Zakka Style Sew Along – An Elephant Never Forgets

Hey all! It’s finally my day in the blog hop for the Zakka Style Sew Along. I hope you have been playing along or at least admiring the projects of those who are. It’s been a lot of fun to see what people are making.

I’m going to share with you the next project in the book, the Elephant Bookmark, aptly titled “An Elephant Never Forgets”. I was feeling particularly whimsical on the day when I picked this out as my project. I think it was around the time I was working on that owl backpack 😉

Zakka Style Sew Along - An Elephant Never Forgets

The original design was made in a floral printed Linen. But I wanted to see what the bookmark looked like with a simpler fabric. So I used Robert Kaufman’s Essex Linen in Dusty Blue (a fabulous fabric by the way!). It’s a lovely blue grey color that just reminded me a bit of elephants. I’m literal that way. 😉

Zakka Style Sew Along - An Elephant Never Forgets

I also had the pleasure of using Cosmo Embroidery Floss for the first time on this project. I’m pretty new to the world of embroidery floss and I’ll admit that I was not expecting anything too different when I got the floss. But I’m not kidding when I say that I LOVE it. It gives such a beautiful finish. I weirdly just wanted to cover the elephants in a bunch of floss! lol Aren’t you glad I resisted the urge? Actually I did try, but it looked pretty bad so I pulled it out right away. It kind of looked like the elephants had the chickenpox. Not pretty.

Zakka Style Sew Along - An Elephant Never Forgets

I made this sweet gal first. I think my favorite part is her pretty bow. You can’t add too much to these guys to decorate them because they are bookmarks aka they need to stay pretty flat. So you only decorate one side and that cute head.

Zakka Style Sew Along - An Elephant Never Forgets

I got all fancy on the next one 😉 and decided to add some extra fabric and ribbon to dress him up. I like how this guy turned out. The orange is a nice contrast to the linen and scale of the print works well. I just added the fabric before I sewed the pieces together. Worked like a charm.

Zakka Style Sew Along - An Elephant Never Forgets

Tips and Tricks:

Well one of the things I loved about the design of this pattern is that you trace the image onto the fabric but you don’t cut it out until after you have sewn the two pieces together. That seemed genius to me. I fully expected to trace the elephant template onto two pieces of fabric, cut them out and then try to carefully piece them together. Her method is sooo much more forgiving. Just sew on the traced lines on one piece of fabric and then trim the fabric away afterwards!

Also, you have noticed that this bookmark is fairly tiny and has some fiddly bits like the feet and the trunk. They are as annoying to turn right side out as you might imagine. Oh and that tiny ear. I had all of pieces lined with interfacing and that was just NOT helping me turn the pieces right side out. My point turning tool kept getting caught in the interfacing and had fusible adhesive on it. I ended up using some small scissors to push my points out and that seemed to work better for whatever reason.

Zakka Style Sew Along - An Elephant Never Forgets

All in all, it’s a cute little design that would be a sweet gift for a younger person in your life. Who doesn’t need a bookmark?!

245 thoughts on “Zakka Style Sew Along – An Elephant Never Forgets”

  1. Those are so cute! When I get a sewing book, I look for directions that use clear language and have pictures taken from an easy to understand perspective. I dislike directions that have any ounce of ambiguity. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Darling bookmarks…can't wait to try mine! I look for books with projects that I'm actually going to make. Some are so pretty to look at, but in my heart I know that they're just not going to happen. It's so much more fun when I can't wait to get started on the project once I get the book home!

  3. I have a lot of sewing/quilting books on my shelf that look great, but I have never made anything from. Lately I've been trying to scrutinize and buy only ones that I will likely make at least 3-4 projects from. That's why I like these blog tours-they give you a chance to see actual projects from the book.
    The elephant book marks are really cute (but I would probably never make one)

  4. I would get a book that has a pattern I really love and couldn't come up with myself, especially if the actual pattern pieces are included (and not pattern pieces that you somehow are expected to blow up by some weird number like 317% on your own in order to make something.)

