Reflections on 2012 – What a year!

I always look back on the  year and marvel at the sheer number of things I’ve made.  At the time, I never feel as though I am doing much but 12 months is a long time.  And those projects add up.  And boy does life add up!

In the past year we

• purchased a new home and completely redid it…from top to bottom and everything in between

New House...with snow!

• lived life with a 2 year old girl who’s just turned 3! She’s feisty, bright and loves anything that sparkles.

Sweet girl I hope you are able grow up in a world where you are always protected from evil and violence. #devastatedforCT

• celebrated my 10th wedding anniversary!  Go us!

Happy tenth anniversary to us!

Oh and I made a few things and had a few things published.  And did this little thing called the Moda Sliced Competition.

Here’s some of my favorite things I’ve made from 2012.  By no means an exhaustive list, but a smattering of the ways I’ve made my world a more beautiful place.

Favorite Things I've made in 2012

I was tickled to find out from Moda Bakeshop that my backpack (the center photo up there) was one of their top ten viewed projects of 2012.

2012 has been filled with great quilty friends and exciting opportunities.  But more than anything, it has been filled with a love for creating one item at a time to help make the world a more beautiful place.  That’s our family mission.  To live our lives in such a way that the talents we have will always create beauty for others.  Lofty aspirations maybe, but something definitely worth striving for.

May 2013 be filled with even more.

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  1. Wonderful, my friend!! I definitely agree that the world is more beautiful with your creations 🙂 You have a talent and gift and using it blesses others! Have the best New Year yet!

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