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So my book has been out for a couple months now and it’s been fun to see book reviews pop up here and there across blogland.  Each one is a complete novelty and I’m completely flattered (seriously!) by anything nice that is being said.

Today you can find a review of my book over on Pat Bravo’s blog.  Pat is the genius behind Pat Bravo designs and Art Gallery Fabrics, so it means a huge amount to me to hear her opinion.  And she put together this great image which I’m happily stealing from her. 😉

I’ve had other dear friends write book reviews as well on their blogs.

Faith, Fresh Lemon Quilts, was such a dear and I love what she said about how thorough my directions were.  That was something I worked REALLY hard at doing and debated a lot about how much to include.  Basically I gave as much info as they would let me fit in there.  lol  And she started an amazing mini version of my Petal Pushers Quilt using some of my favorite fabrics from Cotton & Steel and Violet Craft.  Yum!

My lovely friend, Ayumi of Pink Penguin Quilts, was sweet enough to write a review of the book.  And she has an interview of me on her blog where I attempt to sound pulled together and knowledgeable. 😉  You can be the judge of that.

Ayumi and I were working on books at similar times and she was a great resource for me during the process.  She is the MOST encouraging person!  I read her blog review and I’m not quite sure I believe all of that stuff she says about me.  But it’s a good thing to go read if I’m having an off day.  lol

Kati, From the Blue Chair, wrote a review earlier this summer as well.  Kati too has an interview of me on her blog post and she talks about how she was skeptical of my topic but I won her over. I love an honest review! lol  I’m skeptical about a lot of book concepts that I hear these days too.  Mainly because I feel we are a bit over saturated with books.  But trust me…writing a book has been a life long dream of mine.

Kati also started a version of my Arabian Nights Quilt.  She used a different die cutter and offset the pattern and it is looking beautiful!!  I can’t wait to see the finished version!

I don’t want to get too long winded and I don’t want to leave anyone out…but some other great reviews out there are from Christa of ChristaQuilts who I met at Sewing Summit last fall in my class on curves.  It was great to hear her perspective from being in my class to reading the book.

Melissa of Happy Quilting, also wrote a lovely review.  She was sweet enough to attend my school house event at market this past spring.  So she has gotten to see these quilts up close!   That can be a true test you know!  Do the quilts actually look good in person or has clever photography made something more appealing?


And oh I’m sure there are more!  It gets a little hard to keep track of actually.  And I ADORE seeing anyone work on a quilt from the book.  I usually catch it when I’m tagged on IG, but feel free to email me pics of your work too.  It really makes my day to see people using the designs.

A Quilter's Mixology

And don’t forget that Sara, Sew Sweetness will be hosting a Sew Along/Blog Hop of sorts starting in September!  There are several fabulous amazing people who are sewing up quilts to show their take on a pattern.  And there will be fun and prizes etc.  Sara always does an amazing job with these things.  So stay tuned for that.

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  1. I love your book and am looking forward to making some of the patterns, specifically the low volume nine patch above. Do you have any recommended stores for purchasing the acrylic templates?

  2. I wanted to compliment you on your book Angela. I am regret to say that I am no longer doing book reviews. If I were you would get my stamp of approval.

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