Pincushion Tutorial

Pincushion Tutorial

I have a special valentine’s project for you! A Heart Shaped Pincushion! But part of the beauty of this tutorial is that you will be able make any size or shape pincushion because it is all based on a cookie cutter.

Note: Be sure to read all the written instructions as well as the instructions with the picture mosaics.


Pincushion Tutorial

• one charm pack (really I just use a few charms for this…so a whole charm pack isn’t necessary)

• cookie cutter (clearly I used a heart shaped one…size is your preference)

• Hot Glue gun

• One sheet of fun foam (the stuff in the kid’s craft aisle)

• One sheet of a thin floral foam / Styrofoam (can be found in the floral aisle)

• One bag of Zilla brand lizard litter – crushed walnut shells (one bag will last a LONG time)


Cutting Fabric for the Pincushion

• Pick out your favorite charms and if necessary piece them together to create a large enough piece of fabric for your cookie cutter plus 3″ around. Then follow the directions in the mosaic below.

Pincushion Tutorial

Cutting Foam for the Pincushion

• Use your cookie cutters to cut out the floral foam to fit exactly inside the cookie cutter. Depending on the foam you use and how sharp your cookie cutters are, you may need a little help from a kitchen knife. Then trace around the cookie cutter onto the fun foam and cut out the exact shape of the cookie cutter for the bottom of the pincushion.

Pincushion Tutorial

Pincushion Tutorial

Fitting the Fabric to the Cookie Cutter

• Pull your running stitch slightly to start gathering the fabric and fit it to the shape of the cookie cutter. You will want to shape it so that a small “bowl” is formed on the topside of the cookie cutter/pincushion. Use your hot glue gun and glue the fabric to the inside of the cookie cutter around the whole perimeter.

Filling the Pincushion

• Use the crushed walnut shells to fill the pincushion. Crushed shells create a great weight to the pin cushion and they help keep your pins sharp. The type I used was like a coarse sand. The amount you need will depend on the size of your cookie cutter but I used about a cup for the large one. You will want to hold up your cookie cutter while filling it to make sure that you put enough in to round out what will be the top of the pincushion…that “bowl”.

Pincushion Tutorial

Putting the Bottom on the Pincushion

• With the charm glued firmly in place, there should be no chance of any filling escaping. But we have two more layers to add to the bottom to make it completely finished and polished. First add the floral foam and hot glue in place. I found that the hot glue actually melted my foam a bit, so I used that to my advantage and created a perfect seal around the perimeter. Then I used hot glue on the fun foam and attached it firmly to the floral foam.

Pincushion Tutorial

Finishing Details

• You may find you have a bit of a gap now at the bottom of your pincushion or things are not as tidy as you might like. So make it all beautiful again by hot gluing a bit of ribbon or trim around the perimeter of the base.

Pincushion Tutorial

• Fill with pins and use often! Make them in all shapes and sizes. I made a smaller one for my needles as well. (Although I’m thinking of putting some felt on that one)

Pincushion Tutorial

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and are inspired to make a pincushion for every season. I’ve already bought more cookie cutters to make more!

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  1. I think I pretty much agree with your husband. Valentines day is definitely a huge commercialized day…but hey, if my hubby showed up with a stack of fat quarters for me, I wouldn't be sad!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. this is so adorable and original… I love it! 🙂
    I think it's a bit made up, but any day to celebrate love is wonderful, right? I am hoping the hubs will take me out, because he's too busy for my birthday and Mother's Day. 🙂

  3. I love seeing all of the love that is around at this time of year. Even though it is very commercialised you just can't remove that lost in love look from so many peoples eyes.

  4. I'm not exactly a big Valentine's fan. Not really sure why I'm not. I love your project and love the decorations for the holiday though. I guess I'm a heart fan!

