A Dream

Sometimes there are moments when you decide to be vulnerable.
And this is one of them.

I’ve decided to share a dream that I have with you all.  It’s scary for me to share because I’ve kept it close to my heart for so long.  But I realized that I was holding it close, practically squeezing the life out of it, because I was afraid.

Afraid that I will fail.

Afraid that people will laugh at me behind my back for thinking I could even try.

Afraid that people will kindly pat me on the head, say good luck, and not really mean any of it.

Afraid that I will succeed.

A dream

Can you guess what my dream is? To design.  To design fabric or stationary or puzzles or stonewear or push pins or anything! I’ve been teaching myself Illustrator since November (with a long hiatus in the spring when I needed to get some major sewing done) and then reteaching myself it this summer.  It’s a HUGE program that can do infinitely more than I know how to do with it.  I’ve been taking a couple online classes and then just TRYING.

I don’t consider myself an artist.  That’s a touchy word for me actually.  But I do see myself as a Designer.  I’m comfortable with that word.  One of my degrees is in Interior Design.  I’ve written a book and designed NUMEROUS quilts, bags and projects over the years.  I live color.

This just feels like the next step for me.

And that is exciting and scary.  Exciting because it might happen and then all new challenges arise.  Scary mainly because it very well might NOT happen.  I’m prepared for that.

But nothing comes from being too afraid to try. Too afraid to take the risk.  Too afraid to look like a fool.  Too afraid to fail.

And so I’m inviting you into my dream.  To maybe share that same dream.  Or even just see how hard it can be for some of us to take a leap into the unknown.  But I’m hopeful that sharing this with you all will give me support.  Hands to hold on to me if I fall.  Hands to help lift me up.  Hands to pull me to the next height.  Hands to clap and Hands to surround in hugs.

Will you be those hands?

35 thoughts on “A Dream”

  1. A topic of conversation in my office (architecture firm) this week! I think designers are the MOST creative people. (I'm the business partner, not the design partner) So much talent! What I really admire is the ability to take something from your imagination and make it real. Oh, Angela, you have absolutely got this.

  2. I have that same book on my table right now and have been *trying* to learn Illustrator as well. The program sure is intimidating isn't it?! I try to learn a bit each day in hopes that it will be less scary eventually….

    Sounds like you are well on your way to doing great things! 🙂 Cindy

  3. Emma Robertson

    Go for it… It sounds fabulous and very exciting. You know what they "nothing ventured, nothing gained". I wish you all the very best look forward to following your exciting new journey. :0) xx

  4. Applauding and praying for you right now!! You will be great – I've always been a big fan of your creations and can't wait to see what you come up with in the future!!

  5. Cheering you on, Angela! Here's to following our dreams and overcoming the fears that hold us back. "Everything you want is on the other side of fear." ~ Jack Canfield

  6. Hi Angela, Thanks for sharing your dream — it takes so much courage to do this. I just thought you should know that you are already a Designer (and an Artist, in my opinion). Own it, because it's yours, and you deserve it. You have designed so many beautiful things already, and now you're taking it up another notch to design different things on a different scale. But make no mistake, you are a Designer & Artist, and I feel privileged that you share your thoughts and your work processes with me on this blog. These hands will be here for whatever applause and support you need. Keep going for it & enjoy!

  7. Thank you, thank you for sharing your dream. It has also been my dream to design fabric, quilts, children and women's clothing for many years. Thanks to your post, I am going to start today. Fabric will be my first choice. Having sewn for over 35 years, fabric is something I am very familiar with. Please keep us updated on your progress. I would love to chat with you about the processes available. Again, thank you for sharing your dream.

  8. this is wonderful. you wrote a book. and as you say this is a natural next step. you can do this. and who cares what others say if they are negative. look what Thomas Edison did and how many times he failed. go for this!! prayers and luck are with you

    1. Thank you!! I will need those hands as time goes on. And it gives me great joy to hear that there are people who support me without knowing whether or not I can do anything. lol

  9. I'll be those hands. 🙂 I love what you said about squeezing the life out of your dream because you were holding it too close. My experience in life is that nothing I want becomes a reality until I start sharing it with people. At that moment you become accountable to make it happen. Go for it! From what I've seen of you, you can do anything!

  10. To be an artist, how exciting. Being afraid can be paralyzingly! I was just talking to my niece about this yesterday. I you don't try you can not succeed. Can't wait to see what spring from your mind.

  11. I have no doubt you will be an amazing fabric designer! I have had that dream as well, working my way up to it – but haven't a clue where to begin. Do you suggest those books you have pictured? And Illustrator is the computer program to do it on? So excited for you, can't wait to see what you come up with!

    1. These books are an excellent place to start. There are also an increasing number of classes offered online that give insight into how to start the process. And illustrator is main tool used by many, but many also use photoshop. It seems to be a personal preference.

  12. Go for it!

    I share the same dream except I'm always afraid to publicly claim my dream. That is except in the comment section of other people's blogs. Hehe!

  13. Wonderful!! I hope you have great success in this! I think we all want to design something. I'm not artistic enough to design fabric, but would love to just design quilt patterns. The fear is really something that many of us fight!! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your journey!! Hugs, H in Healdsburg

  14. Hi love, I understand your feeling… Three months ago, due to job circumstances I had to review my future. After being working in a bank for more than 11 years, now I think I want to live from patchwork… I began with it not so far away, just a couple of years but I really like it and I really like to create quilts but the eternal doubt is over me… would I be "enough" to get it? enough efficient, enough good, enough nice jobs to be sold… I'm not very sure about my next steps but I think I'm just going to try… I will try to enjoy the trip meantime… the question is: "why not?"
    And if you design wonderful fabrics who knows… I could use them to create my quilts!! ;o)
    With all these I want to thank you for your post because it has made me think about myself as I feel as you about being able to decide if I try a new patch I've never been in before and is an adventure… (no sure happy ending)
    I hope you let us know what you finally decide with your new enterprise.
    Lots of love.

  15. Too many people squash their dreams because they are afraid of what people might say or think of them-screw them! Life is way too short to concern yourself with what others might say. You are super talented and will flourish with design. Just go for it and don't look back.

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