I filmed a DVD!

What?! Crazy!  I filmed a DVD and it is now available for download or hard copy purchase from Interweave.  I’ve got to admit that I’m tickled over the fact that my face is on the cover of this.  I know that they took that shot just in between segments of shooting and I was exhausted. lol  So frankly I’m fairly impressed that I don’t look like a disaster.  My picture isn’t even IN my book. I’m still shaking my head in disbelief that is on this DVD.  This DVD of me. speaking. all by myself.

Okay.  Thanks for processing that with me.  lol  Now let me tell you a bit about the DVD. You might be shocked (insert sarcastic tone) to find that it is a DVD on sewing curves.  I swear I do a lot more than sew curves, but for the moment I’m just diving in and exploring all kinds.

Throughout the DVD I explore and show you how to sew Drunkard’s Path blocks, Apple core, Flowering Snowballs, Clam shells, Improv Curves and even ovals.  It’s a very thorough look at different types of curves and my tips and tricks for handling them. I take you through cutting, pinning, piecing, sewing, ironing and combing shapes together…to ultimately showing a finished product for each.  There are lots of project ideas to inspire you.

I know that a lot of people are intimidated by curves and I think after you watch this, you will have a great deal of insight into what is easy and what is tricky.  And I have no doubt that you will want to start a curved shape of your own in one manner or another.

This is a technique based workshop DVD and my goal in making it, is to make the task of sewing curves feel approachable and exciting.  I want to take any mystery out of the process and make sewing curves that much more accessible.  The reality is that often we need to SEE someone creating to understand how they do it rather than just read about it or try to follow diagrams in a book.

Oh and just to show that I’m not all serious and heavy about this, my husband pointed out that I say the word “lovely” quite a bit in the DVD (yes, I have watched it myself…that was a little odd…but I’ve actually watched it twice from beginning to end to hear every word and thought I had).  There are worse things you could say than “lovely” but we got a big kick out of it and we started shouting out “LOVELY!” each time I said it.  We thought it might make a good drinking game if you were so inclined 😉

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  1. What was overheard a quilt guild meeting when to women were talking to each other:
    "My husband is an angel!"
    "You're lucky, mine is still alive!"

  2. I have bought for the past few months all items I have discovered or researched that I need for curves; however I have yet to actually sew curves. I didn't think I was intimidated until it actually came to the ACTUAL act. I have loved watching this come from the very beginning when you shared the funny picture of the mic guy down your shirt! haha. This is now another product I believe I need to do my curves… geeze! Thanks though and I am so happy it is you!

    I don't have a funny story to share unfortunately; but whenever I get this DVD, I may or may not just video me and a few others playing that drinking game like they do on Bravo for every time you state "Lovely". It's ok though, I have a huge thing for the words "Literally" and "Totally" and nobody should be offended when I refer to them as "dude" (male or female)… I blame it on being from Southern Calfornia.

  3. My kiddo, husband, and puppy (well super fat, tiny head and tiny legged 6yo dog) really keep me cracked up. They all also bring me tremendous joy! Congrats on the DVD!

  4. The look on my husband's face when our little rescue Dachshund "Mollie" wakes up from her nightly post dinner nap, slinks over to stand in front of his chair, lowers her ears as far as they go, and kinda whines a little… What she is saying is "It's 8:00, please go get the peanut butter, I'm hungry again". It makes my husband smile from his toes up, Mollie is such a sweetheart!

  5. Thanks for the giveaway. My daughter makes me smile everyday, she is 11. Last week she came home to tell me her dance team was going to have an end of the year party and the were going to have a "gold bucket". Confused, she preceded to tell me it is where everyone brings a dish to share. I said do you mean "potluck"…

  6. I have your book and I plan on making the medallion baby quilt as an IG swap mini. Please come and hold my hand, as I'm terrified of curves? Or I guess I'll hope to win or buy a DVD of you instead. That would be LOVELY. 😉

  7. I am happiest whenever my dear Hubby or Dear Son call me unexpectedly to tell me they love me. Makes my heart melt and my happiness soar. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. My mom makes me laugh over the silliest things every few days. We are both quilters and really enjoy fabric shopping and going on retreats w/our friends. Congrats on your DVD!