  5. We're not too big on Valentine's Day here. My husband and I fall into the "It's just a commercial holiday" camp. Our wedding anniversary falls in the following week so we celebrate then. Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. I'm kind of with your hubby on this one. I'm not big into Valentine's day, but I can't be hard on any holiday that encourages my hubby to buy me candy and flowers! 🙂

  7. Cute idea for a pin cushion- may make one for myself! Not being a quilter I don't exactly know what a " charm" is but I can guess.
    Valentines day, like any holiday, I love to celebrate! I just like making people feel special.
    Your blog here is super!

  8. Ten years ago, nobody here in Europe celebrated Valentine's Day. Now, there is so much pressure to do something special on that day but I always manage to escape that 🙂
    Not that I would mind getting flowers but I appreciated them more if they were given to me just because and not because of a special day 🙂

  9. What a cute idea! I do like a heavy pincushion, much less likely to lose it! Valnetines has always been big in the UK, I go for little gestures, breakfast on a tray, handmade cards even just a handwritten note as the best things to receive

  10. I love absolutely everything about Valentine Day. The romance, the cakes, cookies, candies. How wonderfully in love my husband and I are still after nearly 30 years. I love sending Valentines to my grandchildren. Thanks to you and Julie for this nice giveaway and Melissa for orchestrating the whole party! Oh my and thank you to the FQ shop for their huge gift that is up for grabs.

  11. I think I am a Valentine grinch. I have never seen the point of the day. I love my family and my husband but can't see the point of having just one day.
    But Happy Valentines Day everyone and I love this pincushion idea. What a great present!!!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. I am not a Valentines day person. My dh says that he prefers to buy me gifts and show his love any and every day HE chooses…and not one dictated by card companies 😉 and as he DOES treat me with love all year long…I am not complaining 🙂

  13. My husband is in the hallmark camp with yours. Therefore I need to be too or I have expectations that are way too high! lol. I do like doing something small for my daughter. And there is the possibility I might deliver baby #2 on Valentines this year. That would be bring a whole other level of fun to the holiday!

  14. A favourite thing about Valentines, even thought it is a Hallmark conspiracy *wink*, is that it's a great excuse to get lots of cherry liqueur chocolates…mmmm…thanks Hallmark!

  15. What a fabulous tutorial! I do agree that Valentines Day is a Hallmark holiday…hubby and I try to show each other year round how much we love each other 🙂

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  16. Yes I'm a cynic! Why should I have to celebrate my love for my husband on that day because 'Hallmark' says so! Load of old nonsense, certainly wouldn't catch me going out for dinner on that night! thanks for a great tutorial!

  17. Hi!
    Thanks for the great pincushion pattern and the giveaway!
    Me, I am the romantic. Love it ALL!
    Hubby, he is on the Day invented for other people to make money. A very small place in his body for romance! Every once in a while it comes thru!
    Take care, Leslie

    Take care, Leslie

  18. I am not a fan of Valentine's Day. If I said it was because of corporate greed, yadda, yadda, yadda, I would be lying. It is because every year as a young lady, and as young woman, it made me feel bad about myself because I rarely had a Valentine. Even after 12 years with my super husband, I still do not celebrate it with him. I do however make Valentine's a fun, big day for my three little girls.

  19. I love Valentine's Day but not the commercial aspect of it. I try to use it as a reminder to let the special people in my life know how much they mean to me.

  20. VERY Cute! I love anything heart shaped & red! 🙂 Thanks for the tutorial. I love Valentine's Day – it's also our wedding day – and we celebrate 24 years this year! Thanks to all for the giveaway. 😉

  21. The only reason I ever liked Valentine's was for the candy. Now it's just another day. I hope that doesn't sound too bad. I don't hate it or anything. I just don't celebrate it.

  22. We don't really celebrate the day anymore. When our children were home we always made the heart sugar cookies. Hmmm, sounds good. Maybe I better break out the cookie cutters again. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  23. Great tutorial and gorgeous project. What I enjoy around Valentines Day is seeing the awesome projects people come up with and share on their blogs. We dont worry about doing anything ourselves.

