Granny Says Boo!

I think this is the last month of the Stash Trad Bee (October) and yay me for being ahead of the game.  Cindy is on a granny square quilt kick…she’s made bunches!  And she decided to have us all help her make a Great Granny Halloween Quilt.  The great granny squares have an extra row around them to make them larger.

Granny Says Boo!

She gave us a lot of free reign but wanted us to stick with some “traditional” Halloween colors like black, grey, purple, orange and lime green.  Now that’s a color palette I don’t get to play with very often.  I love a good theme!  I took the opportunity to purchase some of Lizzy House’s Guising fabric; her little happy ghosts.

Guising Ghosts

I love these little fellas.  They are cheerful, not scary, and can easily be used in a non halloween themed project if you ask me.  A good blender really.

I also used some orange fabric from Madrona Road by Violet Craft, Purple fabric from Birds and Bees by Tula Pink and…  I even cut up a precious piece of Nursery Versery “Itsy Bitsy Spider” by Heather Ross for that center block.  How cute are they?!  Seriously the ONLY spiders I will ever love.

Granny Says Boo! - Detail

Super yummy and I’m really resisting starting another granny quilt.  But if you haven’t done one you should!  They are serious fun and yet have a modern twist with the right fabrics.

I’m still feeling all fall and festive, so I’m breaking out the hot glue gun and felt and wreaths…a fall decor item is in order.  Now that we have this pretty new house, I really should try decorating for the seasons.  At least one thing!  And of course, Caitlyn *needs* an appliqued t shirt.  So I plan to do that too.  The leaves are changing and the air is getting cooler.  I want to enjoy this fall before that dreaded winter sets in!

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