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More Quilt Market Fall 2014

I got back from Fall Market just a couple of days ago.  In fact, I hopped off the plane, into the car and went straight to my daughter’s ballet class (It was parent watch day and I didn’t want to miss that!).  So I’ve been recovering a bit.  But I wanted to share with you my whirlwind trip to Houston and some fun photos of what I saw when I was able to stop and grab a photo.

and More Quilt Market Fall 2014
This was my second quilt market and my first time at Houston.  Every Fall, Market is in Houston.  But spring market is on a five year rotation I believe through different cities.  I thought Fall Market was even bigger than Spring and it was fun because I got to meet even more new people…there were plenty of people who were there in the Spring and not the Fall and vice versa.  So it had a different flavor to me in terms of who I got to see.
Quilt Market Fall 2014
I was there this time on my own.  Last time I was there and did a school house and book signing to promote my book.  But I didn’t have any of those things to do this time…so I foolishly thought that it would be nice and relaxing.  lol  It was great, but I wouldn’t call it relaxing.  I hit the ground running and seemed to constantly be in a conversation with one great person after another.
With Designers Fall Market 2014
I personally can see that I look a little extra tired in the photos because I was coming from a crazy week when  my husband had just had knee surgery a few days before I left and I’m going to be having surgery in just over a week myself.  So that meant that I had a lot to get done before I left while doing some extra duties (like taking out the trash and blowing the leaves!).  
more designers Fall Market 2014
The weekend was packed full of time on the Market Floor and after hour events where even more talking happened.  I literally have a scratchy voice still from all the talking I did. lol  I missed having that extra last day at market to slowly walk around and really SEE everything.  I tried to see what I could but I’m shocked when I look back and realize how much I didn’t see.
Fall Quilt Market 2014 more
Fabulous fabrics were found in all kinds of places:  Cotton & Steel rocked it again.  The Free Spirit Designers were their fabulous selves.  Birch fabrics has another amazing Charley Harper line.  Art Gallery was filled with familiar friends and award winning booths.  Alison Glass had a gorgeous booth accidentally tucked away from Andover, but you could find her beautiful work in two places as a result.  And there’s so many more…Dear Stella, Windham, Robert Kaufman, Cloud 9, and I’m sure I’m forgetting something completely obvious.
Quilt market
And because she is one of the biggest characters there…I leave you with the many faces of Katy Jones, Imagingermonkey.  Just enjoy. 😉
The many faces of Katy Jones

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12 thoughts on “Fall Market 2014

  1. I'm worn out just looking at all the great photos! I can only imagine what a visual overload all of these beautiful fabrics and people must have been. Thanks for giving me a taste of what fun it must be. Now. . . REST!

    1. trust me…other than Halloween this past week, I have been very low key. And it's been lovely. Getting my brain back in the game after all of that stimulation takes a bit.

  2. Hey Angela – lovely pics. Now, I'm sure you hate these kind of questions, and I know it's a big ask – but just wondered if you can tell me where you saw that dress in the first montage, third from the left (when I go to Flickr and click on the link for that pic, it tells me that it no-can-connect) – I love the pattern and the fabric. Also love that house/building quilt in the next montage down – looks beautiful and fun to make. Cheers Angela, melanie

    1. Hi Mel, I am not personally aware of the pattern that the dress is but I can tell you that it was from Alison Glass' booth. You could always contact her and ask her. She's a dear!

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