  5. I love the little elephants! If I can see myself making more than 3 projects in the book, then I'll buy it. If I only want to make one or two, then I will usually set it back on the shelf and think about it for a while.

  6. And I'm a follower. Oh I am so hoping to win the Aurifil thread! I must be the only quilter in the whole world who has never experienced this superior thread…!!!

  7. I like cute projects that are do-able but still somewhat challenging. I also like books that have templates/pattern pieces that do NOT need to be enlarged!

  8. I go for clear, beautiful photography, and projects that fit my sense of style: I will not be keen on a project if the mock-up isn't in fabrics that inspire me. Projects that show a technique and then show alternative ways to use it are also really good.

  9. Very cute bookmarks! I rarely buy books any more! I have such a stash of them already and usually don't use them! Thanks for the chance to win some Aurifil, which I do love@

  10. I look for designs that I can actually see myself making and the price is a big factor. If it is too much I will put it back and search for it online in a second hand store.
    Also, have you tried haemostats for turning your smaller pieces. I used them for dolls when I was making porcelain dolls that had tiny arms and legs and they work really well. Search for them in medical supply stores or in your local craft store.
    Love the elephant pair, they look wonderful.

  11. I want to see projects that I fell that I could accomplish even if it is a bit of a stretch. I love to see it in at least one additional option, even if it is a mini. It helps if it is done in a similar aesthetic to mine.

  12. I look for interesting, helpful photos, and a easy to follow format. Of course more than anything I look for patterns that I'd really like to make OR that inspire me to create something.

  13. I love this little bookmark project! We have a running joke in our family that my eldest has the memory of an elephant. It's funny, but oh-so-true. She remembers *everything*! 🙂

    As to what I look for in a craft book, mainly I look to see if I'd actually use the finished projects. I've bought so many craft books over the years that had gorgeous projects, but didn't make a single one. Now, I've wised up and look carefully at the projects inside before buying. I've set aside many books simply because I know I'd never use anything inside (no matter how gorgeous the finished items are!).

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. The book has to have at least two projects that I KNOW I will make. Only one and it goes back. It helps if I like a ton of the projects, but the undeniable urge to make two is key. Photography is also extremely important!

  15. Hi! Nice blog, a friend just shared it with me, I am enjoying reading. For craft books – if the technique is something I would do, and projects have clear instructions for the tricky parts, there is room for improvising, and, the result is something useful, I would be likely to take it. If the projects are silly, (useless and/or not beautiful), uninspired, or are full of hearts snd teddybears, it stays where it is.

  16. Honestly, I find that I very rarely buy craft books that are about projects. I don't use patterns for quilts. I tend to develop my own or can duplicate a quilt without a pattern.

    I actively look for new techniques that are well-explained and well illustrated. I'd much prefer to learn something new than to have patterns for quilts that I'll never make.

    I also enjoy books on the history of quilting. I almost prefer those to anything else.

  17. I'll buy a book if I know that I'd sew the majority of the projects (if I had the time) and those with a strong design element to the projects. Thanks for the giveaway.

  18. In books, I look for well written directions, including diagrams to help with tricky spots so I'm sure everything is in the right place. I can't say how many times I've been zipping along and then been stopped in my tracks by something confusing without a diagram to reference so I can figure it out.

  19. I look for lots of photos and bright modern colours. I am not very good at seeing past traditional books and their modern possibilities unfortunately. Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. Great photos, clear instructions, interesting & creative techniques, more than 1 project that suits my style or that I would like to try.

  21. I like to see more than one photograph of a project, preferably more than one fabric/color option too.
    A book goes instantly back on the shelf if I've seen more than one similar project elsewhere, or if there are no solid, step-by-step instructions.

