A glimpse at home

We’re getting closer. Our official move date is a week from tomorrow! There is still a ton that needs to be done at the new house and packing up here…but help will be kicking in from here on out from friends and family and we should be able to get it all done.

The house won’t be totally done when we move, but it will be done enough for us to move. And we’re ready. 😉

I finally managed to be at the house with my camera phone in the daylight so i could snap a few pics for you all.

My sewing room is coming along. The cabinetry has been painted my favorite blue! As has my sewing desk and a dresser! Yum! Still lots to do in this room…that wall paper on the left wall will be replaced. I’m really excited about it.

A glimpse at home

The kitchen has had a complete change! It still needs the laminate counter tops and all the appliances and the backsplash but that is actually all quick stuff as far as a kitchen remodel goes.

A glimpse at home

Mike did a great job rigging this light to work over the island. Yay!

A glimpse at home

The master bath will be my personal haven. My escape. There are still a lot of pretties to go in like the tile backsplash and the chandelier over the tub…but here’s a glimpse!

A glimpse at home

I just adore the view from our master bedroom. This house has tons of windows so there is a lot of light. You can see our yard and our neighbors’ yard from our bedroom off the back of the house. Blessedly peaceful!

A glimpse at home

Caitlyn’s room has adorable shutters in it and hers is the only room I went with a really distinct color. It’s sort of a pinky purple. I’ve had much approval on the color in person from all ages of nieces. So I’m confident that it can easily grow with her. Oh I have grand plans for her room 🙂 And some of those include Far Far Away Fabric and AMH voile!

A glimpse at home

The upstairs bath that Caitlyn will be using is the room we probably did the least to, but one of the fun things I added was these beautiful milk glass nobs for all the cabinets. I promise…better pics soon when it’s all done!

A glimpse at home

And finally, our staircase. One coat of paint, the light isn’t hung yet…but this is where I envision hanging a quilt on the high empty wall. What could be better than looking at one of your quilts every time you go down the stairs?! (the wall actually isn’t in the pic but it is above this…trust me…it will look fab!)

A glimpse at home

So…lots to do. Deep breath. And somehow life does not slow down just because you decided to move. Why is that? Off to write up more tutorials and tonight I’ll be packing up the kitchen with some friends. Good times. Noodle Salad.

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25 thoughts on “A glimpse at home

  1. Looks great! I'm sending this comment from the middle of the Atlantic. I opted to row over instead of swim – I was worried the salt water would mess up my hair 😉

  2. I think you new home is going to be great if your pictures are anything to go by. I love the view out of your window over your garden.

  3. Your house looks amazing!! Love the blue in the sewing room, that is also my favorite color of blue, so perfect! The brick in the kitchen, the staircase (with quilt! yes!)…will all make for a lovely home. Happy packing!

  4. What a beautiful house. Your backyard is stunning. Would you mind sharing your paint colours for your blue cupboard and little girl's room? I've got a pile of blue paint chips here and I'm having so much trouble making a decision! Thanks so much.

  5. I have some serious comments on the house, but first, I have to say, I now have the urge to end all conversations with the phrase, "Noodle Salad.". Awesome. 😉

    The house looks amazing. I still can't believe that yard. It's incredible! And your sewing room looks like the start of a lovely place. I love the sutters in C's room, too!

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