Oh Fall…How I have missed Thee!

sort of a perfect moment

After five years in the very sunny south, I’m ready for fall again. It’s always been my favorite season and it’s virtually non existent in New Orleans. Oh you get the occasional yellow leaf here or there, but nothing like farther north. I know it won’t last and soon winter will be here, but for now I’m going to enjoy it as much as possible. And that means family picnics on pretty quilts among the leaves. (and cocktails for the adults!)

a fall picnic

I love watching my daughter discover the joys of the world…like kicking up leaves as you walk and listening to them crunch when you step on them. Seeing the leaves fall from the trees and having her dad douse us in piles of leaves.

I love how happy she is!

Much of our life is up in the air these days, but moments like this one help to ground everything and help prioritize. As long as we can do this, we are doing just fine.

Can I just capture this moment forever

Lest you think I have not been doing any sewing, let me assure that I am. I’m in the middle of quilting that infamous zig zag quilt. 5 bobbins in and I’m about 3/8ths done. But I think I may love it. I’ll post later on putting the rows together and basting…and then it will be quilting and binding! Some of you are probably already done because these steps are all pretty self explanatory. But I’ll post them anyway. 😉 Here’s a progress shot from my phone last night.

Quilting my zig zag quilt...it's going to take a lot of thread.

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14 thoughts on “Oh Fall…How I have missed Thee!

  1. Isn't it amazing how little girls love leaves? My granddaughter is in hog heaven in our yard this time of year – lots of leaves and sticks for her to play with!! And your quilt is looking lovely – all that pebbling is so pretty!!

  2. I love love love Fall. I honestly don't think I could live somewhere that doesn't have it. I mean, we don't have much of one here in Vancouver, but the air gets crisp and the leaves kind of turn. I'll take it, though. 🙂

  3. Autumn is the best!! This summer my son told my he didn't want it to be hot, he wanted the leaves to fall and then for it to snow 🙂
    Kicking leaves is our favourite thing to do at the moment.
    That quilting looks amazing! Can't wait to see more pics

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