  9. My son always makes me laugh- currently he's convinced that dragons are real. You know, because they have a book about them at kindergarten!

    thanks for the chance to win!

  10. That is SOOOO exciting!
    I can't really think of anything funny right now. The flu has made it to our house and I am feeling pretty miserable. But, I do have a good Netflix recommendation (I'm planning on watching it tonight). Our new favorite over here is Wolfblood. Teen werewolves in Britain. Cool accents, not gory/creepy at all, very family friendly and three seasons to watch – while you piece curves. 🙂

  11. Since a friend has challenged me to notice the good that people do, I will tell you I had a joyful moment today as a woman reached an item for a child who was getting something her mom needed. Legs too short she thought she had failed when an older woman saw her predicament and just handed it to her with a smile. BTW I was on my way to hand her the item. We can do the little things.

  12. What a great DVD! I've wanted to make a 30s reproduction drunkards path quilt for years. I own yards and yards of 30s fabric and several drunkards path patterns and templates. I think this may be just what I need to push me toward finally making my quilt.

  13. Congratulations on the DVD! I'm excited to watch it and tackle some curves. Here's a joke that my 3-year-old loves to tell: How do bumblebees get to scool? In a school buzz!

  14. Congratulations!! Apple cores and flowering snowballs are on my to sew list so I would love to win. I'm not good with jokes but we got this one in a cracker this year and I saved it in my purse because it made me chuckle… What's ET short for?… Because he's only got little legs. Ok maybe that's only funny after a drinking game 😉

  15. I think you look LOVELY. And honestly I use that word so I just think you are part of my family. Congrats on the video. 🙂 Ok I only know two jokes but here goes. There were 3 little moles that lived up on the hill and you know they get into their house through a very little hole. In that mole hole there lived papa mole, mama mole and baby mole. One day Papa Mole poked his head out of the hole took a deep breathe and said "ohhhhh I smell bacon cooking". Mama Mole wanted to smell too so somehow she managed to wiggle up next to Papa Mole. Mama Mole took a deep breathe and said "Ahhhhhhhhh I smell pancakes.". Baby Mole wanted to smell too so he pushed and poked and wiggled and couldn't seem to get anywhere and Baby Mole sighed and said "All I smell is molasses."
    That is it. 🙂 Have a good day. Thanks for a great giveaway. (debbie at wowilikethat dot com)

  16. I think you look LOVELY. And honestly I use that word so I just think you are part of my family. Congrats on the video. 🙂 Ok I only know two jokes but here goes. There were 3 little moles that lived up on the hill and you know they get into their house through a very little hole. In that mole hole there lived papa mole, mama mole and baby mole. One day Papa Mole poked his head out of the hole took a deep breathe and said "ohhhhh I smell bacon cooking". Mama Mole wanted to smell too so somehow she managed to wiggle up next to Papa Mole. Mama Mole took a deep breathe and said "Ahhhhhhhhh I smell pancakes.". Baby Mole wanted to smell too so he pushed and poked and wiggled and couldn't seem to get anywhere and Baby Mole sighed and said "All I smell is molasses."
    That is it. 🙂 Have a good day. Thanks for a great giveaway. (debbie at wowilikethat dot com)

  17. Love, love love your book, and I'm currently planning my next quilt from it. — your Arabian Nights pattern! What makes me happy — sewing curves! I work in a bank and spending time in my sewing room making quilts with curves puts a smile in my face every time– even when things go a bit skew-whiff, and I have to wield the seam ripper! Look forward to seeing you on the DVD.