  24. I love Valentine's day – my mom always made it special, and about finding time to do something for all the people we love (not just our romantic partners), which made the day a lot less angsty for me as a teen and young adult. Now I hope I can pass that attitude of fun about the day on to my daughter!

  25. My favorite thing about Valentine's Day is the surprise factor. I like to send or give something to someone who doesn't expect it. Sending candy to a friend's child who is away at college might be what I do this year.

  26. Wonderful tut!!! thank you!
    sorry, but I'm with yr husband…this is a commercial day, you can show yr love to yr beloved ones everyday and every moment. 😉
    tks fr the chance!


  27. Seems that most of valentines day centers around chocolate. I don't like chocolate and I can't have sugar so it is sort of frustrating to see so much of it.

  28. I love Valentines day! Children make it and all other holidays extra special. It is a great time to talk about love and you can get creative with decorations and express your love in many inexpensive ways. Sorry, Hallmark.

  29. Cute pincushion idea! The thing I like most about Valentine's Day is all the colors–pinks & reds and remembering decorating boxes when I was in school.

  30. I LOVE all the flowers! However, as someone who occasionally buys herself flowers, I tell my husband to buy me flowers the day after – the mark up is just ridiculous.

  31. My favorite Valentine's memory involves my high school fundraiser selling carnations. An ex-boyfriend gave me a red carnation (red = love), while my current boyfriend only gave me a pink one. I guess the pressure worked, because I have been married to the pink-carnation giver for over 25 years!

  32. our anniversary is 4 days later, so i love the fact that everyone decorates to show that they recognize how much my husband and i love each other. =) it is easy to buy romantic gifts in february!

  33. Very cute idea! I love it that you came up with a way to hold those walnut shells and didn't just use stuffing.
    I love that Valentine's Day brightens up winter a bit with all that great red and white. And the fact that there's chocolate involved is always good!

  34. I'm with your husband ; too much hoopla for just another day !! When I used to work with a large group of mostly women , I would LOVE to admire the flowers that were delivered to work ; and I used to think "hmmmmm; wonder what he did to spend all that money on one of the priciest florist days ! "

  35. Love the pincushion! I like it that you came up with a way to hold the walnut shells instead of just using stuffing.
    I love Valentine's Day in that it brightens up winter with all that wonderful red and white, and the fact that chocolate is involved is always good!

  36. Cute tutorial! I love that my honey is always doubly romantic around Valentine's Day. I hate that my birthday is only 2 days before. I always get one combo thing. Never both birthday and Valentine's Day. *pout*

  37. We don't really do the Valentine's Day thing around our house. We show how much we love each other so much throughout the year that Valentine's day is just another day to us. Plus, hubby is one of those that believe that it was made by someone just to make money. And I really don't need another excuse to buy and eat chocolate. LOL

  38. This is a very sweet pincushion 🙂
    Valentine's Day is not big or important for me, I usually spend the day remembering my late mother, who passed away that day 🙂
    Also Valentine is sort of an 'imported' tradition here in DK, so I find it to be rather strange

  39. Thanks for the giveaway and cute tute! I love Valentines day because I take time to tell the most important people in my life how much I love them. I don't always take time to do that.

  40. Valentine's brings a smile to my face! I might not think that way if I wasn't so blessed with my family though. I just love the love hah! 🙂 My bday is just a few days before it, so it's like a whole week of celebration!

  41. I love that it's such a happy day. I definitely try to do something special for my hubby and kids, but as far as gifts and things, we don't do that. We also go out to eat on a different day. It's less crowded, and less expensive!

  42. OK, I'm a Valentine's Grinch. I just don't think it's romantic to be told to be romantic. But I do love all the chocolate in the stores! And it's all on sale the day after!

  43. Valentine's Day is a family day at our house. My husband and I do our date night a few days before or after when the restaurants aren't so crowded. I enjoy teaching my kids that the day is a reminder to love each other.