  22. I look for clear photos of the finished projects and techniques as written instructions are often confusing. I have finally gotten wise to myself and stopped buying craft books on the basis of one project that I like, now there has to be a range of projects that I can see myself making and using!

  23. I'm a sucker for a good book on new and effective sewing techniques. Chain piecing, how to get those mietered corners just perfect, how to choose batting… Any such book – with awsome illustrations of course – ges to go home with me.

  24. I look for designs that appeal to me, there needs to be at least half of the book that appeals to my sense of style and that I would use at least in part. If it's less than half then I don't buy. I also like clear instructions and suggestions for alternatives if items aren't available locally; as I live in NZ a lot of supplies are not easily obtainable here.

  25. I really like your blog, and it was the one that got me started to quilt! Now I am hooked! I really like your honesty when you write and the creative stuff that you're sharing!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  26. When I first opened the book on this page, instead of an elephant I saw a waving girl carrying a rock on her shoulder! Weird I know but now I've got that idea in my head I just can't shake it? It's obviously a fault with me. Your elephants/girls are beautiful anyway 😉

  27. Love your elephant versions! I also wanted the head and feet come out. And, I appliquéd the ears and the front and back together, using seam2. Made it more like a bookmarker to me.
    I really enjoyed making them, thanks to the sew along. Otherwise I don't think I would have made them.
    What makes me put a book back on the shelf is when a project is explained with too many words and just a few pictures. I mainly make my projects by looking at them rather than reading the whole text (not always a good thing!).
    What makes me keep a book on the table and make something from it, are happy and bright books and books with small and fun projects to make. But then, what is fun. Without this sew along, I would have made a project or two. I only noticed while making them, that they are actually fun to make. So, the look of a project in a book doesn't say it all either. I guess it's the inspiration a book gives, which is important!
    Hope this helps a bit …

  28. I like to buy books that have several patterns. I like it when they show optional layout or colorways for quilts. I like directions with pictures!

  29. I like to buy books that have several patterns. I like it when they show optional layout or colorways for quilts. I like directions with pictures!

  30. I love buying books that have lovely photos of the projects with clear steps and diagrams for the tricky bits . I think brightly coloured fun projects with patterns that don't need to be enlarged is also something I like . Lots of projects is also good because we don't always want to make everything in the book . Have loved the Zakka book ! Thanks for the chance to win. Loved your post about the bookmarks and laughed when I read the comment that someone saw a girl waving with a rock on her shoulder !

  31. I bought the book to play along and would like to make a lot of it! but lack of time meant I have not made one single thing yet… sigh… Thanks for the chance to win though. I am sure I get around to making something eventually (probably when the blog tour is finished!)

  32. Those are so cute! I like books with plenty of pictures and measurements along with a variety of different projects…I tend to stay away from buying books that are in "traditional" quilt colors (browns, dark reds, etc) because it's hard for me to envision the patterns in brighter colors…

  33. I like looking at projects, a variety of things to make. But I also love learning new tips, tricks and things to help my sewing improve. So a book that has both nice projects for inspiration and good information, is what makes me put a book in my cart and bring it home. Thanks for a lovely giveaway.

  34. First I look for projects that catch my eye with the color. Then I will flip through to make sure there is good info and instructions. I have one book sitting on my shelf that has beautiful pictures but the directions are horrible.

  35. Your elephants are darling! Craft books I purchase have unique projects in them that I think I can recreate. They are full of picture for instructions and inspiration. Books I pass on are ones that seem to be a new presentation of old techniques and ideas. Also, the amount of typos and wrong measurements, etc. is unbelievable in some recent books and this makes me aggravated. I would not purchase another craft book from that group or publisher that wastes my time and material.

  36. I enjoy following you blog. Photography and color is everything to draw the reader to pick up a book or magazine — what makes me buy is a well written "how to" that makes me think "I can do that!"

