At Home

Life is busy, complicated, wonderful, and exhausting.

Have I mentioned we moved this week?  And that we are (still!) redoing the ENTIRE house?

New House

No. The countertops for the kitchen are not in yet…so we don’t have a functioning kitchen.

No. The roof has not been touched and needs to be entirely replaced.

No. I haven’t finished tiling the bathroom for my little hideaway place of relaxation.

But it doesn’t seem to matter.

My favorite girl

My favorite people are with me and we are all more peaceful in the new house. Even the cat! (And you know cats don’t love a move!) We have bunches to do and miles to go before we sleep… but there are moments like this…

There will always be a bit of New Orleans in this girl

and this…

My two favorite people

that make everything worth while.

We had beautiful weather for the move. And the day after it was perfectly perfect outdoors. I laid outside in the grass and saw this view of many of the trees around the house.

Just looking up

And it didn’t even dawn on me until later that this was an over cast day. Because it just was so wonderful to be AT HOME.

We have birds and groundhogs and rabbits and even a deer came through the yard! (How did she get there?!) And while that will make Mike’s future garden a little tougher to keep, it has been so fun seeing all of the wild life.

And lest you think that I spent all of my time outside, there has been a BIT of unpacking on the inside. 😉 I know that you are all interested mainly in the sewing area, so here’s a sneak peak.

New Sewing Room Sneak Peak

The words oasis and eden may have been uttered in the last few days. And that’s saying something in the chaos of a move. Somehow we have this little slice of peace in the middle of the city. As always, God has taken care of our needs and then gone over the top with providing more than we knew we wanted.

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29 thoughts on “At Home

  1. Everything is about attitude and you are practicing it beautifully. I am curious however–when are you able to incorporate blogging during this time? I am in AWH!

  2. How nice to finally feel like you are really HOME. Best of luck to you and your cute little family. You are truly making memories. Loving the new sewing studio! Can't wait to see what wonderful new things you will create in this space!

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