  18. Cannot wait to get my joy from your lovely DVD! Really, my two darling and devoted dogs give me such a laugh each morning on our amazing nature trail walk. We even saw a river otter in the swamp! What a cutie.

  19. I am trying to learn how to sew curves at the moment, so your DVD is very timely 🙂 And to make you laugh – my boys thought my latest sewing project (scalloped bunting) looked like bras!

  20. congratulations, this is so wonderful. I have not attempted curves yet. After all the wedding sewing is finished and the wedding is behind us. I get a lot of joy serving the elderly. Our cat, Shadow is a tickle and always makes us laugh. I love to find things through out the day that make me happy. I feel it is important to look at the day as: the glass is half full. sorry I am not good at jokes. Hope you have a great day. Look around you and find the little things we take for granted or take time to really look at something.

  21. Congrats on your accomplishment! My grandfather used to tell cheesy jokes all the time. I can only remember one of them but it has stuck with me for some time. Sometimes it pops into my head and makes me smile. Oh boy, here is the joke.. If you fart in church where do they put you? Ready….. The pew. hahaha ok. I bet there are crickets chirping on your end.

    Anyway, cute puppies and my Boston Terrier makes me smile.

  22. Congrats on your dvd. So exciting! There are a lot worse things you could say than "lovely". I'm afraid of curves, curves on my hips and butt, but I'm ready to tackle the curves in quilting. Thanks for the giveaway. And thanks for making me smile this early morning. Camille@focus20.com

  23. Congratulations on your DVD. I'd say that accomplishing things makes me happy. Just finished painting my bedroom so I'm happy. And now I need to finish the new quilt to match, then I'll be really happy!

  24. I bought a special foot for my sewing machine at a quilt show four years ago that is supposed to be great for sewing curves. Last year in June at a quilt show, I learned that it's supposed to be super for any 1/4" scant seam. I still have not had that foot on my machine and I still haven't tried curves – that's how scared I am of them.

  25. You're so cute!!! I get great big smiles when I get videos of my youngest grandchild (4 months old) giggling for his momma as she entertains him! He giggles all over!

  26. I don't mind curves, but would love to get better at them! Each day, and all the different things going on around me, make me the happiest—the older I get, the faster time seems to go! robinsheloratearthlinkdotnet

  27. Well, as I am not lucky with give aways, I just bought the downloadable dvd. Still 7 minutes remaining for downloading but then I have my 'personal' curve sewing teacher at my own home in the Netherlands and I can't wait to dust of my 'scary' accuquilt dies with curves.

  28. How exciting! It's nice when we can laugh at ourselves, otherwise, we'd be doing a lot of crying every day! I saw a Jeep this morning that said upside down over the windshield, "If you can read this, flip me over!" It made me laugh out loud. 🙂

  29. I would love some Curve confidence. Perhaps I lack it because I struggle to just stitch straight seams… but curves have been on my To Do list for quite a while: templates (check), fabric (check), confidence ( nope ).

  30. I have and love your book. My first curved project was a flowering snowball pattern that I just could NOT get the curves to work out on. I watched EVERY youtube video, read every post, found your lovely book and tutorials, but just couldn't work it out. I finished the quilt by cutting down the mismatched curves and then discovered that I hadn't added a seam allowance to my templates! Errrr.

  31. I feel joyful when my twin three year olds play together happily. And when they take naps.
    No really, they are so cute talking to each other and making up little games to play.

  32. Curves intimidate me and have for years – looking forward to seeing the video on interweave (love that you can watch them as many times as you want on your computer!!)
    i feel joyful when my teenager picks up the wet towels in the bathroom and hangs them up…must admit that does not happen too often …..:)

  33. Congrats on the DVD, and thanks for the giveaway! My toddler is always making me laugh with the things he says. I don't know where it all comes from, but there's some craziness going on in that little head.

  34. Angela, I absolutely ADORE the pillow you made me and I'm happy to see it on the DVD cover! Congrats on all the amazing things you've got going on lately.