  44. Valentine's Day always brought such excitement and thrills. Mom would always make a new heart shaped tote for me to carry my valentine's to school and cheerfully bring home the new ones from my friends. Today, I am making a heart shaped tote for my granddaughter. I hope she enjoys hers as much as I enjoyed mine!

  45. What a lovely idea to use the cookie cutters. Don't think so much of romance for Valentine's Day as a day to tell the grandkids I especiallyl love them!

  46. I must admit that I've never been a fan of Valentine's Day. And I swear that's not just sour grapes because I'm single at the moment. 🙂 It's just always felt so disingenuous to me to buy flowers or candy or whatever for someone because you're SUPPOSED to. I would rather be given an inexpensive and thoughtful gift on a random day that a million-dollar diamond on Valentine's Day.

    I love your tutorial, though! So cute! And so easy to do with any cookie cutter that strikes your fancy!

  47. My favorite and least favorite thing about Valentines is the chocolate. I dont need another excuse to buy chocolate! I always loved making Valentines and when my kids were younger I loved making candy for them, ringing the doorbell, running around to the back door, and acting surprised, but I got to hate the expectation that my husband would buy me something special and then being so upset when he didn't! Hadn't thought about it but I have grandkids here and I could make stuff for them, ring doorbells and run away again. Thanks for reminding me! Cute pincushion and seems pretty easy. Thanks.

  48. Okay, I admit it. I'm irritated by the fact that you HAVE to do something on Valentines Day. I prefer my little loving gifts to be given (and received) randomly, when the emotion comes out honest and true and not just because Hallmark (or whoever) says you must. I'm a Valentines Day version of the Grinch! LOL (I do love all the little hearts and flowers everywhere though! So Valentines does have it's good points!)
    – sunshdws at yahoo dot com

  49. I admit to being a lover of Valentine's Day -even if it is commercialized and, as my husband puts it, completely unnecessary. Whatever. I like any day that involves me showered in love! I don't really get excited about it anymore since I married such anti-commercial holiday prude, but I used to LOVE getting flowers at work 🙂

  50. I love Valentine's Day but my husband and I don't do the huge celebration each year as we did when we had just met and got married. There are two reasons for that though and one is probably my fault because my biggest pet peeve about Valentine's Day is that he can spend $50 for roses for me and for the exact same roses he could have bought the day before for about $10. I think it's horrible that florists boost the price on roses and other flowers for that one day. And then all those poor men are forced to buy them or they are in trouble by some of their women. Me? I TOLD him to not buy me roses on Valentine's Day because I hate the fact they raise the prices so much for something that will die in such a short period of time. So yea, I can blame myself for that one. The second reason though we don't celebrate much is that I don't need to because I'm one of those very lucky women who are treated like a queen and totally spoiled every single day of my life. He cooks and cleans and does laundry and does SO many things that I don't need him to dote on my even more for Valentine's Day too. Do I love getting dressed up and going out? Yes, I LOVE it BUT, not on that day when just like the florists, the restaurants charge higher prices as well.

    Ooh I sound bitter a bit but I don't blame Hallmark. I think all the places that boost prices are horrible for doing that to our men because those poor guys want to spoil us on the day they feel we expect them to but it costs them an arm and a leg to do so. I just don't NEED it on that one day.

  51. OOh I got so sidetracked answering your question (and much more than your question with my long winded replies I often do ha) that I forgot to say thank you for such a cute tutorial. Great job.

    And I am already a follower as well.

  52. I'm not a big fan of Valentine's Day. It's a happy day for those that have a significant other, but such a sad day for those that are alone. Even at the grade school level I remember it being a big competition to see who got the most valentines. I do however like heart projects!

  53. Love your pincushion! I'm really not bothered about Valentine's, but it's not a big deal over here, it's just about your partner, not all your family and friends. I could quite easily take it or leave it, my wedding anniversary is far more special.

