Flickr Group for Mario QAL

Hey all!  I’ve already had questions about a Flickr group for the QAL, so I went ahead and started one.  Come join me so I’m not talking to myself.  lol

This will be a great place to post pictures of pieces you’ve already made, inspirations made by others, and just chat in general.  I’ll post a link there when new instructions are up but I’ll keep all of the directions here on the blog.  I know that some of you are already talking about personalizing the quilt in your own way, so that would be a great place to share.  Plus, if you have a design of your own for another image that would also be a great place to share.  I had to choose a select few icons for the quilt but there are lots of other great ones out there!  So feel free to share them!

Come rescue the princess!

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