A Quilter’s Mixology in Review – Day 5

A Quilter's Mixology

It’s day 5 on the tour of projects through my book.  The last day!  The last three of sixteen projects I spent the last two years working on.  It’s been wonderful to share the projects with all of you this week and get your feedback on the projects.  Each comment has really been so dear to me.  I love hearing what projects get you guys excited about finally tackling curves (which I promise you can do!).  And which projects are already inspiring you to try versions of your own.  And I most definitely just really appreciate the support.  It’s a strange world to write a book in isolation with little feedback and then sit and wait for the final reveal…but you have all helped make that process so much easier.  So thank you!

I’m sharing the final 3 projects today from the book.   We are wrapping the week up with a host of giveaways and I hope you all enjoy them and share about them.  If you missed the previous days posts, no worries.  I have links provided near the end of this post.  And I’m keeping all of the giveaways open until next week, so everyone can have a chance to look over all of the quilts.

The first project I want to share today is baby quilt, Medallion.

A Quilter's Mixology

This might be my favorite styled photo from the book. I pulled from my precious stash of Katie Jump Rope fabric to create this quilt that is perfect for either a boy or a girl.  And I’m pretty proud of the quilting I did…it was a stretch for me but I tackled it with some success.  In fact, every quilt in the book is quilted in a different way to show you some of the many options that there are for quilting styles.  Oh and this baby quilt was quickly cut with the help of the Accuquilt Go large die and cutter.  You can make this fairly quickly and easily make it larger by continuing to add more rows.

The second project today I want to share is the Sunrise Table Runner.

I adore this table runner and the MOVEMENT created by interlocking the curves together.  In another lifetime, I would create a large quilt that used this motif.  But in the interest of full disclosure, I will admit that this project is small for a reason.  Maybe because it was one of the last projects I was making in a mad dash to the finish…but technically speaking, this is actually one of the hardest designs.  I don’t say that to scare anyone from making it, but just to point out that this project is all about matching seams on all corners of each block.  So I’d suggest you practice your technique with one of the other projects before taking this one on.  But by all means, do try it…because it is immensely satisfying to create a piece this deceptively intricate. And I will probably make another one, because when I finished it, I loved it so much that I was already thinking of other colors and a longer length for a wall hanging.  It’s an addictive pattern.

And the very last quilt.  Sigh.  Are we to the end already?

The very last quilt I want to share with you is another personal favorite of mine (have I said that about all of them!?), Nine Patch Curves.

A Quilter's Mixology

This is one of those quilts that I designed and thought that it certainly MUST already be designed…and I’m sure that somewhere out there it is, but I’ve never seen it.  It is the combination of two of the most classic quilting blocks, a nine patch, and the drunkard’s path.  They really were meant to be together and there are a million color schemes for this one.  I went totally scrappy on my own quilt for this and I adore it.  I made it again for quilt market with Violet Craft’s latest line and fell completely in love with the design again.  I have the quilt sized for a lap size in the book, but it is block based and easily enlarged.  And let me tell you…it is BEGGING to be made larger.  I seriously plan on making this for our own bedroom (again in this lifetime or another lol).

So there you have it!  The last three of sixteen projects to share with you.

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216 thoughts on “A Quilter’s Mixology in Review – Day 5”

  1. These are all so beautiful! I'm smitten with the last quilt and I think it is begging to be made smaller too!! It would make an adorable pillow!!

  2. All of the quilts in your book are gorgeous but Nine Patch Curves is my absolute favourite, it is incredibly beautiful! And would look amazing with any fabric combinations – though I do particularly love the low volume background in your version. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of your book.

  3. Love, love, love the projects shown today! The Sunrise Table Runner is gorgeous and I have to make it! Your Medallion and Nine Patch Curves quilts are so amazing! Great fabric choices!

    Congratulations on your book and what a super week of giveaways and such generous sponsors! Thanks for a chance to win, finger's are crossed.


  4. If I don't win here I'm going to have to buy this book – I've been wanting to master the drunkards path block for a while as I love the possible combinations it offers and now there's a whole book of inspiring projects – so awesome!

  5. Your quilts are very lovely. I' happy to get the change to win your book.
    You wrote its not easy to make the tablerunner, but it' s worth to try.
    Thanks for showing your work.

  6. Your quilts are very lovely. I' happy to get the change to win your book.
    You wrote its not easy to make the tablerunner, but it' s worth to try.
    Thanks for showing your work.

  7. The last quilt you showed – Nine Patch Curves – is the 1st one I'd make. Love the low volume and color contrast.Thanks for the chance to win a copy of your book!

  8. I love the table runner and 9 patch curves quilt. Although curves really do scare me. I love the look of them. I'm just not confident enough that I can cut them out accurately let alone sew them back together!

  9. These are really great patterns! I really like all three of todays. The baby quilt is just darling, the runner is fantastic! and I agree, the 9patch and drunkards path belong together, what a great design it makes. Thanks for a fun week!! I really enjoyed seeing all the projects in your book.

  10. You have saved the best for last for me. Medallion is awesome! I need to investin a Go Cutter, tho. After my quilty peeps and I all made Winding Ways quilts using their Accucut Studios, I knew I wanted one for Drunkards Path blocks. Medallion is the quilt that clinched the decision. Thanks for the book tour. You have done a marvelous job.

  11. These are really lovely. Great photo as you said and I love the color combo on your table runner. Thank you for sharing all your projects.

  12. Interesting that the table runner was the most involved. I guess you just make it look easy! Love it and the nine patch – which I think will be the first one I try. Great job with this book and all the quilts in it. Congratulations!!!