  54. I think my husband's attitude has rubbed off on me. It's fun to think of it as a special day and usually exchange cards, but we don't get all sweet about it anymore. Sad isn't it?

  55. cute tutorial – I could see these in all sorts of fun holiday shaped cookie cutters. i like seeing all the cute ideas for Valentine's for kids and such.

  56. We give to the gkids on Valentines Day but we've been married 33 years and already know we love each other. Just a quiet dinner at home is fine with us!

  57. I think my favorite thing would have to be Russel Stover's caramel hearts, which oddly enough have been difficult to find in recent years. It seams they have marshmallow, strawberry, peanut butter, etc. Everything but. That makes it all the more exciting when I find them though.

  58. First, I want to tell you how pleased I was when I saw that you used the lizard litter instead of just fiberfill. Fluffy pincushions are so unsatisfying (and not nearly as useful as the stuff that helps keep your pins sharp).

    I'm of two minds on the subject of Valentine's Day. I like a day that is all about love, but I don't like the way it can make so many people feel left out, those with no traditional lovey-dovey Valentine. Although I've had a steady Valentine for over a quarter of a century (so old!) I usually put my Valentine's Day energy into reminding the friends in my life how dear they are to me. My sweetheart already knows, and he's not a fan of V. Day.

  59. My favorite thing is making Valentine's with my kid(s) for their classroom exchange. I hate when we don't have time for whatever reason and have to buy them instead.

  60. What an excellent idea!!! Great tute, Angela. I don't mind Valentines Day, but we don't go all out anymore. I usually make something fun (last year sewn cards and envelopes from a SMS tutorial were fun). I'm not a huge holiday decorator other than for Christmas. I'll probably buy the kids some chocolate and some candy hearts, tho.

  61. Valentine's Day is special for me because my very thoughtful hubby always picks out a huge card and writes a meaningful sentiment inside it.

    Cute pincushion using the pieced charms for the top! I took a class last Friday on making a similar heart-shaped pincushion using a heart-shaped cookie cutter.

    Here's what we did:
    The instructor had purchased wool sweaters at a thrift store and felted them. The overly thick felted sweaters were used to "stuff" the pincushion. About 7-9 stacks of felted heart shapes were cut for the stuffing. Thinner felted sweater pieces were used for the top of the pincushion. We layered 1) outer felt piece large enough to push up into the heart and accommodate the stuffing 2) a piece of batting roughly the same size as the outer piece 3)the stack of thickly felted heart-shaped cutouts. Push all up into the cookie cutter and trim the batting and outer wool piece, leaving 1/4 inch around the bottom of the cookie cutter. The top should mound up like a puff above the top of the cookie cutter. Use fabric glue or a glue gun to affix trimmed edges inside the bottom of the heart. Glue cardboard to bottom and add a piece of no-skid shelf liner to keep the pincushion from sliding around on work surface.

  62. I had a restaurant for seven years. Valentine's day was ALWAYS a total nightmare. Tables of Two were not a great 'earner'.

    And, invariably couples would start off the evening all happy and romantic looking doe eyed at each other … then after a couple of bottles of wine they'd all end up arguing!

    Not a fan of commercialised pappy valentine's day at all. Love romance though.

  63. My favorite thing about Valentines is the excuse to do something nice for my boyfriend. I've already used up the embroidered love note idea, thank goodness for the blog hop to get some ideas. Thanks for the giveaway!

  64. My husband is pretty much oblivious to Valentine's Day and I will probably get a card (but it will be a funny card). I, on the other hand, am a hopeless romantic who dreams of anything other than a funny card. Oh well, he can't be too bad I guess cuz we've been married almost 37 years!LOL

  65. I think it has Valentine's Day has been taken over by companies wanting to make money. But I still thinks it's a great "holiday" to celebrate. Live is definitely something we should acknowledge and enjoy. I'm for Valentine's Day.

