Birthday Dress and Birthday Nails

Caitlyn's 5th Birthday Dress
Well I can’t believe it but I have a 5 year old.  My baby is 5!!  If you don’t know the story, I’ll just briefly tell you that my daughter is our miracle.  She took us 7.5 years to get and has been giving us a run for our money ever since.  She’s my girly girl (just like mama) and for her very first friend birthday party I wanted to do some special things.  That included making her a new dress and doing some special finger nails.  
Caitlyn's 5th Birthday

Given that I was still recovering from surgery (I’m almost back to normal), I was trying to be smart about sewing a new dress.  So I started with a finished shirt that I could use at the basis for the top.  But my girl knows what she wants (and what she doesn’t) and she DID NOT want an opening in the front with the little button.  It was weird, I know…but I couldn’t convince her otherwise.  And I’ve learned by this point that a small concession here was worth the whole project.  She wouldn’t have worn it otherwise.  So I did some less than couture work to close up the front and add a new opening in the back of the neckline instead.

Caitlyn's 5th Birthday Dress
She was pleased as punch with the solution and wanted to helped me make the rest of the dress…so I put on my best mommy face and sewed this with her.  It’s not always the most enjoyable thing for ME to sew with her because she’s very independent but needs my helps (a rough combo), but it sooo fun for her.  She keeps telling everyone how good she is at sewing…and that makes this mama’s heart so happy…it is all worth it.

Caitlyn's 5th Birthday2

We are working a lot on pinning and sewing a straight line.  The basics.  So she help me pin our little circle skirt pattern (for lots of twirling!) onto a fancy fabric and a lining.  Mama took over to cut the pattern out because I’m not ready to hand over the shears.  Then we pinned the two skirt pieces together at the center and serged them together to make them easier to work with.  And pinned the skirt to the top, gathering the sides a bit to fit the circle size as necessary.

Caitlyn's 5th Birthday3
Then it was off to the sewing machine for the two of us.  I control the pedal, but I try to let her do the sewing and pull out the pins.  There is some give and take here…plus we really were sewing a large circle, so it’s not quite as straight forward as a straight seam.  But she was sooo proud to be making her birthday dress.
Caitlyn's 5th Birthday4
She happily skipped off after that point while mama finished up the double circle skirt hem on less than cooperative fabrics (ugh) and added a sash that is slightly gathered at the front and attached.  For our one afternoon, I’m pretty darn happy with how this dress came out.  These were fabrics I’ve had for a long time and I was ready to feel accomplished.
Caitlyn's 5th Birthday Nails
But I have to say, for Caitlyn, the dress was just a part of the ensemble.  She is already delving into other forms of beauty…and that meant some special nail polish and art.  I painted her nails a color to match her dress and then applied these stickers (aha! did you think I painted those?! heck no! not yet) VERY carefully on each nail.  I found them at Sally Beauty Supply and like them because they are flat and so she is not tempted to pick at them like a raised sticker.  We found that putting a clear top coat over these was particularly helpful to keeping them on for more than a day.
Caitlyn's 5th Birthday Dress
Come on…how cute is that?! 
And if you have seem some of my collages on IG before, you know that my little gal LOVES to pose.  She’s pretty darn good at it.  I sort of want to show you all every out take.  But that might a mother’s love gone too far.  lol  But rest assured that every facial expression is deliberate on her part as is her posture.  She cracks me up.
Caitlyn's 5th Birthday Dress

Caitlyn's 5th Birthday Dress

Caitlyn's 5th Birthday Dress

Caitlyn's 5th Birthday Dress

Oh and as I’m sure there are more of you out there interested in nail art and such, Julep nails has shared an exclusive nail tutorial for Decking the Holidays.  I’ve never tried their nail polish personally but I’m getting more excited to try fun nail ideas now that I have a little gal to practice on who ADORES fun nails.  Enjoy!

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9 thoughts on “Birthday Dress and Birthday Nails

  1. What a great Bday dress and mother/daughter story! My girly girl says that while Julep does not test on animals, she says it takes too long to dry, and bubbles during application. She recommends Sparitual, Dermalect, and China Glaze.

  2. She reminds me of my son in that her expressions make you wonder what she's thinking, knowing full well there's plotting going on for sure. She is adorable. You'll have to watch out; she's got a sultry shoulder in that last photo. Better not let her date until she hits her third decade, Mom.

  3. Love those glittery shoes, too! I have a daughter like yours–could never pass a window without posing, complained I wore too much wool and corduroy( and not enough slinky, sheer clothes), could argue any point like a lawyer, you know the drill, I'm sure! Now she's 36 (WHAAT?) and a wonderful, successful, beautiful (inside and out), independent young woman–and being with her is very relaxing 🙂 Hang in there–there are some interesting and heartwarming years ahead for you and this cutie!

  4. The dress looks so good (LOVE the great fabric on the skirt!!) And your daughter looks so cute in all her poses!! And good for you for being so patient in letting her help make her dress!! And I'm glad to hear that you're almost recovered from your surgery! Have a wonderful Christmas!! Hugs, H in Healdsburg

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