Winter Woolies

Well I just couldn’t resist anymore. There was too much cuteness hitting the quilting internet world this holiday soon and it was all compliments of Kerry! Her darling paper pieced pattern for a hat, mittens, and scarf are so darling and I had to participate. So I coughed up the all of $3 or so I believe for the pattern (soooo reasonable!) and started off on my own variation of the pattern. Oh and when I say variation, I mean I tried to copy Kerry’s as much as possible. 😉

Winter Woolies

I didn’t start at with this color scheme in mind at all. I think all of the versions I have seen have been bright and sweet and cheerful. Somehow my brain was doing its own thing. Let’s be honest. It usually does its own thing. And this fabric called to me from my scraps. Every fabric is from my scrap bin!! Woohoo!

Winter Woolies - Hat Detail

I just love all the little details in Kerry’s pattern and the beauty that is paper piecing and its perfection of points. I added a sweet button top and copied Kerry’s fun embroidery. I think that the tiny text print would be such an awesome hat in real life!

Winter Woolies - Scarf Detail

Try to ignore my little floof on the scarf…I’m doing my best. That’s the beauty of handmade right? Prints, dots, and stripes. Yum! I’m completely smitten with this mini wall hanging. The binding did give me some fits for a while, but I’m happy with my final solution…two fabrics!

Winter Woolies

I put in the little grommets just like Kerry and added some twine just like Kerry (I wanna be, I wanna be like Kerry!). And then I threw it up on my wall next to my new wall hanging from Kelly! I think they look fabulous together. And now I need to make another something for the other side to create a trio…Kerry has a candy cane pattern….hmmm….

Creating a Wall of Christmas

Maybe it was the sentiment of Christmas, but I was feeling quite reminiscent while I was making this wall hanging. You see, each and every piece of fabric was given to me as part of a swap or bee from friends all over the world. There are pieces that came from England, Germany, Australia, the Western US and I know exactly who each piece is from. There’s something pretty sweet about that.

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and are still celebrating with family and friends. My hubby and I are attempting to have a little vacation at home this week, so I’ll be officially off the blog clock for the next week. But don’t worry….plenty of sewing has been done and will be done….so there is much to share!

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13 thoughts on “Winter Woolies

  1. When i read about all the bits of fabric coming from different people, swaps and Bees and from all over the world, it seemed perfect for this- all those different bits and representing warmth! Gorgeous Angela!

  2. It turned out so nicely! I have been wondering how to first try paper piecing and a pattern seems like a great solution. Kerry is pretty talented!

  3. Aww, that looks fab! I had that on my 'it would be nice if I had time to' list, but I was okay with not getting to it, I've plenty of time yet to make one for the hall around the coat rack :o) I do love those fabrics, I've been all over the place trying to work out what to use!

    Enjoy your staycation :o)

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