  66. Love your pincushion! Thanks for the tutorial 🙂

    Me, I'm a hopeless romantic; dear partner is just hopeless, lol. It would be nice to be wined and dined, but not on Valentines when restaurants are full, prices high and service not so good!
    Thanks for the fab giveaway too 🙂

  67. It feels like Valentine's Day every day at our house because my husband and I are so in love! We get teased, but after 25 years of being married I still get butterflies when he calls or comes home!

  68. Brilliant idea. Love it!
    I have been married for 35 years so Valentine's is not such a big deal anymore. I usually have a guild meeting to go to on that night.
    I usually do get my hubby and kids some chocolates though.

  69. My HB hates VD, but likes the day after sales on candy. I don't think about VD much as it has become too commercial. Would love to get a handmade card from my husband, though.

  70. I think Valentine's Day is fun for children. Exchanging cards (as long as everyone gets the same amount), and making a craft to take home to their parents is a good reminder to appreciate the people they love. For grownups it is hit or miss. I don't like the idea that people are pressured into making unnecessary purchases, but for some people it is the push they need to remember to acknowledge their loved ones.

  71. I dislike all the waste and junk the kids bring home from their parties at school. I find Spider-man valentines and the like frequently in random places all year long.

    Love this tutorial!

  72. My favorite thing about Valentines is that I can be super lovey dovey with my husband (like I always am) and no one seems to mind. It's just expected. I think that's fabulous!

  73. My least favourite thing is the commercialization of the holiday. When I was young (and that wasn't that long ago) it was a simple thing. We made paper valentines and gave them to our classmates and my mom made heart cookies.

  74. I've kind of gotten away from celebrating because my girls are no longer children and I don't have to help plan parties and address cards. I still love getting candy though!

  75. Love the pincushion. My youngest daughter is born on Valentine's Day. It has always been her day. This year, her to-be fiance' is asking her to marry him officially with the ring in hand. Both sets of parents and siblings have been invited to take part. She still does not suspect…hopefully it can be pulled off. To all hopeless romantics out there…share the love.

  76. Angela, this is a great tutorial!! And with all the different cookie cutter shapes available you could make these until the cows come home and still not be done!!

  77. Great tutorial, thanks for sharing! My fave about V-Day is the chocolate…but the kind I buy for myself and the kids! Even though they won't admit it, they both secretly look forward to their Valentines 🙂

  78. Thanks for the tutorial. The thing I most and least like about Valentine's Day is chocolate. I have a love-hate relationship with chocolate. I love it but don't love it on my hips, LOL.

  79. I'm not a big fan of Valentine's Day…feels too contrived for me. I do like the half price chocolate at the stores on the 15th! Thanks for a chance at your giveaway.

  80. I like the "heart shapes" everywhere. I like seeing the young getting Valentine cards in school; the older group getting their first carnations. I like all the flowers — and of course, CHOCOLATE.

  81. Our anniversary is on the 10th, that means we usually combine the two celebrations into one. Not sure how I feel about it, but as long as I have chocolate I'm ok.

  82. Cute pin cushion! Clever to use the cookie cutter! Honestly, valentine's day was never really a big deal for me. Hubby and I will do something small, like nice chocolate after the kids go down, but really, we hardly need an excuse for that!

  83. What a darling idea! Cookie cutters? How clever, gosh I could make one for every season and holiday. hehe. Well, my hubby is in the same camp as your's. We really don't do much for Valentines.

    Thank you and FQS for an awesome giveaway and a chance to win.


  84. What a fun idea for a pin cushion and would be fun to try with other shapes too. I am not into cards either and I can't eat chocolate anymore, so that kills it for me, lol.


  85. I Love your pincushion! Cookie cutters? How clever. Gosh I could make one for every season and holiday. hehe. I have a bag of crushed walnuts as I've been wanting to fine a great pincushion pattern. Thanks for your tutorial! As far as Valentines, my hubby is in the same camp as your's. I have great memories from when my kids were young making sweets and activities in school.