  37. I learned about your blog after seeing you win The Moda Bake Shop contest, and have become a follower ever since. I usually look for something that would be a challenge for me, along with clear and easy to follow instructions. If the book isn't bright and colorful, I will usually return it to the shelf. Thanks for the chance to win some thread, I would love to try Aurfil.

  38. In a book I look for GOOD directions that have exact measurements after each step as you go along.Also a Picture of the Quilt or Craft that I am making.

  39. In a book I look fmostly for inspiration, great ideas on which to draw from. Clear instructions like finished block sizes so it is easy to scale the quilt up/down are also helpful.

  40. Very nice job, Angela! I think I want to buy if there are a few projects that I truly want to make. If there is just one, I'll probably check it out from the library instead.

  41. I tend to buy a book if it looks like a good reference book that offers me plenty of inspiration with easy to follow instructions and inspiring photos. If I read the instructions for a project and cannot follow along in the bookstore, I do not buy the book. I also tend to shy away from purchasing books with only 10 projects or so…I opt to look at those books at the library. Thanks for the chance to win the Aurifill package….I need a reference card.

  42. I really like your blog, found it via another of my favourite blogs and am quite determined to start my fist quilt this year as a present to myself after moving into my first not-shared flat next month. Always looking for tips, tricks and inspiration.
    I follow your blog (can't wait for news regarding the mario brothers QAL..!).

    I often buy craft books or sift through them and what I really buy are books with a wide range of techniques, clear instructions and photographs and a layout that doesn't make me dizzy. The problem with project books is that there often are projects for animals or children. Since I have none they are quite useless for me. I like books that also show possible variations in colour, material and style.
    And what often bugs me with English books is the layout, it is completely different from what we have here in Germany and for most of us these books are just too much headlines, different fonts and colours. In a nutshell: The layout often looks confusing and not well structured. But I guess that is a.. regional problem.

    Best regards from Germany 😉

  43. I purchase a book when I love several projects in it that I 'know' I will make (some day)! I love a book that show different colour versions of a quilt and that provides information for different sizes. Books with step by step and detailed information is important to me too! Thanks for the chance!!

  44. I am a follower Angela. Would love to win that trunkload of Aurifil which your cut bookmarks brought in.
    I look for clear photos, close ups, clear instructions, advice if beginner or advanced project, also do I have the materials, threads, embellishments to check on for any added cost. But most of it all the book has to make my heart thump, my eyes glow with deep sighing sounds. This book is like no other in my library,

  45. I have been following you for sometime and when I see a design that catches my eyes I then scramble to put together materials and try my hand at it. Bags usually do it and thank you for daughters. Judith, Texas

  46. I usually look at a book if it has colorful interesting pictures on the front. I know that is snobbish but it won't catch my eye if it doesn't. I love any kind of sewing project that looks not too hard and fun. I don't like a lot of little pieces so I probably won't make these bookmarks. I have made a couple of the things in this book. I would not have bought the book if not for this blog hop.

  47. I am a very loyal and faithful follower. Sort of like that old yellow hound. I follow your every post with drooling and wishful thoughts on all of the amazing things you create.

  48. I love concise instructions with diagrams on tricky parts. If I open a book and each instruction is a paragraph long I get stressed out and put it back!

  49. Initially, pretty pictures pull me in to a book. Then I start looking at the projects to see if they interest me. If they don't, it goes back on the shelf.

  50. I will more quickly buy the book if I'm already familiar with the author and know the quality I'll be getting. For example, I just bought Joanna Figeuroa's (of Fig Tree Quilts) book "With Fabric & Thread". It is everything I expected it to be – beautiful patterns and clear instructions with fabulous pictures!

  51. I like a LOT of pics. I am a very visual person! I also love when they tell you what the difficulty level is! Sometimes I think things can look a little mroe simple than they are and when you get into them you (or me as a newbie) get in a little over your head! LOL

  52. Such adorable bookmark.I buy a book if there are diagramsn in the snstrucctions and also I love some project in the book and the best is step by step with photos and diagrams.

