Squeaky Clean Shower Curtain

Goodness!  I have another project up at Moda Bakeshop today.  It’s been a little busy around here!  This time I’ve designed a shower curtain that I like to think is the perfect blend of patchwork and crisp appeal.  You might say it is “squeaky clean”. 😉

I worked with the laminated cotton canvas and fat quarters from the line Lucy’s Crab Shack by Sweetwater.   That group of ladies is quite possibly my favorite design group at Moda. I always seem to gravitate towards their fabrics.

I needed a new shower curtain and necessity is the mother of invention.  Those of you who are faithful readers know that I had a few “difficulties” when working on this project.  But rest assured, I persevered and I’m quite happy with the result.  Even my husband likes it and let me tell you, that is high praise indeed!  lol

So I hope you find the tutorial helpful or inspirational.

217 thoughts on “Squeaky Clean Shower Curtain”

  1. it's outside my comfort zone but i just made a grey, pink, black, and white baby quilt and surprisingly i really loved that color combo. it's a new fave for sure.

  2. Favorite color combination, hm…. lately I'm really enjoying subdued tones – today I'm wearing two shades of gray, olive green, and white. Not very summery, but, um, practical?? 😉 Thanks for the chance(s) to win!

  3. I know jewel tones are not in but I've been working on a tablecloth with navy, olive, gray, chocolate and deep red and it is gorgeous! Not what I would have picked but I've loved working with them. They are so rich. I hope the patron likes the finished product. Thanks.

  4. My favorite color combination used to be royal blue and yellow. That was a number of years ago, of course, and likely very out of date, but it still makes me smile. As for being my favorite, nowadays I don't really have one. There are too many combinations that just pop. I can't pick only one!

  5. As I commented on the Moda Bake Shop site, thanks for the great idea and wonderful tutorial. Really appreciate all the photos and tips and tricks for working with the laminate cotton. Love the fabrics. <3
    I also pinned this using your Pin Button … 🙂 Pat

  6. I love all colors and am drawn to anything light and bright with white at the moment. Blue, yellow, green and white is still my all time favorite color combo, though … JMHO 😉 Pat

  7. I am loveing chocolate brown and lime green. And I cant believe I wrote Makeshop instead of Bakeshop in my last comment! I need coffee! thanks for the giveway and tutorial!

  8. Really love the 'bicycle' fabric on your shower curtain. How cute is that?! My favorite fabric over at Hart's Fabric is Heather Ross' Laundry Fabric in green or yellow. Super cute! However, a close second would be the Japanese KOKKA double guaze called 'Blue Rockets'. My daughter and I will be making her first little boys' (our first grandson!) nursery in those colors. It would be perfect for that project.

  9. I think I might be #1..which Mr. RNG hates but that's okay! I left a comment over there! I really need to use this tutorial soon.

  10. I've recently become enamored with lime, aqua and magenta/fuschia. I know..I know..It sounds a little crazy. But put against a soft grey and I'm really digging it.

  11. I really like a muted gray with orange or yellow right now. I am also working a lot lately with cerise and it pairs very well with burnt orange and gold.

  12. Love the bicycles! My favorite color combination? Blue and white – classic. Also teal/aqua and navy.
    I looked at your tutorial, but wasn't able to leave a comment at the Moda site. I pinned the tutorial for future reference as I have a house full of boys and that shower curtain is so cute for boys!

  13. I posted on the tutorial – it did turn out great despite the problems! On a side note, I just have to say that I was browsing Modern Blocks at the library this week, and all my favorite blocks were by you, go figure!

  14. My favorite color combination right now would be green yellow and grey since I'm doing a skill building sampler in those colors, but really, I have a different favorite combination every week with each new project.

  15. I'm into turquoise and green or orange and pink witj grey as a neutral. Gold and grey has caught my eye in the last few years, reminds me of chickadees.

  16. I was in a quilt shop yesterday that had every fabric in the Lucy's Crab Shack line, and it was SO hard to pick just a few fabrics – I wanted them all! Great job on the shower curtain – I posted a comment over at Moda Bake Shop.

  17. My favourite colour combination at the moment is cherry pink/raspberry & grey. Thanks for the great tutorial & for the giveaway.

  18. I have several favorite color combinations!! One that I am currently really hooked on is the "red, yellow, blue, pink and white" vintage-y look!! 🙂

  19. … as for my favorite color combo, I have many!! For right now, I'm really loving the soft sage, pale yellow, whit, and "hot chocolate" brown. I know, not really "summer" colors, but they sure are pretty!

  20. I'm always loving bright color combinations, but I'm doing a "sherbet" charm swap and I really like the softer colors we're swapping – mango, lime, lemon, blue raspberry, and such. It's going to make for a fun quilt!

  21. I'm currently making some bathroom curtains with granny square blocks, I'm making them in blue and green and loving that combination

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