Cracker Scraps – The Final View

Cracker Scraps - Complete!!

Are you all sick to death of this quilt yet? I hope not. I just adore it. And it is finally complete and happily living at home on our guest bed! Let me walk you through it…just in case you happen to have not seen any pictures of this one for the last six or so months. 😉

Cracker Scraps Detail

This quilt was made with the help of two different bees, the VIBees and the Stash Trad Bee. I think I thought someone was genius the first time I heard of someone using two bees for the same quilt. That way you actually get enough blocks made for the whole quilt! So thank you ladies in both bees for making my quilt a reality!

Cracker Scraps - Quilting Detail

This quilt is scrappy yet really cohesive. And I think the main reason why that is true is because one bee I sent out fabric to (with the advice that they could add in fabulous fabrics from their own stash if desired), but the other bee made their blocks entirely from their own stash. So that provides a lot of depth of color that I might not normally put into my own work. So there are blocks with a lot of the same fabrics and then the other half are all completely unique but in the same color scheme.

Cracker Scraps - Back

The back ended up fabulously scrappy and pieced as well because I had a few incorrectly made blocks which I ironically took apart to fix and promptly resewed them together incorrectly again. I threw up my hands and decided that they were meant for the back. It did make my quilt a little smaller than I intended to lose that extra row, but oh well. It’s finished!!

Cracker Scraps - Binding

The quilt was shipped off to Krista/lolablueocean and she did a fabulous job long arm quilting the whole thing with an allover Modern Baptist Fan Pattern. I just love it. And she sent me all of the extra fabric that she cut off from my backing and I used it to make a scrappy binding. Serendipity was at play here people. I didn’t want all of those scraps back and needed to get them out of my sewing room. I chopped them up for the binding and had the PERFECT amount of fabric for this quilt. I sewed it on and had the PERFECT amount of thread in the bobbin. Even the tv show I was watching ended right as I finished with my machine. It was definitely meant to be.

Cracker Scraps on a Queen Bed

And now it is so lovely on the guest bed. Yes, a bit short of the sides but none of my guests are going to complain about that. 😉 I hand sewed that binding over a couple of evenings and finally managed to snap some pictures during my little gal’s naptime yesterday.

Cracker Scraps with purchase shams

I didn’t make these pillow shams but I saw them while my quilt was away and knew that they would be perfect with the whole look. I still need one small throw made from really colorful intense fabrics to toss in front of them, but I’m loving this!

Cracker Scraps on the Bed!

I’ll get some curtains made up and maybe throw another quilt over that chair in the corner and make this a cozy place for all of my guests. It’s so nice to have a guest room again. And it is sooo nice to finally have one of my quilts actually on a bed in my own home. Such a treat!

Cracker Scraps

Looking for my pattern? You can find it HERE and make your own!

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34 thoughts on “Cracker Scraps – The Final View

  1. It looks wonderful, Angela! What a great idea to use the blocks from two different bees for one quilt. It must feel awesome to have your lovely quilt on the guestroom bed. Lucky guests!

  2. Hi Angela! How cool is the culmination of perfect circumstances to finish it off! Just a quick question for you…I too just completed a quilt that was slightly too short on the sides of our bed. I blame it on the new European mattress we bought after I had bound off the quilt. Truly, that's what happened. On your guest bed, is the quilt just layered over a sheet or is there something you attached to the quilt? Thanks!

  3. You have a masterpiece with this one! I just love it so much. I can't wait to make one. Sooooooo in awe of you eye for color!

  4. It is fabulous!! I'm so happy to see it DONE, and the bed looks great! If I didn't already invite myself, I'll take this opportunity to do so. 😉

    Yay for a lovely finish!

  5. Finally getting caught up on my blog-reading. This is drool-worthy! Actually, nap-worthy, and since it's been in the 80s and humid as all get out, it takes a lot to make me want to "curl up" with anything at the moment! Can't wait for the Peace Circle to get a crack at making blocks for one of these this summer–thanks again for the go-ahead!

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