  53. I look for a lot in a book. It has to be something new, I haven't seen before. Also, I need more than one project that I love. If it is just one item, it will definitely go back on the shelf.
    marilyn2222 @

  54. It's all about the pictures in a quilting book as to whether I buy it or not. If I don't see a few things that I think I would like to make or technique I would like to use, I put it back on the shelf.
    Linda f.

  55. Lots of great pictures is a must have. I also like to see a good number of quick projects as well as larger scale pieces. Price is the final consideration.

  56. I look for new ideas and techniques. A lot of pictures help a lot. Sometimes there's to much of the same with just a tweek here and there and is not worth it.

  57. Well written instructions as well as good pictures. Some quilting and sewing books only show the projects one way (which is usually unflattering). I'm not interested in those.

  58. I love looking through sewing and craft books, but I'll only opt to buy if it (a) has several projects in it that I would realistically want to make, or (b) is just so gosh darn inspiring that I know that it will encourage me to make more stuff (whether the projects featured in the book or not). thanks for the chance to win some Aurifil; I'm excited to be able to try some out…

  59. I look for quick, cute projects in a craft book. Having great pictures of the finished projects always wins me over too. It also needs to have good instructions and pictures of the different steps. Do all that and you have a sale for me. LOL By the way, I love, love Aurifil thread.

  60. What I look for in a book is that it has at least a few cute projects that I want to make, and the directions need to be clear enough that I'm not spending most of my time trying to decipher each step.

    I follow your blog through regular visits via my bookmarks. I hope this counts! (never got into using a reader)

  61. I look for quilts, quilts and more quilts. I love to make baby quilts and lap quilts as gifts. I don't really have any use for the small projects that are so popular lately. Don't really know how to fit them into my home, so I hesitate to give them as gifts.
    Love your blog and the inspiration it gives.
    Would love the Aurifil thread for applique!
    Best regards from Gail in Wa State
    g steves at hotmail dot com

  62. I have to want to make at least 3 of the projects in the book to warrant a purchase. I also look for clear and detailed instructions with lots of good photos.

  63. I like it when there are tons of projects beautifully photographed. I don't need a repeat of information I can get in any other book.

  64. The projects in the book need to be things that I'd like to have in my home–even if I never make them. And I like pretty but practical because I like to use what I make.

  65. I look for great projects that I'd actually want to make for myself or for someone else. Great photos of the finished projects and well-written instructions are also a must. Step-by-step photos for complicated techniques are always nice, too. Instructions that don't make sense or that are incomplete make me put the book back on the shelf. And poor photos make me not want to buy the book either.

  66. Hi Angela

    It has to have great pictures I really not that big on following directions so I have to be able to figure it out by the pictures LOl
    I am however learning to read directions by doing the projects in the Zakka Style book.
    You can teach an old dog new tricks
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  67. The elephants are adorable!! I look for clear instructions, lots of pictures and original designs. I also like books that have simple projects as well as more complicated ones so it grows with skill!

  68. I look for books with unique patterns and details that I haven't seen before. Some simple patterns are nice, but since you can find so many blogs with free ideas, I like to find more detailed sewing projects to test my skills on.

  69. I look for projects or techniques that are new to me and that appeal to me, but are not so simple that I couldn't just as easily figure them out myself with very little effort.

  70. I'm drawn to books that have beautifully styled photographs with lots of colour inspirations and unique projects. I don't make everything in my books, but I love to peruse them for ideas and techniques. I do appreciate well written directions, but I enough japanese craft books to say that imagery trumps instructions. And yes, sometimes I do pick up a book because of it's cover… 🙂

  71. Usually it's the cover that attracts me to a book in the first place. The reason I would put it back is the cost of the book, and how much I have in wallet or bank account to spend on books. Thanks for the giveaway. Am a follower.

  72. Colorful photographs showing crisp fabrics with neat and tidy stitching are sure to win me over. Thanks for the chance to win some thread for making neat and tidy stitching!

