Balloon Dress

Balloon Dress

The balloon dress.  A match made in heaven between a Little Lisette pattern for Simplicity and a Sarah Jane print from Children at Play.

It all started with a scrap pack from Hawthorne threads I ordered a few months back.  I ended up a bunch of skinny scraps of this Children at Play print.  I knew it had to be enough to squeeze a dress out of, if I could only find the right pattern.  Enter, the Little Lisette Pattern.  It was perfect with its paneled skirt front and back.

Balloon Dress Pattern
The pattern designer is Liesl Gibson of Oliver & S designs.  This Lisette line is one that she has done for Simplicity (which in the US can be MUCH easier on the pocket book than her lovely Oliver & S patterns).  This is pattern 2063 as shown in the picture above and I made View C.  And I barely managed to make this dress up from random scraps of the Children at Play print and a sweet matching polka dot print from my stash.
Caitlyn Balloon
And then for some reason, I decided that this dress was way too cute not to REALLY photograph.  I’ve been dying to try this balloon prop idea for forever it seems and this dress was just perfect for it.  ‘Cause Seriously.  How cute is she?!
Balloon Dress 2

Photo shoots with toddlers are satisfying all the more when you actually manage to get a good shot.  My little minx of a girl was in full form of cooperation, sass, and tears.  Good times people.  Good times.  Over 100 pictures whittled down to just a few key moments.


Caitlyn_Balloon Dress 2
The dress is dear and fits Caitlyn well in the length.  Overall, it’s just slightly wide for her (I made a 3) but she is a skinny minny little thing, so I think it would size well on other toddlers.  Either way she looks adorable.  It’s going to be relegated as a party dress for the summer right now so that I can hopefully keep it stain free (white dress!) for at least one of the weddings we are going to.  If she wants to wear it.  That’s always the kicker people.  Sweet talked her into wearing it for the photo shoot.  No guarantees after that.
Caitlyn_Balloon Dress _Mailbox
From scraps and $1 pattern…here is the Balloon Dress.  Perfect for my little go-go.

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24 thoughts on “Balloon Dress

  1. Adorable, completely. Love the blue trim. I'm saving my parade panel for *just* the right dress for one of my three boys. The opportunity has not yet arisen, but I feel confident.

  2. That is the most precious dress ever, and your daughter is Adorable! Now she needs some cute little light pink sandals and she is set for summer! So so so adorable!

  3. What a darling dress on your cutie-pie! Thanks for the tip on the pattern…looks like a great one. I'll be looking for one during the next 99 cent sale!!

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