On Pins and Needles

It so rarely happens these days that I use a fabric within the week of buying it (no comment on my fabric buying habits!).  But this time I did.  I cut into some of the fun Echino fabric I just got and some Melody Miller fabric for a gift for a pal of mine.  There’s nothing like making a gift for a sewing friend who shares your love of fabric to make you break out the good stuff!


Needle Book

My attempts to make a small gift always end up meaning small but DETAILED.  lol  And here’s another gift that I seriously want to keep for myself.  Partly because I love it and partly because I actually need one of these:  a needle book!   I was heavily inspired by a tutorial I saw posted the other day on Sew Mama Sew, by NanaCompany.  My aesthetic is a bit different than hers but I liked some of the detailing I saw and it gave me a place to start.  I ended up using all of my own dimensions and construction but that needle book certainly sent me on my way.


Needle book interior

Filled with pages for multiple kinds of needles and a cute loop and button holder to keep it shut, this is a needle book that any cool, hip quilter would be happy to own.  And it’s so fun to personalize these for the person you are making them for.  My friend loves Japanese fabrics, clean patchwork and awesome details.  So hopefully this is one handmade gift that she will love and use often!


Needle Book Collage

A very happy birthday to ….. ?  (oh you know who you are!)

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23 thoughts on “On Pins and Needles

  1. I love your version of the needle book it makes me want to make one! I think I know who you're making this for because I just found out we share the same birthday on the 16th. Of course there are so many creative scorpios in the fabric world I am sure it could be for a few different people.

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