  73. What makes a craft book interesting for me are many good and detailed photos and diagrams. I'm a visual person and I often choose books because of their colour scheme and photos :))) might be
    I don't buy a book because the projects' colours are not what I love…

  74. Well when I'm first looking to buy a new sewing book I always always look around blog land for a review or 2 no reviews = no buy. I try to buy what I know will help me enhance my newbie Skillz! Thanks for the chance to win this amazing giveaway! I've been Dying to try out aurifil thread!

  75. I'm very picture-oriented. If there are photos of beautiful projects, I'll probably buy it. Also, I love a mixture of small and bigger projects. There's nothing like a quick gift idea for me!

  76. So cute, I might need to make one of these for a swap partner this week :o)

    For me, I like good photos and diagrams if there's a lot of techniques, and I like bright, new, fresh looking projects, I'm afraid those in civil war type prints are put firmly back on the shelf!

  77. I leaf through a book, and if one project catches my eye, I look even closer at the directions. If it seems like I can do the project I already like, I look at a few more and hope the directions are clear. If I believe I can do it, I'm that much more likely to buy the book!

  78. Kristen Sanderson

    When looking for books I flip through them and make sure there are a couple of projects that I like and would like to make. And pretty pictures are always good to look at too! Thanks for the giveaway! I have never tried Aurifil thread but I want to after reading loads of great things about it.

  79. When looking at sewing/project books, I look for projects that catch my eye. They have to be simple enough that I don't have to go looking in Timbuktu for the materials to make it, yet still be a small challenge for me. I have to be able to see it in my head using my colors/fabrics/etc just by looking at the pictures in the book

  80. I enjoy following your blog…you are very talented in your selection of fabrics. I purchase quilt craft books if there are several great gift ideas that are reasonably easy and inexpensive to make. detailed and accurate instructions that guarantee success if followed are a must! Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  81. I look for projects that are unique, that I won't be able to find in every other book, or find a free tutorial for online! The elephant totally makes it (I'm especially loving your non-frilly version).

  82. I follow you by email, Angela ! I look at how 'clean' the pages are in a craft book: not cluttered with instructions, pictures and everything on one page. The projects should be made from material easily available in my sewing/craft room or in any craft store AND of course I should want to make at least two or more things in that book !

  83. Your bookmarks are so gorgeous! In a craft/sewing book I like to see patterns with clear instructions & lots of supporting photos & diagrams. Thanks for the chance to win some Aurifil!

  84. I like seeing colour and different designs. Its definitely the look and presentation that catches my eye. Something a little different with easy to follow instructions but I'm very visual so need good pictures to follow. But I am a sucker for a good book!

  85. Isn't buying a book always about the photos? And of course, the sewing has to be well executed. A book of really good designs and ideas can be ruined by poor sewing. Thanks for the chance to win. I love Aurifil thread.

  86. For me, I only buy a craft/sewing book if I see that I would POSSIBLY make more than one of the projects inside. If I only see one that feels like "me," then it just doesn't seem to be worth it. But if there are several that I could see myself potentially making/creating, then it seems like a worthy investment. Also, if the patterns call for a bunch of stuff that I don't have (i.e., specialty notions, dies for cutting fabric, that sort of thing), then I won't buy it. I feel like I invest enough money into sewing and creating already and it's just not worth it to me if it's going to be next to impossible to recreate someone else's vision if they're asking me to go out and buy a bunch of other stuff, too. 🙂

  87. I really love it when a book happens to have made the projects in fabric that I like-of course this is very subjective! Beautiful photos are a must and if I am drawn to several of the projects I want to own it. Thanks so much!

  88. First thing I look for in a sewing book is the list of projects, then beautiful pictures then ease of instructions. I figure even if the instructions are not perfect, I'll have a beautiful book for inspiration.