  35. Congratulations on your DVD! I've been scared to try curves since I'm fairly new but I'll get it eventually! Here's something my little Maltese did, he hated going outside to do his business and one day I actually caught him doing it in my hallway. He didn't know I was watching him and I wanted to see what he would do. After he finished, the little sneak picked it up in his mouth, walked into my bedroom and went straight to my closet. Then he rooted around some of my high heel shoes and dropped it in! I couldn't get mad, it was so funny I laughed so hard and scared him half to death! Dogs are definitely a Godsend when you want some laughter! Thanks for the giveaway!


  36. One of my favorite things to do is drive field trips for my son's school (K-12). My favorite group to drive is the 9-12 year olds. It's like being a fly on the wall. They usually forget I'm there. It's fun listening to them 'imagine this', 'what if', 'which do you like better?', 'one time I heard', 'If you could', 'wanna hear something gross'….. They crack me up! It's a simple and fun joy for me. Congrats on the DVD!

  37. Actually, I thought of something funny when I was reading your post — you mention that lots of people think of curves as scary, and my next thought was internal laughter because then I must be very scary indeed! 😉 sarah@forrussia.org

  38. I made myself laugh the other day. I couldn't find my work pants. A couple of days later I opened up a storage closet in our laundry room and found them hanging to dry on the backside of it. And I said,"Oh hey guys!!" Like they were my long lost friends. Silly 🙂

  39. My granddaughter (17 months) lives on the other side of the country and we FaceTime often. Today she took the iPad to my daughter and grunted and my daughter asked if she wanted to call me and she said Pweeze. I miss her. Hope that gave you a chuckle.

  40. I'm not afraid of curves, I just don't do them very well! When one of my daughters was in third grade she had to write about her goals in life…she said that she wanted to be a valid victorian. She cried when I laughed at that…I guess Valedictorian kind of sounds like valid victorian!!

  41. I've been experimenting with curves a little…I even made a quilt from your book! But I need practice for sure.

    And what brings me joy? My kids. Sometimes. They also bring the headaches. 🙂

  42. My tuxedo, scrap loving cat brings smiles to my face. He loves to bask in my scraps and lay on my sewing machine. He also likes opening my refrigerator door just to see the light some on.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  43. My grandsons make me laugh all the time. I keep a drawer full of cheap washcloths for cleaning my floors and the 5 year old said, "Grandma why do you have so many washcloths you aren't that dirty?" Never a dull moment when they come.

  44. I just cannot help it, but this joke always makes me laugh;
    "what do skunks have that no other north american mammal has???"
    Bwahahaha! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  45. How timely! I bought your book at PIQF and have been drooling over the possibilites as we are in the process of remodeling our home and taking it back to it's "roots" of Spanish Revival after the former owners fought between Craftsmen and Italian. We have been designing tile using ogee, ogee drop, paseo, Cuerda Seca-Spanish Cross, see; https://www.fireclaytile.com/tile/patterns. Can't wait to finish these endless decisions and get on with quilting, starting with that tablerunner. Would love to have some short-cuts to curved piecing as my dressmaking days are in the past.

  46. Congrats and thanks for the giveaway chance. Curves are intimidating to me but I love the effect/movement it creates. Joyful? Each and every day! akronne17(at) gmail (dot) com

  47. I need this DVD! I'm making my first foray into curved piecing with an 8" clamshell quilt and could definitely use tips! I'm buying the DVD even if I don't win! And, I will shout "Lovely" back at you! o:)

  48. Hello; Congratulations on your DVD release! I adore curves, want to learn how to do them, and would love to win a copy of your DVD. I'm also going to check out your book.

  49. Angela, I am not scared of curves at all because I have your book. I do indeed find your method the best of sewing them, although I did recently get a good deal on the Curve Master foot so I'm going to test that out as well. I'd love to win this DVD, and learn even more about curves!!!

