A New Binding!

Well my intention was to share the next Mario Block today (I even have it started and everything! lol) but after my last post I took on another project. So many of you suggested that it was worth saving the quilt and giving it a new binding that I decided yesterday that it needed to happen. NOW.

Mike's Quilt

So I searched through my stash of fabrics looking for the perfect match for this 11 year old quilt with vaguely masculine colors and heavily faded fabric. It was trickier than I thought it would be to match an older quilt with new fabric. I tried some other options but they didn’t brighten the quilt up at all. They just faded away with the rest of it. And if I was going to go through the trouble of redoing the binding then I really wanted to make it a feature.

The perfect color!

I found the right fabric in this old Free Spirit freckles print that came from who knows where when. I literally have no idea when I got this fabric. I just know that it’s one of the older ones in my stash. I almost didn’t pull it because I had it stashed with my pinks. Pink? For my husband’s quilt?! I think not! But as you can see, it was just the right shade of brightness for this quilt and took on the colors of the surrounding fabrics. I was just shy of having the right amount of fabric for the binding, so I added some cheeky birds in the corner to spice things up a bit.

Scrappy Binding!

The best part was seeing my husband’s face light up when I showed him what I was doing. He loved the new fabrics, both of them, and thought it looked great. And it only took me half a day to fix something that has literally been bothering me for years.

The before and after is pretty impressive. It will take me a bit of time to get used to the new look but it is definitely the right move. This quilt has a new lease on life!

Mike's Quilt - Binding

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20 thoughts on “A New Binding!

  1. I love the sprucing up that you gave it! It can't have been fun to remove all the binding, but it was well worth the effort. Perhaps a "liven up your old projects" tutorial series is in order, after such excellent work! 😉

  2. The new binding looks great! Did you do anything special to the new fabric before you sewed it on? I have a couple old family quilts that need new bindings. They are not antique quilts, just 25+ years old. Any pointers?

  3. I did this not too long ago to a little lap quilt I got for Christmas from an aunt 25 years ago! My poor quilt was made out of horrible quality flannel…It is practically as thin as tissue now, and it didn't have a separate binding just a folded over edge. It looked just like yours, holes everywhere! I'm glad I was able to give it a little more life, because for some reason, I am really attatched to it!

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