  89. Thank you for all the tips! I can't wait to get started on this today.
    When looking at craft/sewing books, I really only buy them if there are a bunch of projects that I really love. If there are only a few, I just check it out from the library!

    samkaydesigns (at) gmail (dot) com

  90. Thank you for a great giveaway. The elephants are adorable, I can see that I will need one of them myself. When I look at craft books I like to check that they have clear instructions, and patterns already at the correct size as it drives me nuts having to enlarge patterns. I like lots os pictures too. I appreciate it when they show a project done in different colourways to get more inspiration.

  91. I look for unique styles, easy to read instructions and patterns. If the book seems to have the same style about 10 times, I put it back or if the instructions are not clear. I am also a visual girl so I like clear, precise pictures to go along with the instructions.

  92. I like to buy books that are original in their project ideas. I don't want something I can find in a million books, just in a different fabric. Something that teaches me something completely new.

  93. For me it's all about the photos. I think great photos with great lighting make the book. If the project examples look great then I'm going to want to make it. Also they should be in color, at least the example photo.

  94. Oh. these are the cutest little elephants! I was able to score a copy of Zakka Style from Rashida herself, and I love it! I already finished one project, and I know there will be more in my future.

    As for what I look for in a craft book, I certainly am drawn in by pleasing photography and fabric selections, and I'm more likely to purchase books with a variety of projects that are actually functional, as well as cute.

  95. I like books that have a story too, even if just a few pages about the author. I found a great book about bee quilting at the thrift stare recently.

  96. I like to read craft books with clear photos, illustrations, and instructions. It also helps if most of the projects offer new techniques or an interesting spin on something. I like the patterns to be a little more complicated than what I could figure out on my own with a sheet of graph paper. 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  97. I love books and I look for clear instructions and lots of pictures! I'm a visual person so all those pictures/drawings make all the difference in the world to me. Thanks for the giveaway!

  98. 2.) Any sort of craft book has to have either a.) a pattern that I find so enticing I can't live without it, or b.) a new technique that I can't live without learning. I find that most of my craft books are actually gifts from people–the ones I actually purchase (and use) are few and far between. I guess I am stubbornly Trial and Error!

  99. Oh my, such cute bookmarks. The reason I buy a book is for inspiration. I might not want to make everything in the book but if it gets my creative juices flowing i'm in! That and beautiful pictures. I'm a sucker for eye candy.


  100. I'm a bit of a craft book junky, I have loads of them, well over a hundred! I tend to look for pretty pictures, not the best indication of whether a book will be good or not! From now on, I'll steer clear of anything by the Zakka Style publisher as the numerous mistakes have just frustrated me.

  101. when i look at quilting/sewing books I look for the patterns/ideas. I tend to buy the books i think have a lot of ideas or projects that i would actually make. some of that depends on style or design of the pattern. I don't make a lot of things for the home like clothes or bags at this point so if there's a lot of that, it doesn't make we want to purchase the book.

  102. I will buy a craft book if there are more than a few patterns for things that I would love to make and the instructions are clear. Good photos are helpful too.

  103. i only buy a crafting book if there are at least three patterns in it I'd make. unfortunately for my budget, that includes a LOT of books! i bought the zakka style book when i began seeing posts for the sew along and now have several zakka books on my wish list. so many books, so little time. love your blog and have been a follower for quite a while. thanks for the chance to win.

  104. I look for projects that are unique and functional. And quality photos are a must. I recently checked out a sewing book from the library with cute pictures on the front, and NONE inside. Just sketches of what the finished project would be. Definitely not buying that one!

  105. Love your tutorials! I look for lots of things in different books, but mostly great – full photo pictures of projects and easy directions. Having a blog or website to link up to tutorials is also a plus!

  106. When I am choosing a book it is usually because there is just one thing in it that I HAVE to make and that I like how the instructions are laid out.

    But recently, I have been buying books simply for the gorgeous pictures inside and flickability.

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