A Little Bit of Everything

This is one of those blog posts where I thought I didn’t have much to share and then realized that there was bunches of things…a little bit of everything.

I’ve continued to be stymied by the red star quilt I shared with you last time.  I completely ripped it apart and put it back together like this.

New Block arrangement
I’m liking the balance of this better than the last idea, though I’m not as thrilled about how traditional it looks.  I’m still trying to find my own wow factor in this quilt.  The outer red border is not sewn yet, but that should help with a distinction for the next border.  I think that is where I will find some happiness with this.  
Red Star blocks
I do love how these stars just look great with Laurie Wisbrun’s brr fabrics.  I’m making myself not hoard these and use them.  I have the back all made for this quilt using a lovely combination of her fabrics from a couple lines.
I also have had some lovely new fabrics join my stash.  I *may* have bought just a tiny bit for my birthday earlier this month…and I still have more coming.  Shh… 😉
I ordered this lovely bundle of Anna Maria Horner’s Hand Drawn fabric line.  I just give up not trying to buy her fabrics.  She does saturated color like no one else.  I need that in my stash because I don’t tend to naturally buy these types of colors.
Hand Drawn by AMH
A lovely bundle of Full Moon Lagoon by Mo Bodell was another one I couldn’t resist.  I’ve been eyeing it for months and finally caved.  So sweet.
Full Moon Lagoon by Mo Bodell
Full Moon Lagoon by Mo Bodell
Oh and probably my favorite…a print from Melody Miller.  Gold dots.  I never thought that I would love a fabric with gold dots but I seriously do.  I’ve decided that this will be perfect for a Weekender Quilt as you Go  project.  So look for that in the near future.  I really want to tackle that project!

Melody Miller Fabric

Oh and then I’ve been sewing up some class samples for my Curves Mini class for Sewing Summit in September.  Just some sneak peaks today but hopefully a full reveal soon!  I kind of love them and really want to share them!

Sewing Summit Class Project - Sneak Peak
Sewing Summit Class Project - Sneak Peak
So I’ve definitely been sewing…it was just a fairly random week.  In all ways actually, but good.  

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14 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Everything

  1. I really love that star in fourth position, starting from the top left and going clockwise. Good luck with your Weekender. Given that I sewed one of the side panels of my 241 Tote 8 times before I gave in and just left the $%&*$ tuck, I don't think a Weekender is in my foreseeable future. That curves project is very intriguing — it looks super cool!

  2. You have been very busy! I just like the colors in your quilt (aqua and red). I am re-doing our master bedroom in those colors…with lots of white! It's really pretty no matter what arrangement of the blocks you choose.

  3. Welllll if its still feeling traditional to you even with those colors I have a thought.
    Off set the blocks more… Have them running into the sashing / borders .

    Maybe set the center panal print in the far right top cornor and then one of the stars in the far bottom left and maybe turn some of them on point or have them over laping each other at points or on one side….

  4. Oh whoa, keep it! ! This is wow factor for me! I love this layout! Please keep it. The colors are wonderful and the center panel matches perfectly and balances out all the stars. The punch comes in the darker red sash around the center panel and the outer border. All those lovely spinning stars keep your eyes moving around the quilt!

    Btw, what is the star in the top center?

  5. I agree….this is a much better layout…Brr! goes very well here…and can't wait to see how you complete the look with the rest of the borders. Those curves look quite enticing!

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