Dream a Little Dream

I’m finished with my most recent mini that I’ve decided should be entitled “Dream a Little Dream”. It all started with an inspirational sketch and post by designer Sarah Jane. This mini is part of a swap over at flickr and my partner doesn’t know this is for her yet. So I can’t tell you a heck of a lot about her. But I will say that I identified with my partner (and also Sarah Jane) on the need to de-stress this year. Life gets in the way quickly and it is easy to become overwhelmed by our own particular circumstances. So I thought my partner would appreciate the simplicity yet emotional nature of this quilt. And so Dream a Little Dream was begun.

Dream a Little Dream

The girl in my mini is completely inspired by Sarah Jane’s illustration…but I’m quite pleased with how she turned into fabric and thread. I did this all with raw edge applique, a steady hand, and a lot of thread changes.

Dream a Little Dream

Her dreams are made up of all things lovely, sweet, and fantastic. Which just so happens to coincide with my love for Heather Ross fabrics. There’s definitely a reason I’m drawn to her designs. You will see that they appear often. And don’t mind me when I start waxing poetic and pulling out my love of Disney when I say ” A Dream is a wish your Heart makes”.

Dream a Little Dream

I also did a little stamping on this quilt. My very first time stamping on fabric! I did just a subtle (read: I didn’t want to mess up) stamping along the quilt with the title. The free motion quilting is also supposed to be dream like… flowing, relaxing, and wavy.

Dream a Little Dream

The details are big in this mini, but I think the overall effect is Simplicity. I worked to keep things a little less overworked and I hope that it “works”.

Dream a Little Dream

So, dear partner, I hope that you love this mini as much as I do. She’s been peaceful and joyful for me…just what I think you will enjoy about her. I’ve loved having her finished for a while and getting to her enjoy her on my design wall. I don’t always get to spend much time with the items I make for a swap and I feel lucky to have had her for a bit.

73 thoughts on “Dream a Little Dream”

  1. Just Brilliant!! I would find this Very Very Hard to Give Up!! That is one lucky partner – if I were you, I would whip up a 9-patch quilt and give that instead hehehee

  2. Angela, I think this is my most favorite of all the things you have made (and that is saying a lot!). It is gorgeous. I think you captured, perfectly, what you were describing. All the little details…..fantastic. Wish it could be mine!!

  3. Jennifer @ Ellison Lane Quilts

    She is so fabulous- love the serenity on her face Angela. Oh my- what a lucky partner.
    Thanks SO much for being a part of the blog hop and for sharing your amazing talent with us!

  4. Every time I see one of your mini story quilts I am completely blown away. I think she'll never match that design and then you do something, new and unexpected and completely brilliant!

  5. It's so sweet and beautiful. I love the quilting and the general impression of space and lightness.
    And thank you so much for the inspiration, I think I finally begin to imagine how I may combine my drawings with quilting (although I suppose it's going to take me a few years before I get even a bit closer to your steady hand).

  6. Hello Angela! This is so beautiful and adorable quilt! You are so talented!
    I am happy that I found you again, because I remember always your quilt 'Where bluebirds fly'! Then I lost you and couldn't remember where to find your blog. I think I saw your quilt in the quilting festival.
    Sunny wishes from Greece! x Teje

  7. Magical. Lovely. Absolutely beautiful with such heart put in it for your friend.
    Inspiring as well for us to all dream a little dream each day.

  8. I'm pretty sure I have already commented on this quilt, but I saw it in the linky and just had to come back to say "we have a winner!"
    Seriously though, this really is truly amazing and I wish you the best of luck!

  9. What a wonderful quilt! I've never tried stamping on a quilt. You got me intrigued! What ink do you use? Great free-motion, great applique, great idea!

  10. Holy cannoli, this is probably the most amazing applique I've ever seen on a mini. I had to look at your close up pictures to check if the dreams were even stitched on. Brava ma'am, brava.

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