    Thank you and FQS for an awesome giveaway and a chance to win.


  86. It's nice to find new blogs to follow through this contest. Valentine's Day falls just when we need a little lift–and what is better than bright reds, pinks and whites. Of course, there's chocolate–everything about Valentine's Day is happy!

    I end up being "anonymous," but I'm Delcia,

  87. I used to be a romantic, but now I agree with your husband about it being too commercial. I like my husband to buy me flowers because he wants to and when he wants to.

  88. Great tutorial, thanks! We aren't hugely into Valentines Day, we usually celebrate with the kids on the actual day, and then go out for dinner the weekend before or after!

  89. For me, Valentine's day mostly means that I only have 3 shopping days left to get a gift for my boyfriend's birthday! 😀 I like to do sweet things for my b/f unexpectedly (and kinda like that in return), rather than having it feel required, so we don't really celebrate vday. 🙂

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  90. I love the idea of a holiday that celebrates LOVE! This is a very exciting giveaway – thanks! – because I love the fat quarter bundles and the other fabrics that the Intrepid Thread has available!

  91. My favorite thing about Valentine's Day is the big red heart shaped boxes of chocolates. I especially like the pieces with caramel inside.

  92. The thing I love most is the dark chocolate…the thing I love least is the addiction I have to the dark chocolate and what the scale tells me about that addiction!
    p.s. The pin cushion is darling!

  93. Cute tut. Thanks. When I owned a flower shop I hated all the work leading up to the holiday but I did enjoy seeing the faces of my customers when they saw the beautiful flowers in my creations.

  94. I love the pin cushion. Not into Valentine's day and valentines though
    email is lovinthesunnow (at) yahoo (dot) com. Did I do that correctly?
    Florida Janie

  95. Adorable pincushion. Thanks for sharing.

    Valentine's Day isn't too over the moon here. I enjoy taking the time out to spend some extra time with my husband and some extra time with the children making cutout heart cookies. V-day is just a reminder to me to make sure those I love know I love them.

  96. Sweet tutorial… never thought to used crushed walnuts. Thanks for sharing.
    As for Valentines… I don't make a big deal about it but if anyone remembers some chocolate or flowers (both??) I feel loved!!

  97. Hope you can fix that comment problem cause I am one of the ones that is over 200!
    I don't care for Valentine's day for myself…don't like spending the money, but now that there are grandchildren, I seem to want to make them cookies and crafts all inspired for Valentines Day…hummm.

  98. This is such a fun blog hop! I was sick and not able to keep up with all of this, so I know I'm way behind times here. I just wanted to say that I am a new follower and really love all your cute ideas! Thanks for sharing the pincushion tutorial. It is super cute.
    I am not a huge fan of Valentine's Day, but when our kids were home, it was always a favorite of theirs. My hubby and I prefer to do the sweet, loving things every day of the year!

  99. Pincushion is adorable, gonna look for cookie cutters tomorrow 🙂

    We have a day after Valentines tradition at our house….we buy some candies, sometimes new coffee mugs, 1/2 price !!
    every year I mail something to one of my sisters or brothers, it is always a surprise as no one knows who will get the goodie this year!! two of my sisters sew, so maybe this will be the goodie this year 🙂
    Thanks much.

  100. What a great pincushion idea. I'm definitely going to try it. I love Valentines Day because I love reminding my husband/kids/friends how special they are to me.

  101. nice tutorial thanks for sharing

    I love Valentines day but my hubby doesn't get into it too much. guess he is like your husband.

    love to win the giveaway thanks

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  102. Charming pin cushion!
    As a retired elementary teacher, my favorite part regarding Valentine's Day was when the students excitedly opened their valentines from their fellow classmates! 🙂

  103. I agree with your hubby that Valentine's Day does seem to be an arbitrary, commercial boondoggle. Wow, I'm such a romantic! But my husband and I usually have a nice dinner together at home, and drink a toast from our wedding toast glasses.