  13. INteresting you show your medallion quilt..with curves. I just watched a video about learning to do cureves and decided that would be my next project…and then see your finished one! What a really different design a curve can give! Thanks for the giveaway!
    fabricandmemories at yahoo cot com

  14. I love all of the projects in today's show and tell, I can see myself making each one! Glad you said to practice before doing the Sunrise Table Runner because I would have started that one first.

  15. Thanks so much for a wonderful giveaway. I think that I really need this book!!!!! The three projects today are so very beautiful. I have never done curves before, but I sure would like to try!!! Thanks.

  16. WOW! I am blown away with the quilts you have created. I just visited your other blog posts this week, and I am excited to see your interpretations of the basic drunkards path block!

  17. Wow Wow Wow, that Medallion Quilt may be the prettiest quilt I have ever seen. I will buy the book just to get that pattern. WOW…LOVE!!

  18. Each of the 5 days, the quilts have amazed and delighted. Thanks so much for sharing – you should be very proud of yourself and your work. I'll bet that it was hard to keep this quiet while working on the book.


  19. Thank you for sharing your wonderful quilts. I love the table runner pattern and the 9 patch is stunning! Hoping I win a copy of this book 🙂

  20. Wow – all of the quilts are stunning, but I think you saved the best for the last day! These quilts are AWESOME! Thanks!

    Please click on the delaineelliott above for my email link.

  21. KJR never fails to impress, and i adore the setting for the baby quilt….also love the nine patch…seems like a good way to start with curves.

  22. Wow, Angela, I really love Baby Medallion – those DS fabrics are timeless! Also love nine patch curves! ahh so lovely! Thanks again for the chances to win! Hoping hoping….. 🙂

  23. Oh wow, there are so many beautiful projects in your book. I've been wanting to try curved piecing so I'd love to win a copy.
    jen dot barnard at btinternet dot com

  24. I would love to win any of these giveaways, but as soon as I click submit on this post I'm going to buy your book on Amazon. I'm pretty sure I'm going to make it a goal to make every single one of the projects in here – thank you thank you thank you for writing such a stunning book!!

  25. These are absolutely stunning. If I don't win, I'm going to order your book. I have loved everything you've posted about it. I don't normally use patterns, but curves intimidate me and I don't think I could improve on what you've done! Thank you for sharing!

  26. I have enjoyed all the projects, but every other day I've had a clear favorite to tell you about. Not today! I could not possibly pick which project I like best today, they are DARLING. Except the table runner — that bitch is chic and sophisticated. I knew from when you announced it that I would have to have this book (and I don't buy many books because I don't use them). If I don't win, I will just have to buy it. Save my bank account (and my marriage) and pick me!

  27. Really love that baby quilt and that curved 9 patch! So pretty. If I don't win I will definitely have to go buy this book. Thanks for sharing all the projects with us.

  28. That is soooo exciting to write a book!! Congrat!!!!! Then it is so kind of you to share your knowledge and skills in a give away….thanks for all you do

  29. This has been really fun, Angela! My favorite quilts (if for some reason you want to know) are Paint Trip and the Baby Medallion. You're right, that baby quilt is styled so very well. Makes me want to make it! I hope you're enjoying a well-deserved positive response!

  30. This is one of few posts that I looked forward to following this week in your reveal. Medallion is so bright and yet so soft with the curves. You are gifted and I personally want to thank you for sharing so much of yourself and your book. I'm a lifetime fan now!!

  31. I think you definitely saved my favorites for last. I could easily see enlarging Medallion & using some of my fat quarter bundles making the Nine Patch Curves.

  32. I love curves! Though the last one's I did was for my Lady Liberty Goes to Hawaii pattern! I'm renewed again to try this again! Love the book! Congrats and thanks for the opportunity of your giveaway!

  33. Absolutely loving the baby quilt! I've said that about many quilts in this book though. Are you going to feel lost now? You worked for two years on this book, and now it's pretty much done, complete, and blogged. What are you going to do?

  34. Angela, I just kept gasping when the projects rolled across the screen. It's amazing how the colors dance and pop. I can't get over how the movement of the curves makes the individual blocks meld together. Such fine designs!

  35. Oh wow! I love the Medallion quilt! The combination of curves and points makes these quilts so beautiful and distinctive. They certainly stand out among other quilts! Thanks for sharing!

  36. I love all the projects in your book! I was admiring the quilting on the Medallion quilt just as I read how it was a stretch for you. Great inspiration. Thanks for the chance to win.

  37. Your Medallion quilt design is just beautiful! I definitely want to make one of these quilts for myself now… and also one of each of the quilts in your book. I really like the movement of the curves and how they draw one's eyes around the quilt.

  38. I have enjoyed your "introduction" of these projects and I love them all! My favorites today are Sunrise Table Runner and Nine Patch Curves. I just cannot narrow it down to one favorite. As always, I enjoy your creations and love using your patterns. Congratulations!

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  40. I don't typically buy quilting books, but your table runner totally sold me! I found your book at Barnes and Noble over the weekend and am so excited to get started on my first curved blocks. I'm planning on modifying either the table runner pattern or one of the pillow envelopes into a baby-sized quilt. Thanks for writing a terrific book (complete with full-sized pattern pieces….omigod, no need for magnifying copies at random percentages!!) 🙂

  41. I love every single quilt in your book. I bow……..you are truly a gifted designer and quilter! Your colors are great and Krista (sorry but my daughter is a Christa too and spells her name right!) is such a talented quilter! Good luck to the both of you in future endeavors!

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