  50. I have been really taken by masterful Japanese quilts I've seen recently at our quilt museum that embody incredible curved piecing. Would really love your DVD tutorial to gain skills in this area.

  51. My cat makes me laugh. He takes his little leather mouse outside for adventures, hiding it among the grass and pouncing it. He then brings it to us, for us to throw and hime to retrieve. He thinks he is a dog! Tarnia.hodgesATgmail.com

  52. Curves scare me! Yes, it's that simple. I've never attempted cutting and stitching anything other than a straight line, with the exception of sleeve top seams. Help me get over this fear 😉

  53. There is so much joy and excitement, blue and green in the Seattle area and all of Washington right now. It's fun to feel the spirit … Go Hawks!! (Superbowl of course). I've experimented with "gentle curves."

  54. I have been itching to make an apple core quilt. As soon as I get the chance to give it a try I plan to make a table cloth/cover for my 60" square table. I have never tried it before but I'm sure your DVD would be most helpful. There are far worse things you could have said besides lovely !

  55. Angela hello from a land down under,

    Your DVD looks like a heap of fun and a great tool to have in my quilting library. I have made just a couple of little dunkard path little blocks and had a great time. I loved to win so I can get to know you and your tricks of our trade quilting. I don't get any american magazines as they are not available at my local newsagency. I just wish they were because I simply love the designs that eventually come down to us. Ps I just love your cushion on the cover of your DVD so I would love to learn how to make it.

  56. When my kids aren't pissing me off, they do make me laugh, like my 4 yr. old daughter just came out of the bedroom with her sheet pulled tightly over her head and said "ARRR…" pretending to be a pirate, lol. grecomara at gmail dot com

  57. My kitties. The clumsy one was sitting on the floor a few days ago and I took a toy and played with her. I spun it around in front of her and for a couple minutes all she did was spin her head around in circles looking at the toy. I'd switch directions and she would switch directions. It made me smile. 🙂

    I think I'm not a no-reply, but just in case: jhunsberger (at) gmail (d0t) c0m

  58. Congrats! I love the book and a DVD would be fantastic. It really helps to see something done in action. All kinds of things make me laugh but not always at the best time. I attended a funeral for the first time at 28. I laughed through the entire thing. Fortunately I was up front so people thought I was crying instead. Nerves I suppose. However, I've not gone to any more, just in case. I do find it funny in retrospect. Notwendy gmail

  59. My dog Tilly – makes me laugh. She likes to lay in front of the wood stove in the kitchen, to get nice and toasting after she has been outside in the cold.

  60. While many are having lots of snowfall and digging out, here in New Mexico even though we did have some snow I (and many others) are battling the allergies already… sneezing and itchy eyes!
    Staying inside to dodge the pollen, sewing and craft projects are getting done.
    I would like to tackle the curves and not be terrified of them. I have had so little practice with them.

  61. Congratulations on your "lovely" DVD! With three dogs and a 10-year-old boy in the house, there's no shortage of joy and laughs in our house. Thanks for the giveaway!

  62. I love that your title has the word "Accurate" to describe your curves piecing.
    Here is my nephew's joke: Knock, Knock! Who's There? Doris! Doris who? Doris open, come on in!
    Hope you enjoyed the joke.

  63. Watching my daughter's 5 month-old puppy Ruby this weekend brought me a whole lot of joy! I've only heard her bark or growl a couple of times, but then the Budweiser Super Bowl commercial came on… SO much barking and howling! It may have been the cutest thing I've ever seen! Thank goodness I grabbed my phone and recorded the video!

  64. Ok, so this isn't funny but it makes me happy. My 10 month old son just learned to clap and to wave, within days of each other. I love watching him try out his new skills. I am a total newbie with curves. This DVD looks like a great way to finally get over my fear and conquer curves.

  65. This may have already been answered in a comment above but I'd like to know how long the video is before I purchase it. There is no information about length of the video on the interweave site. Any info. you can give as to length of the video is appreciated. Thank you.

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