  104. Some years I love Valentines Day and can't wait to have a nice evening with my husband then other years I'm just too tired to care. Very cute pin cusion – Thanks!

  105. Love the pincushion!! Thanks for the tutorial! 🙂
    I'm not a big fan of Valentine's either… I think is's a Hershey & Hallmark holiday. Hubby & I long ago decided that we can go out to dinner, give flowers and gifts any other day for way less money.
    Thanks for a chance to win! 🙂

  106. Great tutorial! Mmm. v day is mixed for me. I like the idea of a day to celebrate those we love, but it seems forced. I like it when it's an organic thought or gesture…..

  107. I love your pincushion tutorial. Pincushions are something I collect. I love to make heart shaped cookies on Valentines day. I remember spending the day with my children decorating their hearts.

  108. Thanks for the tutorial! I love Valentine's day… my husband and I always make a point of finding a babysitter and going out for a date night. It doesn't happen nearly often enough so I am grateful for any holiday that makes it 'expected'!!!

  109. Being in a family of a florist, I'm just glad when it's over honestly! lol! It's not a very fun day for this side….sorry to spoil the Love at all! 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  110. Sorry I'm a bit of a latecomer to this post, if it's still open I'd love to enter too… I hate it when your fave restaurant charges twice as much just because it's valentines day :o(

  111. I like Valentine's Day, but I don't like the long lines at the restaurants, so we usually go out a different day. Thanks for the giveaway! Happy Valentine's Day!

  112. I love the pin cushion- Hearts are one of my favorite shapes and I love the details in your tutorial. I am a hopeless romantic who loves chick flicks and soppy cards- I don't care if my husband brings me a present but I love getting cards. My little kindergarten students are sweet and they are so funny about Cupid -they can't understand why he doesn't wear pants.
    Regards from Western Canada.

  113. Best thing about Valentine's Day? Being the recipient of my husband's creativity! He doesn't make things like I do but he's very creative in what he buys, w/o overspending.
    Thanks for the cute pincushion tutorial!

  114. Just signed up to be a follower. Your pincushion is adorable, and it just so happens that I just bought that big red heart when I was shopping the other day. I just love
    heart-shaped things! Will give this one a try. No Valentine, so it;s not a big day for me.

  115. Love this! New follower here. I don't love or hate valentines, I generally just ignore it! I hate how everyone asks what you're doing for it. My answer will always be 'nothing' – accept this and stop asking me every damn year! *rant over* lol

  116. I have the emphasis on romantic love. I would rather it be about family love or parental love, etc. Otherwise those of us that are not in a romantic relationship could begin to feel inadequate. 🙂

  117. I used to really dread Valentine's day and as an adult, I really hated the commercials that just make men feel like sludge if they don;t go over spend on an elaborate unnecessary gift. But, I do appreciate the reminder to show love. While I think that people should should love everyday, for some, this does help open up the communication.

  118. The older I get, the less I enjoy all the commercial holidays. I do make an extra nice meal for hubby on Valentine's day, though. Thanks for the giveaway chance.

  119. What a sweet pincushion. I hate the crowds at restaurants on Valentine's Day so if I want a special dinner that means I have to cook it. Thank goodness I love to cook!

  120. Valentine's Day started out with just remembering my husband, but over years it has grown. Of course, I have to remember my Mom, my children and grandchildren. My husband usually cooks me a great meal….but since he is working late tomorrow the challenge is up to me. This year, just for something different from the last 37 years I made him a card on the sewing machine. It was fun to use all my different stitches and do some free hand work. Hallmark will certainly not be offering me a job but I think my husband will enjoy it.

  121. We also don't like the commercialism of holidays, and often it seems like my hubby is away anyhow.
    That said, I have 3 little girls and like them to see us doing nice things for eachother… so we bake something nice, set the table pretty etc and give love notes to everyone. We try to remember neighbors who don't get anything too 🙂