate colorway

A closeup on a diamond.

Doublemint - alternate colorway

I hope you all enjoy these other versions of the blocks I designed. I hope to make a quilt with all of the coordinating versions of the blocks and make a bunch of the other blocks from the book…my very own souvenir from this project!

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23 thoughts on “Modern Blocks part one – alternate colorways

  1. I like them all … perhaps the diamond design captivates me most but because I'm a beginner I think I'm wise to focus on the simpler pattern in the middle … all straight lines. Yeah. That's my style. For now.

    Liking the purple and greens!

  2. These are just wonderful. Like you, I like the circle one in this colorway; but I love anything made with Tufted Tweets. I have just a tad of it left here, and I can see a few blocks made like yours.

    Thx so much for showing us these.

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