Christmas is coming!

Oh it’s looking like Christmas around here! I decided to wrap some presents today simply to tidy up the space where I had been stashing presents. It was getting completely out of control. This looks much better. 😉


I’ve been sewing and stitching and organizing and cleaning…and of course, as is par with the holidays, I still feel behind. But I’m trying to be reasonable about what I can accomplish. So far I’ve been doing pretty well. I whipped up a miniature version of the tutu that I made for Caitlyn for her birthday to suit a little doll.

Mini tutu to match one made from Oliver and S

Here’s her Alice doll showing it off. Someday I think she’ll appreciate that they have matching tutus.

Alice looks pretty in her new tutu

I’ve been on a mission to make Caitlyn herself some clothes for Christmas. At some point, some sweet person in a swap sent me their pattern for The Sunday Brunch Skirt (and jacket) by Oliver and S. I’m planning on making Caitlyn’s Christmas dress this week from another Oliver and S pattern, so I wanted to get an official clothing pattern of theirs under my belt before I do that.

Sunday Brunch Skirt in Hometown

Again, I’m having some mixed feelings on how this company handles waist bands. I had some issues with the tutu directions as well. I do love how they put the pockets in the skirt though…that’s a tip I will use again.

Sunday Brunch Skirt in Hometown

The back has a little kick pleat that had some interesting construction on it as well, but I’ve never done that in a skirt so I’m not sure how it compares to other methods.

Sunday Brunch Skirt in Hometown

This back waist is the part that I didn’t feel the pattern explained all that well. I’m not really sure why they didn’t just gently gather the back of the skirt. Any insights from anyone who’s made this pattern? I essentially had to gather by pinning carefully. Confusing…

Sunday Brunch Skirt in Hometown

You will probably recognize the sweet fabric that I used for the skirt. I had some left over from one of my Moda bakeshop quilts. It is a Hometown print by Sweetwater. Look! There’s South Bend!

Sunday Brunch Skirt in Hometown

It turned out really cute and I was pleased in the end. And it fit Caitlyn reasonably well.

Sunday Brunch Skirt in Hometown

Only sneaking Mommy’s wallet out of her purse enabled her to stand still long enough for me to snatch a picture.

Attempt at Pictures

And a fuzzier version on my phone at a party later in the day.

Caitlyn in her new skirt!

And I know I’ve inundated you with pictures, but you have to see my out takes from attempting to get a photo of her. Let’s just say that she is definitely two and she wanted NO part in it! These crack me up!!

Wailing in protest

Attempt at Pictures

Flailing back on her chair in disgust

Attempt at Pictures

You would think I was doing something other than standing there with camera. Nope. She just REALLY did not want her picture taken. I hope she gets past this phase. Because she’s too cute not to take her picture. 😉

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10 thoughts on “Christmas is coming!

  1. Something to remember – you don't HAVE to follow the printed directions for a pattern if you think you know an easier way! Especially with something simple like a skirt. My grandmother once told me to just throw away the directions – because I knew how to put what I was making together! I've not made an Oliver + S pattern, so I don't know exactly what you're talking about with the waistbands, but sometimes pattern designers get stuck on what they know how to do and don't explore easier ways to do it. Just remember how much easier it is to make a quilt now than it was 50 years ago!

  2. Aww, love that skirt in that fabric, and laughing about the pics. I still haven't grown out of the photo allergy though ;o)

    As for the pattern, I tend to meander away from the directions now, but for a waist band I'd usually do large basting stitches and gather that way to join to the band, I don't make myself elastic waistband skirts though ;o)

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